Who Is Ann Belsky? Untold Mystery About Her Death

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Rick Moranis’ wife Ann Belsky is a talented makeup artist and costume designer. They were forever changed by their brief marriage. Her narrative became tragic when Ann Belsky died suddenly in the early 1990s. Entertainment industry professionals Ann Belsky and Rick Moranis married after falling in love. Rick Moranis’ 1980s comedies “Ghostbusters” and “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” Ann Belsky was a great costume and makeup designer behind the scenes.

Their marriage had many emotional and professional milestones but terminated prematurely. varying sources mention varying marital lengths, but they had two children. Ann Belsky’s death hampered their romance. She died mysteriously and tragically in the early 1990s. Her death is questioned, contributing to her appeal.

After his wife died, Rick Moranis changed. To grieve Ann Belsky’s loss, Moranis left the entertainment world in the 1990s. His career shifted and he nearly disappeared, confusing fans and industry watchers.

Ann Belsky Profile Summary

Full NameAnn Rachel Belsky
First NameAnne
Last NameMoranis
Alternative NameAnne Moranis, Ann Belsky
Age at Death34 years
Date of BirthFebruary 5, 1956
Place of BirthCanada
Date of DeathFebruary 4, 1991
Place of DeathManhattan, New York City, New York, USA
Cause of DeathBreast Cancer
Zodiac SignAquarius
OccupationMake-Up Artist
Occupation TextMake-up designer
Claim to FameLate wife of Rick Moranis
SpouseRick Moranis (m. 1986–1991)

Ann Belsky career

Makeup artist and costume designer Ann Belsky worked in entertainment. She may not have been as famous as actors or directors, but her labor behind the scenes brought people and scenes to life in films and TV. Her job as a makeup artist was to make performers appear their best on screen. This could range from natural makeup for ordinary scenes to special effects makeup for fantasy or science fiction.

Costume designer Ann Belsky helped tell projects’ stories. Costume designers must choose or make clothes and accessories that fit the characters, convey their personalities, and match the production’s location. In cinema and TV, their job is crucial to the overall look and feel.

Ann Belsky’s contributions to the success of her productions may not be publicly known, but her effort was crucial. The work of makeup artists and costume designers is sometimes overlooked but crucial in cinema and television.

The Canadian, Ann Belsky Presumably Was A Jewish

Due to a famous personality known for off-screen controversy, Ann Belsky is sometimes overlooked in Hollywood. Few articles reveal her life because she is rarely in the public glare.

Even her wedding and relationship with Rick Moranis, a famous actor, are unknown. It seems that even the most curious cannot reveal her personal life under a thick shell of seclusion. Despite being born in Canada, she was Jewish and had ties to Israel.

Ann Belsky’s conundrum reminds us of the entertainment industry’s huge tapestry of lives, where certain figures remain mysterious, leaving us with only parts of their story.

Ann Belsky body appearance 

Eye ColorBrown – Dark
Hair ColorBrown – Dark
Height N\A 
Weight N\A

Ann Belsky’s height, weight, and physical traits are not well known. While known for her work in the entertainment world, Ann Belsky lived a rather private existence and rarely divulged her personal or physical characteristics.

When discussing people’s lives and legacies, respect their privacy and focus on their professional achievements rather than their appearance.

Ann Belsky Apparently Was A Costume Designer

Ann Belsky’s career background before marrying Rick Moranis is as mysterious as her personal life. Although her early adulthood is unknown, she is thought to have had a varied profession.

Ann Belsky designed costumes. This role required innovative and practical costume design for film, TV, and other entertainment enterprises. Her painting career implies she was inventive beyond costume design.

Her film and television efforts are still unknown. Whether she had notable credits in these fields is unknown. Ann Belsky’s life and career show the intriguing intricacy of entertainment industry people, with certain portions of their journey secret, leading us to wonder about their full contributions.

Ann Belsky’s Relationship With Her Actor Husband Rick Moranis 

Ann Belsky married Rick Moranis in 1986, starting their romance. The details of their early romance are kept secret.

Ann and Rick had two children, Rachel and Michelson, while married. Despite their limited personal background, this familial dynamic enriched their lives and helped them handle motherhood. Though private, Ann Belsky’s partnership with Rick Moranis was important and loved.

Ann Belsky And Rick Moranis Children

Ann Belsky and Rick Moranis’ adult children, like many celebrity children, keep their personal life private. She Canadian-born children have different paths as adults.

After moving to the US, Ann’s daughter Rachel attended Brown University. Her scholastic path included BAs in Art History and Visual Arts. Rachel also attended Harvard Design School. She is now a versatile entrepreneur and partner in New York-based Rosedale Hospitality Partners, a private real estate investment firm. Rachel founded and runs Stardust, a software development company.

Raquel, Ann Belsky’s daughter, posts sketches and lines on Instagram, displaying her mother’s artistic background.

Mitchell, Ann’s son, is Michael Derek Fredrik Moranis, but his current activities are unknown. Mitchell is more reclusive, leaving the world to ponder about his life path.

The Cause Of Ann Belsky’s Death

Ann Belsky’s untimely demise occurred in February 1991, and it was a result of a challenging battle with cancer. While some sources suggest it was breast cancer, there are conflicting reports indicating liver cancer as the cause. Regardless of the specific diagnosis, Ann Belsky passed away tragically at the young age of 35. Her marriage to Rick Moranis had spanned just five years when this devastating loss occurred.

In the aftermath of her passing, both Ann Belsky’s parents and Rick Moranis’s parents came together to create a lasting tribute to her memory. Their collective efforts led to the establishment of an art school in Israel, bearing Ann’s name. This institution is known as the Ann Belsky Moranis School of Arts and is an integral part of the Modern Orthodox Ohr Torah Stone High School in Israel.

The Ann Belsky Moranis School of Arts serves as a beacon for artistic expression and development, providing students with a platform to nurture their creativity. Beyond fostering artistic talents, the school also offers educational opportunities that align with the standards of the Israeli academic curriculum. In this way, Ann Belsky’s legacy lives on, not only through her artistic contributions but also through the enduring impact of the institution that bears her name.

Rick Moranis left Hollywood after Belsky’s death

After the tragic death of his wife, Ann Belsky, Rick Moranis left Hollywood and performing. He did this out of grief over his wife’s death and a desire to adequately care for their children. Rick told USA Today in 2005 that he stopped making films about 1996 or 1997.

Rick took a break from acting due to the demands of being a single parent and his business, which often necessitated travel. This acting sabbatical lasted longer than expected. Rick Moranis said he didn’t miss performing during this time.

Rick completed a direct-to-video sequel to “Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves.” before his vacation. Still, he voiced certain projects, notably the 2003 Disney animated picture “Brother Bear.” Rick Moranis turned down Hollywood offers during his break, prioritizing his parenting and finding happiness outside the spotlight.

Husband of Ann Belsky Returns to Film

Rick Moranis eventually made a return to the world of showbiz, marking a notable comeback. Interestingly, his initial foray back into the entertainment industry was not through a traditional movie or television role. Instead, he made his comeback in a commercial video for Mint Mobile, sharing the screen with fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, known for his role as Deadpool.

Technically, Moranis’ first film credit following his departure from Hollywood was his voice work in the 2001 animated film “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys.” However, his return to the spotlight was truly solidified when he appeared in the Mint Mobile commercial alongside Ryan Reynolds.

Reynolds, keen to announce Moranis’ return, even took to Twitter to share the ad, generating significant excitement among fans and the entertainment industry alike. Rick Moranis’ first interview since his comeback was in May 2020, and it took place on Disney Pop Culture, a docuseries that provided a platform for him to discuss his journey and experiences in the world of entertainment. This marked a significant milestone in his return to the public eye after a prolonged hiatus.

The Honey I Shrunk The Kids Sequel: Will Belsky’s Husband Return?

The sequel to “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” stars Rick Moranis as Wayne Szalinski again. This intriguing development was announced in February 2020, generating fan excitement. After two decades, Rick Moranis’ “Shrunk” role validated his acting return.

This confirmation accompanied his Mint Mobile commercial with Ryan Reynolds, increasing enthusiasm for his return to showbiz. Josh Gad, known for “Wedding Ringer,” will play Rick Moranis’ son as an adult in the sequel, however storyline details are scant.

Josh Gad periodically updates fans on the film’s development. He teased followers with a Rick Moranis Instagram photo in early 2022, increasing project buzz. In terms of plot, the sequel is expected to take a fresh turn from the first picture. Insiders say Gad’s character will accidently reduce his children in the sequel, setting the setup for a new and interesting adventure.

Other facts 

Despite scant information, several details regarding Ann Belsky’s life have been released:

  • Ann Belsky was born and lived in Canada before marrying Rick Moranis.
  • Jewish Heritage: Ann Belsky was Jewish and may have had ancestors from Israel. Her life and culture may have been shaped by this heritage.
  • Ann Belsky was a painter as well as a costume designer and makeup artist. Her artistic talents were diverse.

Following her unexpected death, Ann Belsky and Rick Moranis’ parents founded an Israeli art school in her honor. The Modern Orthodox Ohr Torah Stone High School in Israel includes the Ann Belsky Moranis School of Arts. The programme meets Israeli academic standards and allows pupils to express themselves artistically.

These data reveal Ann Belsky’s broad talents, heritage, and the art school she founded in her memo, despite the sparse specifics of her life and profession.


Hollywood’s Ann Belsky is better known for her strange life and sudden death than her professional achievements. She enriched movies and television as a makeup artist, costume designer, and painter. However, her personal life is mostly hidden.

Ann Belsky’s marriage to actor Rick Moranis brought intrigue to her story, although their connection and her life before are unknown. She died early of breast or liver cancer, leaving a devastated husband and two children.

The Israeli Ann Belsky Moranis School of Arts honours her artistic legacy. After her death, Rick Moranis, her husband, retired to raise their children, a painful chapter in his career.

Ann Belsky’s life and intrigues remind us of entertainment’s rich, multidimensional existence. She may remain a mystery, but her legacy and achievements continue to fascinate our imaginations and spark inquiry, leaving us with an incredible story.


Certainly, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Ann Belsky:

Q: Who was Ann Belsky?

A: Ann Belsky was a makeup artist, costume designer, and painter who gained recognition for her work in the entertainment industry.

Q: What is Ann Belsky best known for?

A: Ann Belsky is best known for being the wife of actor Rick Moranis and for her behind-the-scenes contributions in makeup and costume design.

Q: When did Ann Belsky marry Rick Moranis?

A: Ann Belsky and Rick Moranis got married in 1986.

Q: How many children did Ann Belsky and Rick Moranis have?

A: Ann Belsky and Rick Moranis had two children, named Rachel and Michelson.

Q: What was the cause of Ann Belsky’s death?

A: Ann Belsky passed away in February 1991, and the reported cause of her death varies in different sources, with some mentioning breast cancer and others liver cancer.

Q: Did Ann Belsky have a social media presence?

A: As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there was no publicly known social media presence associated with Ann Belsky.

Q: What is the Ann Belsky Moranis School of Arts?

A: The Ann Belsky Moranis School of Arts is an art school established in Israel in memory of Ann Belsky. It was created by her parents and Rick Moranis’s parents and is part of the Modern Orthodox Ohr Torah Stone High School. The school provides opportunities for artistic expression and follows the Israeli academic curriculum.

Q: Why did Rick Moranis take a break from acting?

A: Rick Moranis took a break from acting after the death of his wife, Ann Belsky, in order to focus on raising their children as a single parent. This break lasted for more than 20 years.

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