Aeko Catori Brown Age, Bio, Parents, Siblings, and Chris Brown’s Son

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Aeko Catori Brown

Chris Brown has had several notable relationships throughout his life. His romance with Rihanna, which ended in a public violent confrontation, garnered headlines. On his 25th birthday, he became a father for the first time. He began a fresh journey with his daughter Royalty Brown. However, his relationship with Royalty’s mother eventually came to an end.

In 2019, Chris Brown’s family grew once again when he welcomed his son, Aeko Catori Brown. Aeko’s arrival added another layer to the singer’s personal life. Finally, in 2022, Chris Brown embraced fatherhood for the third time with the birth of his daughter, Lovely. This marked yet another heartwarming moment in his journey as a parent.

But let’s focus on Chris Brown’s son, Aeko Catori Brown. Who is he, and what are some lesser-known facts about this young member of the Brown family?

Who is Aeko Catori Brown?

Aeko Catori Brown is the son of the renowned singer, Chris Brown. At the age of four, as of November 20, 2023, he has been grabbing headlines recently due to his remarkable resemblance to his famous father. In fact, Chris Brown affectionately nicknamed him “Lil CB” or “Little Chris Brown” because of this striking likeness.

Aeko is the first child of Chris Brown and Ammika Harris and holds the position of being the second child in Chris Brown’s family. His name, “Aeko,” carries a meaningful tribute, as it was chosen in honor of Chris Brown’s late friend, Aeko Aamir, who sadly passed away in 2018.

Aeko Catori Brown has been in the public eye with photos shared by his parents on their social media accounts. Although Chris Brown has other children, there is a special fascination surrounding Aeko Catori, likely because of his strong resemblance to his famous father.

Profile Summary

Full name Aeko Catori Brown 
NicknameLil CB 
Birth date 20th November 2019 
BirthplaceTarzana, California
Current residence Germany 
Age (As of 20 November 2023)4 years old
Zodiac SignScorpion 
Ethnicity Multiracial 
FatherChristopher Maurice Brown (Chris Brown)
MotherAmmika Harris 
Siblings2 (Royalty Brown and Lovely Symphani Brown) 
Marital statusSingle
Famous ForBeing the son of Chris Brown
Eyes ColorDark Brown 
Hair ColorLight Brown 

Aeko Catori Brown Birthdate,  ethnicity 

Aeko Catori Brown came into the world on November 20, 2019, in Tarzana, California, United States. Fast forward to November 20, 2023, and he’s now a four-year-old, with his zodiac sign being Scorpio, as per astrological charts.

Aeko’s ethnic background is quite diverse. His parents are African-American, making him biracial. His heritage goes beyond. According to his father, Chris Brown, Aeko is Pamunkey Indian. This diverse heritage adds depth to Aeko’s identity.

His name was borrowed from the Japanese culture

The name “Aeko” carries an interesting tale. Chris Brown and Ammika Harris didn’t reveal why they chose this name, but it represents Japanese culture. “Aeko” is traditionally a feminine name in Japan, and its meaning is quite unique – it translates to “Rare.”

On the other hand, “Catori” brings a touch of Native American culture into the mix. This name, of Native American origin, holds the beautiful meaning of “spirit.” His name nicely blends Japanese and Native American customs, making it meaningful for this young person.

Aeko Catori Brown’s father 

Aeko Catori Brown’s father, the renowned Chris Brown, is undeniably a wealthy and successful figure in the music industry. His achievements are truly remarkable. Chris Brown has made over $157 million from 279 gigs attended by 2.6 million spectators worldwide.

Chris Brown’s musical prowess is equally impressive. He is the only male R&B performer with the most Billboard Hot 100 entries and top 40 hits. Ten studio albums, a collaboration album, nine mixtapes, and 59 singles are among his many works. This body of work has led to the sale of over 197 million records worldwide.

As of 2022, Chris Brown’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $50 million. This wealth has been accumulated through various avenues. In addition to his music career, he has also earned substantial salaries from his appearances in movies and TV shows. Chris Brown’s entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his ownership of 14 Burger King restaurants and the launch of his clothing line, Black Pyramid, in 2012.

He founded CBE (Chris Brown Entertainment) in 2007, boosting his music business reach. He bought a four-bedroom hilltop mansion in Tarzana, California, for $4.35 million in 2014. This financial success suggests that Aeko Catori Brown and his stepsiblings will receive a large fortune from their father, Chris Brown, who has developed a $50 million enterprise.

Aeko Catori Brown’s mother

The mother of Aeko Catori Brown, Instagram model Ammika Harris, is a social media star. She gave birth to Chris Brown’s second child, Aeko Catori Brown, in November 2019. American Ammika Harris, born on May 16, 1993, is academically accomplished. She graduated from UC Los Angeles.

The story of Chris Brown and Ammika Harris’s relationship is quite intriguing. While it first made headlines in 2015, it seemed to cool down for a while. However, suspicions regarding their relationship were rekindled when they exchanged emojis on one of Harris’s Instagram posts in 2018.

They were seen together in Paris in January 2019, especially after Chris Brown’s arrest video surfaced. During their trip to France, they were seen at Cirque Bonheur a few days before Brown’s arrest.

Ammika Harris is a social media influencer with a substantial following. She currently boasts more than a million followers on her personal Instagram account. Additionally, she uses her fan account to endorse advertisements for Fashion Nova.

Her Instagram profile also includes images of her son, Aeko Catori Brown, which she shares with her followers. Ammika Harris and Chris Brown are no longer together, but they keep in touch and prioritize co-parenting for their kid.

The grandmother of Aeko Catori Brown had reconstructive surgery.

Joyce Amy Bundy Hawkins, the grandmother of Aeko Catori Brown, has been in the spotlight for a surprising transformation. Born on October 7, 1964, she’s now 58 years old, as of 2022. Joyce is the mother of two children, Chris Brown and Lytrell Bundy, who is Aeko’s father and aunt, respectively.

Joyce made waves on social media when she posted a photo of herself looking notably different. While she has always been comfortable in front of the camera, her recent photos raised eyebrows. Before and after photos show a significant cosmetic makeover, giving her a “new face.”

The transformation is remarkable, making her appear younger and slimmer. Many have speculated that this could be the result of facial reconstructive surgery. Her makeover remains a mystery because Joyce Amy Bundy Hawkins has not revealed how she obtained these outcomes.

Chris Brown and Aeko Catori Look identical

Aeko Catori’s striking resemblance to his superstar father, Chris Brown, is undoubtedly the most remarkable feature about him. It’s as if Aeko is a younger mirror image of his famous dad.

This strong resemblance has even earned Aeko the affectionate nickname “Lil CB,” a moniker that seems likely to stick around for a long time. Chris Brown and his admirers love the father-son resemblance. Chris’s Instagram video shows him marveling at his son’s appearance.  He repeatedly points out just how much Aeko looks like him.

What’s truly fascinating is that the resemblance doesn’t stop with the older Chris Brown. Aeko’s similarity to Chris as a child is equally striking. Although Chris Brown’s childhood photos are scarce online, his school photos would be impossible to distinguish from Aeko’s. Imagine seeing the same individual in different photos taken years apart. Incredible likeness between father and son.

Fans Reacted to Chris Brown’s Strange Resemblance To His Son, Aeko Catori Brown

Fans have noticed the striking likeness between Chris Brown and his son, Aeko Catori Brown. The similarities are obvious, even to Chris Brown fans. Aeko’s appearance in his father’s photos has become a social media trend. The comments section is full of compliments about how much Aeko resembles his famous dad. Instagram fan pages sometimes post side-by-side photographs of Chris and Aeko, showcasing their remarkable likeness.

Chris’s kids resemble him so much that HotNewHipHop wrote a story about it. They even polled supporters, and the findings were clear: everyone agreed that Aeko was a clone of Chris.

After having two babies quickly, what’s next for Chris Brown? His public life appears to be shrinking to focus on his family and personal life. He still does music, although less so. His 2022 album “Breezy” and 2020 collaboration with Young Thug on “Slime & B.” This change lets him spend more time with his growing family.

Chris Brown has likewise reduced his public controversy involvement. He seemed to have moved on from a decade of headline-grabbing altercations. Recent events include a public dispute with Kanye West over music and respect. Both artists were formerly close partners. Chris received a truck from Kanye. Before their feud, fans suspected Chris and Usher didn’t get along. However, Chris’s prior controversies seem more serious than these latest feuds. Seeing him enjoying a simpler job and personal life is encouraging.

Aeko Catori’s parents are not married 

Aeko Catori Brown’s parents, Chris Brown and Ammika Harris have not tied the knot in matrimony. Their journey together has been quite a unique one. They first crossed paths in 2015, at a time when Chris Brown was already in another relationship. Adding to the complexity, Ammika’s career as a model took her to Europe, which meant that she rarely visited the United States during this period.

However, fate had something different in store for them. In 2018, their romantic spark reignited, and they rekindled their relationship. This reconciliation eventually led to a significant moment in their lives: Ammika became pregnant in early 2019, and the result was the birth of Chris’s second child, Aeko Brown.

Despite this life-altering event and their renewed romance, Aeko’s parents chose not to embark on the journey of engagement or marriage. Unfortunately, their relationship took a different turn, and they decided to go their separate ways in July 2020, following a unique and complex chapter in their lives.

Two stepsiblings of Aeko Catori Brown 

Aeko Catori Brown is part of a unique and diverse family with two step-siblings. Aeko’s siblings include Royalty Brown and Lovely Symphani Brown, both of whom hail from different mothers.

Royalty Brown, Aeko Catori’s elder sister, was born on May 27, 2014, making her 8 years old as of 2022. Texas is her birthplace. Her mother is Nia Guzman, a former model who worked with Chris Brown for years.

On the other hand, Lovely Symphani Brown is Aeko’s younger sibling. She came into the world on January 7, 2022, which means she was seven months old as of December 2022. Her mother is Diamond Brown, who is a model and influencer. Chris Brown’s second-oldest child, Aeko Catori Brown, lives with his two step-siblings.

Aeko Catori Brown and Royalty Brown

Aeko Catori Brown shares a special family connection with his older half-sister, Royalty Brown. Royalty holds the distinction of being Chris Brown’s first child, and she was born to Nia Guzman and Chris Brown on May 27, 2014. Currently, Royalty is eight years old.

What’s heartwarming to see is the beautiful sibling relationship that Aeko and Royalty have cultivated over time. They’ve shared pleasant and heartwarming moments together, demonstrating the siblings’ particular closeness. Their connection is truly heartening to witness.

In addition to their wonderful relationship, both Aeko and Royalty welcomed a new addition to their family. A younger sister, Lovely Symphani Brown, was born to Chris Brown and Diamond Brown on January 7, 2022. The closeness between Aeko and Royalty shows their strong familial ties in this developing family full of love and good times.

Aeko Catori Brown’s father’s net worth 

As of now, Aeko Catori Brown is a young toddler who enjoys a life filled with comfort and the warmth of a loving family. He’s too young to earn money or handle money.

But his father, the famous artist Chris Brown, is thought to be worth $50 million. This significant wealth reflects Chris Brown’s successful career in the entertainment industry and various business ventures. Aeko, as he grows, will certainly benefit from his father’s financial success, ensuring a bright future ahead.

FAQs about aeko catori brown

1. Who is Aeko Catori Brown? 

Aeko Catori Brown is the son of renowned R&B artist Chris Brown and Ammika Harris. His birthdate is November 20, 2019, in Tarzana, California.

2. Who are Aeko Catori Brown’s parents? 

Aeko’s parents are Chris Brown, a famous R&B singer, and Ammika Harris, a social media influencer and Instagram model.

3. Does Aeko have any siblings? 

Yes, Aeko has two siblings. His half-sister, Royalty Brown, was born to Chris Brown and Nia Guzman. He also has a younger half-sister, Lovely Symphani Brown, born to Chris Brown and Diamond Brown.

4. How much is Chris Brown worth? 

Chris Brown is expected to be worth $50 million in 2022. Music, record sales, and commercial enterprises are his specialties.

5. What is the relationship between Aeko’s parents, Chris Brown and Ammika Harris? 

Chris Brown and Ammika Harris are not married. They began dating in 2018 and welcomed Aeko in 2019. While their romantic relationship went through some ups and downs, they prioritized co-parenting for Aeko’s well-being.

6. What makes Aeko Catori Brown famous? 

Aeko is well known as Chris Brown’s son. His uncanny resemblance to his father has also drawn media and public attention.

7. What is the Native American tribe associated with Aeko Catori Brown’s family? 

Aeko’s Native American heritage is linked to the Pamunkey Indian Tribe.

Final Words

Aeko Catori Brown, a young star, is noted for his similarity to his father, Chris Brown. He was born in Tarzana, California, on November 20, 2019, with “Aeko” originally from Japan, meaning “Rare,” and “Catori” from Native American culture, meaning “spirit.”

Aeko grew up wealthy as the son of $50 million R&B star Chris Brown. His family is diverse, with two siblings, Royalty, and Lovely Symphani Brown, born to different mothers. Although Chris Brown and Ammika Harris are not married, they co-parent Aeko to protect him. Known as “Lil CB,” Aeko’s similarity to his father has drawn notice from fans and media.

Aeko Catori Brown is still young and has not started a business, but his famous father and family help him. As he grows, Aeko’s life and experiences will add to the Brown family’s incredible story.