Who is Cameron Friscia? Age, height, net worth, wife, biography

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Cameron Friscia, born August 10, 1986, is a retired military veteran. He works as a research associate at Coatue Management, a famous New York City corporation. He became famous for more than his work. Cameron Friscia’s marriage to media figure Katherine Timpf garnered attention. Their love tale concluded with their marriage on May 1, 2021, celebrating their future together.

Biography & Profile Summary

Full NameCameron James Friscia
Known AsCameron Friscia
BirthdateAugust 10, 1986
Age37 years old
Birth Year1986
BirthplaceNew York, USA
Current ResidenceNew York, USA
Zodiac SignLeo
School nameHigh School in New York
QualificationBachelor’s degree in Science
College / UniversityUS Military Academy
Training atOfficer Training School
OccupationResearch Associate

Who is Cameron Friscia?

Cameron Friscia – A Man of Success and Service

Cameron Friscia, the husband of Katherine Timpf, a famous TV personality and social media celebrity, has garnered respect and affection since their marriage. Cameron had achieved success in many fields before their union. However, 9/11 changed his life. Cameron joined the US Army out of selflessness and honour during these difficult times.

As of 2022, Cameron James Friscia, or Cameron, is 36 years old. He was born in New York on August 10, 1986. He is a Leo and fiercely American, rooted in its ideals and customs. His Christian upbringing shaped his character and values.

Cameron graduated from high school in New York after pursuing knowledge and academic distinction. However, his adventure continued. The US Military Academy, noted for creating strong leaders, was his next stop. He earned a Bachelor of Science in science here, demonstrating his dedication to learning.

Cameron’s quest went beyond academia. He was forever changed by September 11, 2001, and became a staunch patriot. Cameron served his country because he loved it. He chose military service, undergoing seventeen weeks of training at the Officer Training School in the Infantry Officer Basic Course.

Cameron Friscia held significant responsibilities in the US Army. The Brigade Commander’s Executive Assistant showed his leadership skills. He also became an Assistant Operation Officer, helping his unit’s strategic and tactical operations. He demonstrated his attention and commitment as corporate Executive Officer, overseeing essential corporate operations.

Cameron Friscia showed the endurance and bravery of individuals who serve their country. His journey from student to soldier shows how personal choices and dedication matter. Cameron’s tale inspires and reminds us of true patriotism and public service.

Early life

The patriotic American Cameron James Frascia is 37 years old as of 2023, born on August 10, 1986. His hometown, New York, is vibrant and busy. Cameron’s Caucasian heritage reflects America’s diversity. Cameron is public, yet he keeps his family life private. No information about his parents or siblings has been released. His family troubles seem to be secondary to his career and personal life.

Cameron started school at Choate Rosemary Hall High School in New York. This time gave him a good academic foundation and allowed him to pursue his hobbies. Cameron continued his study and served his country after graduating high school. He attended the U.S. Military Academy, famed for creating great leaders. At the academy, he focused on his education and military service.

He earned a Bachelor of Science, demonstrating his dedication and academic ability. Cameron also completed the seventeen-week Infantry Officer Basic Course at the Officer Training School (OTS). He learned military skills and prepared for his future with this specialized instruction. Cameron Frascia’s life and profession were shaped by his education and military experience. His incredible journey shows his professional successes and patriotism, despite his family secrecy.

Cameron Friscia biography 

Patriotic Army veteran Cameron Friscia was raised in America. He lives in Brooklyn. Cameron’s diverse white American upbringing shaped him. Cameron Friscia turned 36 in May 2023. His zodiac sign, Leo, represents charisma and leadership. He was born August 10, 1986. Cameron studied hard and succeeded. He was a Choate Rosemary Hall hockey and lacrosse player. Early team sports taught him discipline and teamwork that lasted a lifetime. Cameron went to West Point for school. He acquired a science bachelor’s degree after rigorous work. West Point helped him succeed academically and become patriotic. Cameron joined Officer Training School’s Infantry Basic Course after academic success. He gained Army skills in this seventeen-week programme. Cameron Friscia’s passion, education, and patriotism inspire others.

Cameron Friscia Age, Height, and Weight

Height 5’8″ 
Weight 65 kilogrammes
Eye Dark brown 
Hair   black

The remarkable Cameron Friscia we are investigating turns a year older on August 10. His loved ones and close friends join him to celebrate another chapter of his life. Cameron’s height of 5’8″ contributes to his intimidating presence. He stays active and robust at 65 kilogrammes, reflecting his well-rounded lifestyle.

Cameron’s beautiful black hair helps him exude appeal. His appealing dark brown eyes add to his attractiveness, attracting people who meet him.

Cameron Friscia Mother, Father, and Siblings

Cameron Friscia hails from a White American household. Mr. and Mrs. Friscia, his loving parents, helped him succeed and develop his wonderful character.

As more information on Cameron’s siblings and extended family becomes available, it will be shared.

Personal Life and Relationship with Katherine Timpf

Cameron Friscia is prosperous and dedicated to his wife, Kat Timpf. Kat Timpf excels. Daily, he enjoys spending time with Kat and the family’s beloved dog. While engaged in May 2021, Cameron and Kat formed a deep and loving relationship. Their family news will be posted when they have children. They have no children yet.

Katherine Timpf, Cameron Friscia’s wife?

Cameron Friscia and Fox News Channel columnist and popular reporter Katherine Timpf married on May 1, 2021. Katherine, known for her comedic aptitude and wit, charms audiences on screen.

She’s a Fox News regular.

Cameron Friscia Career

Cameron Friscia’s career has been dedicated and flexible. After earning a bachelor’s degree in science from the U.S. Military School, he served as Company Executive Officer, Assistant Operation Officer, and Executive Assistant to Brigade Commander. He took a crucial decision to become a Merrill Lynch Pierce Penner and Smith Inc. dealer in 2014. Cameron is a Coatue Management research associate.

Cameron is a research associate at Philippe Laffont’s well-known technology-focused investment firm Coatue Management in New York City. Coatue invests in public and private technology, media, telecommunications, consumer, and healthcare industries. The company has offices in New York City, Menlo Park, California, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.

Cameron entered banking and investment after his studies and service in the U.S. Army, especially after 9/11. This fascination led him to an internship with Bank of America, where he learned a lot. At Merrill Lynch Pierce Penner & Smith Inc., a Bank of America investment and wealth management business, he polished his dealer abilities.

What does Cameron Friscia do for a living?

Cameron Friscia is an exceptional person with a varied profession. His diverse career shows his versatility and dedication to greatness. Cameron joined the US military after graduating. He played key responsibilities in the military for approximately 15 years. As an infantry platoon leader, he showed leadership and strategic skills.

Cameron has held important posts including Brigade Commander, Executive Assistant and Assistant Operations Officer. They required precision, dedication, and a strong feeling of responsibility, which shaped his career. Cameron bravely switched to banking and investment in 2014. His internship at Bank of America gave him financial knowledge and initiated this move.

Based on this foundation, he became a dealer at Merill Lynch Pierce Penner & Smith Inc., a Bank of America investment and wealth management business. This work helped him improve his financial skills and contribute to the industry. Cameron works as a research associate at Coatue Management, a prestigious investment management firm in New York City. In this capacity, he uses his talents and knowledge to navigate the ever-changing investment industry.

Cameron Friscia’s career shows his dedication to excellence and adaptability. His dedication to the military and finance shows his professional agility and adaptability.

Fast facts about Cameron Friscia 

  • Kat Timpf married whom? Cameron Friscia is her husband. 
  • Cameron Friscia—who? Research associate and American veteran. 
  • When is Cameron Friscia’s birthday? His birthday is August 10. 
  • How old is Cameron Friscia? As of May 2023, Kat Timpf’s husband is 36. 
  • How does Kat Timpf’s husband make money? He’s a Coatue Management research associate. 
  • Cameron Friscia’s wealth? His alleged net worth is $2 million. 
  • Cameron Friscia lives where? He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Net worth

Cameron Friscia’s finances show exceptional success. Due to his professional success, his estimated net worth is $4 million. Cameron made much of his money in the military and finance. These endeavors have improved his life and made him financially secure.

Cameron’s $50,000 monthly investigation associate salary boosts his finances. This income comes from finance and other sources, demonstrating his versatility. Cameron Friscia’s wealth shows his hard work and accomplishment throughout the years. It shows his success in military duty and finance, protecting his financial future and letting him enjoy his hard work.

Cameron Friscia FAQs:

Q: Cameron Friscia—who?

A: Cameron Friscia is a Coatue Management research associate and former military officer. He became famous as the husband of TV personality Katherine Timpf.

Q: Where was Cameron Friscia born?

A: Cameron was born in NYC.

Q: Cameron Friscia’s age?

A: Cameron Friscia, born August 10, 1986, is 37 in 2023.

Q: Cameron Friscia education?

A: He graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall High School and the US Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science.

Q: How was Cameron Friscia’s military career?

A: Cameron was an infantry platoon leader, Executive Assistant to Brigade Commander, and Assistant Operations Officer. He served approximately 15 years in the military.

Q: Cameron Friscia’s job?

A: Cameron is a research associate at New York-based investment management firm Coatue Management.

Q: Cameron Friscia’s wealth?

A: Cameron Friscia may be worth $4 million. The military and finance sector provide most of his $50,000 monthly income.

Q: Is Cameron Friscia married?

A: Cameron Friscia married famous TV personality Katherine Timpf. The couple wedded May 1, 2021.

Q: Does Cameron Friscia have kids?

A: No one knows if Cameron Friscia and Katherine Timpf have children.

Q: Cameron Friscia’s ethnicity?

A: Cameron Friscia is Caucasian and American.