What happened to America Williams? Here’s everything to know

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In the online age, people do inconceivable things to get recognition. America Williams slapped her mother for power. After the video went viral, she was criticized for her horrific behaviour. Do you know what happened to the 15-year-old girl? Who’s American Williams? Why is a 15-year-old girl famous? Slapping her mother in 2020 made a teenage girl famous. Some months later, she was found dead in her New Castle County flat. Learn about her here. 

Quick facts 

Full name America Williams 
Gender Female 
Year of birth 2005
Age 15 years (As of death)
Place of birthUnited States 
Nationality American 
Ethnicity African-American 
Popularity Slapping her mother

Who is America Willaims?

America Williams, 15, became famous in 2020 after a video of her beating a mother went viral.

According to the video, America Williams smacked a friend’s mother three times and said, “This is your mother right.. stop playing with me.”

The defenseless mother went back inside after saying, “that’s f*cked up.”

See the heartbreaking video here.

America’s friend took the footage, but how it surfaced is unknown. However, posting it online for clout killed America.

Why did America Williams Slap A Mother?

American Williams’s death raises questions about why she slapped a mother. Why she slapped a mother is unknown, but her footage was shared on social media for attention.

Netizens claimed that America’s girlfriend cheated on her with the mother she slapped in the video. She instructed the woman while her girlfriend filmed. We may never know the truth unless cops say so.

America Williams Obituary 

Despite the backlash and criticism of her viral slap video, America Williams’ death sparked an online outrage.

People offered their sympathies and prayed for her family. The only detail on America’s obituary was that she was shot.

What happened to America Williams?

Many have seen America Williams slap a mother. Social online users noticed her video immediately. She wanted to demonstrate her skills and hatred of her mother. She was chastised for her dishonorable behavior. Her mother-daughter bond was questioned. 


America Williams was found dead in a New Castle, Delaware flat at 102 Bennett Ct, according to multiple sources.

When a shot was fired, CBS Philadelphia reported loud party music on the first floor of the apartment. A woman returned from work to find America lifeless on the floor. America only visited the flat where she was discovered dead for the party.

America Williams was found dead on Saturday night, February 15, 2020, according to CBS Philadelphia.

No arrests have been made, and the police have not released a timeline.

CBS Philadelphia reported America Williams’ death on February 15, 2020, Saturday night.

Police have not released a timeline or arrested anyone.

Who Killed America Williams?

An anonymous shooter reportedly shot her multiple times. The identity of America’s killer was unknown despite police attempts.

Netizens on Reddit and Twitter believe America was killed because she made unknown enemies after her disrespectful behaviour in the viral video.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is America Williams?

A 2020 viral video of 15-year-old American girl America Williams beating a mother made her famous.

2. Did America Williams hit her mother?

America Williams did not slap her mother. The footage shows her hitting a friend’s mother three times.

3. Why did America Williams slap a mother in the video?

The viral video shows America Williams hitting a mother for unknown reasons. Some believe a personal conflict or romantic concerns were involved.

4. What happened to America Williams following the viral video?

Few months after the famous video, America Williams died suddenly. The circumstances of her death in a New Castle, Delaware, flat are under investigation.

5. How did America Williams die?

America Williams died of several gunshot wounds in her apartment. The authorities are still investigating her death, including the shooter’s motive and identity.

6. Was anyone arrested for America Williams’ death?

As of now, no one has been arrested for America Williams’ killing. The police are investigating.

7. Why does the viral video matter to America Williams?

The viral video of America Williams slapping a mother drew criticism for her impolite behavior. It is uncertain if this video caused her tragic death.

Closing Words

Yes, attacking and insulting her mother online was a terrible error by the adolescent. But no one deserves such a horrific death.

Above all, social media has pros and cons. They affect people both positively and negatively. What America did to acquire fame and notoriety was wrong, but what happened to her was worse.

Her murder is under investigation. The gunman should be found and punished quickly by the police.