Who is Carson Roney? Carson Roney Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Influencers, Net Worth And More

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Carson Roney
Carson Roney

Who is Carson Roney?

Carson Roney, a popular American social media sensation, has achieved widespread recognition primarily through her TikTok presence, amassing a substantial and devoted fan base. Her content mainly revolves around dance routines, lip-sync performances, and sports-related videos, establishing her as a prominent figure in the realm of short-form video sharing.

Beyond TikTok, Carson has also established a strong presence on Instagram. Collaborating with her partner, Adrien Nuez, they create captivating content on their YouTube channel, offering a diverse range of entertainment to their audience.

Their exceptional talent and charisma caught the eye of Outshine Talent, which signed them in December 2021. This collaboration has enabled them to partner with various brands and effectively promote them across their social media platforms. Notable companies they’ve teamed up with include Coach, Spotify, Coca-Cola, Hugo Boss, Candy Crush, Garnier Fructis, and Victoria’s Secret.

One standout feature of Carson and Adrien’s social media presence is their dedication to spreading positivity. They actively work with well-known online celebrities to create material that appeals to their audience while spreading an upbeat message.

When Carson got the chance to attend Chris Brown’s birthday party, her career in the entertainment industry hit a high point. She affectionately calls this event the most memorable of her life to date. It’s evident that Carson Roney and Adrien Nuez have carved out a unique place for themselves in the social media and entertainment arena, leaving a positive impact on their followers along the way.

Carson Roney Bio

Carson Roney, born on January 26, 1998, has reached the age of 25 in 2023. She is an American citizen who openly practices her Christian religion and comes from a Christian family with deep roots in the country.

She started her academic career at Eastern Pike High School in the US, where she also established the groundwork for her future undertakings. Later, she pursued higher education at a local and exclusive institution within the United States, successfully earning her academic credentials. It’s clear that she harbored ambitious dreams from a young age, aspiring to become a prominent public figure. This unwavering determination led her to embark on her digital journey, ultimately establishing herself as a notable figure in the virtual world.

Carson Roney Wiki

Full NameCarson Roney
Date of Birth26 January 1998
Age25 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Place of BirthWaverly, Ohio, USA
Current ResidenceWaverly, Ohio, USA
Height in Feet6’1″
Height in Centimeters185
Weight in Pounds132
Weight in Kilograms60
Body Measurements (in)33-24-35
Body Measurements (cm)84-70-90
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
MotherGinger Rase
FatherDavid Roney
Relationship StatusDating
BoyfriendAdrien Nunez
SchoolEastern Pike High School, Shawnee University
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Net Worth$1 million
YouTubeCarson and Adrien

Carson Roney Early Life

Carson, the viral sensation who took TikTok by storm, was born on January 26, 1998, in the United States. She’s currently 24 years old and goes by the name “Carson Roney” in the real world, without any commonly used nicknames in the public eye.

Her family plays a significant role in her life’s story. Carson is the child of David Roney, a notable entrepreneur, and her mother, Ginger Rose, is a dedicated homemaker. Her sister is Cassidy Roney, and her brother is Camden Roney. She obviously has a particular place in her heart for her family and values the time she gets to spend with them. We’ll keep our information current if Carson decides to provide additional information about her family in the future.

Her youth, her pals from that time, and her early social relationships are all shrouded in mystery. Her formative years remain private. Nevertheless, we know she’s proud of her American nationality, belongs to the Aquarius zodiac sign, follows Christianity, and has a heritage rooted in American culture. These details provide a glimpse, though limited, into her past and her identity beyond the confines of TikTok.

Carson Roney Age

Carson Roney entered our planet on January 26, 1998, and as of 2023, she has matured into a 25-year-old lady. Her Christian family reared her in the US, where she has close connections. Her Christian religion guides her, and she’s proud to be an American.

Eastern Pike High School in the US was her first scholastic stop, establishing the groundwork for her success. Subsequently, she ventured into higher education at a local private university within the United States, and there she successfully earned her academic credentials. Her dreams of achieving celebrity status had taken root early, and these aspirations led her into the world of digital stardom at a young age.

Carson Roney Played High School and College Basketball

Carson’s love for basketball is deeply rooted, sparked by her family’s strong connection to the sport. Her brother’s involvement with Wheelersburg and her grandpa’s active days playing for the University of Rio Grande fueled her passion for the game.

Her own basketball journey started in the sixth grade when she attended Eastern Pike High School in Beaver, Ohio. But Carson didn’t stop at basketball; she also embraced volleyball with the same fervor. Her hard work and talent quickly became evident as she earned a spot on the First Team All-SOC and was named the district player of the year.

In 2016, Carson began a new chapter by enrolling at Shawnee State University. She wasted no time and hit the basketball court as a freshman for the Bears. Her dedication to the game carried her through her junior and senior seasons.

The year 2017 was a significant milestone in her basketball career, with 60 appearances and a total of 148 kills. Her average kills per game were an impressive 2.47, and she contributed a remarkable 41 blocks for the season. Carson’s journey in the world of basketball is a testament to her commitment and talent, earning her the recognition she deserves.

Carson Roney Family

Carson Roney’s father is known as David Roney, and her mother goes by the name Ginger Rase. Carson isn’t the only child in her family; she has two siblings. Her brother is named Camden Roney, and there’s another brother named Cassidy Roney. It looks like we might learn more about Carson’s family life in the future, so keep an eye out for any updates on the Roney family!

Carson Roney Career

Carson is truly a multi-platform sensation, creating ripples of excitement across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and the vast world of social media influence. Her foray into the realm of social media and content creation began with a strong focus on TikTok, where she rapidly gained recognition.

On TikTok, she shares a variety of content, including lip-syncing, modeling, and dance performances to popular songs. Notably, she extends her reach by cross-posting these videos not only on TikTok but also on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. With an impressive 4.6 million followers and a staggering 244.1 million likes on TikTok, she holds a significant presence on the platform. A recent video posted on January 6, titled “Taxing for what,” received 79.7K likes and an impressive 526.6K views. Her videos consistently capture attention, and she continues to see a steady increase in her fan base on Instagram.

YouTube is another platform where Carson thrives, boasting 152K subscribers. Even though her latest video, “her face got swollen,” was uploaded two months ago, it still managed to rack up 45K views. Her content spans from day-in-the-life vlogs to engaging challenges. One of her most-watched videos, “Day in the Life of Carson and Adrien,” has garnered an impressive 304K views. Other highly-viewed videos include “Carson dunked” with 201K views, “Tortilla challenge” at 195K views, and “Adrien got a new apartment” with 193K views.

Instagram is yet another stage where she shines, captivating her audience with her captivating photos that accentuate her lovely face and appealing physique. With 515K followers, she steadily gains more admirers with each passing day. Her stylish and attractive lifestyle is evident in her photos and reels, clearly depicting a content and joyful life.

Carson has established up a significant role for herself in the social media sphere in a very short amount of time. Her effect is felt not just beyond international boundaries but also significantly in her own America. Her professional journey stands as a testament to her talent and appeal in the digital sphere.

Carson Roney Height, Weight & More

Carson Roney is a striking figure, standing tall at around 5 feet 7 inches and maintaining a weight of approximately 55 kilograms. Her long, glossy black hair beautifully frames her face, while her captivating brown eyes add a touch of charm and mystery.

To describe Carson further, she is undeniably a stunning and captivating individual with an exceptionally pleasant demeanor. Her physical attributes are truly eye-catching, defined by her alluring figure that strikes a perfect balance between sensuality and elegance. Carson possesses a curvy yet slender body type, with body measurements that come in at around 32-24-34 inches. These qualities undoubtedly contribute to her undeniable charisma and beauty.

Carson Roney Relationship

Adrien Nuez, the basketball player and social media sensation, is currently in a relationship with Carson Roney. Adrien gained recognition for his time as a guard on the Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball team.

Their love story had an interesting start. Adrien first noticed Carson in a photo on Instagram back in 2018. The picture featured her with her dog, and even though he wasn’t particularly interested in the dog, he couldn’t resist sending her a message with a comment.

Initially, Adrien played a bit hard to get, but in 2020, he came up with a clever idea – he suggested collaborating on a TikTok video. This idea brought them together, and their initial connection blossomed in Michigan, where Adrien was pursuing his college education.

Oddly, Carson had given Adrien the sense that she could be a little snooty or scholarly, but as soon as they began interacting, they discovered that they bonded. They became closer while working out and discovered they weren’t the only ones who didn’t check their phones.

They value open, honest communication in their relationship. They believe that this commitment to transparency helps prevent any potential issues from arising, keeping their connection strong and healthy.

Their journey as a couple took another significant step when they launched their joint YouTube channel in June 2020. Carson also played a crucial role in helping Adrien move into his new apartment in August of the same year. Eventually, their relationship reached a milestone when they decided to move in together in April 2021.

Awards and Nomination

Carson, a well-established presence on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, holds a significant position as a social media influencer. Her name currently has no formal awards or nominations. But this is only the start of her trip, and there are many options ahead.

With her remarkable talent and a growing sphere of influence, Carson undeniably charts a bright and promising path. The ever-evolving digital landscape calls for her to keep creating engaging content and captivating her audience. As a result, it’s entirely possible that we may see her name among award contenders and nominees in the near future. The potential for formal recognition and accolades certainly lies well within her reach.

Carson Roney Net Worth

The Instagram star Carson is said to have a net worth of around $150,000. It’s crucial to remember that this number has not been formally validated. Her apparel business and her work in social media are her major sources of revenue.


In the world of public figures, such as Carson Roney, it’s unfortunately quite common for false or negative information to circulate. Often, these stories are fueled by jealousy and envy from detractors. However, Carson doesn’t let these unfounded rumors affect her. Instead, she channels her energy into embracing the positivity and love that her fans and followers shower upon her.

Carson’s approach is truly commendable, as she has managed to navigate her way through the world of public scrutiny while steering clear of controversies. She focuses on maintaining a positive image, and in an environment where constant scrutiny is the norm, she prioritizes her supporters and the constructive aspects of her journey. This approach allows her to rise above the noise and keep her reputation intact.

Carson Roney Social Media

Carson Roney is a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media, and her presence extends across various platforms. On Instagram, she boasts a substantial following of 515K fans while herself keeping an eye on 734 accounts. Her feed is adorned with 107 captivating posts, and her account proudly features that coveted blue checkmark, verifying her authenticity. You can find her on Instagram under the username “Carson.roney.”

While Facebook may not be her active playground, Twitter is where she engages with 3,302 followers while following 684 profiles. Her Twitter journey started back in November 2009, showcasing her long-standing presence in the realm of social media.

However, it’s on TikTok where her true stardom shines, as she commands an astonishing 4.6 million followers and has accumulated a jaw-dropping 244.1 million likes on her videos. And we can’t overlook YouTube, where her captivating content has cultivated a dedicated subscriber base of 152K. Carson is undeniably a social media sensation, making significant waves across these platforms.


Carson Roney is a prominent American social media sensation who has captivated audiences across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She’s known for her engaging content, including dance routines, lip-sync performances, and sports-related videos. She has built a significant internet presence with Adrien Nuez, gaining millions of fans in the process.

Carson was born in Waverly, Ohio, on January 26, 1998, and raised Christian. Her success came from her love of basketball throughout high school and college. Her height of 5’7″ and weight of 55 kg make her stand out.

Carson’s relationship with Adrien Nuez is a significant part of her life, and they’ve built a joint presence on YouTube. While she hasn’t received formal awards or nominations yet, her talent and influence in the digital world hold great promise.

Despite the occasional controversy and false information that may circulate in the public eye, Carson remains focused on positivity and her dedicated fan base. Her significant social media presence, with millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram, underlines her status as a social media sensation.

Carson Roney’s journey is just beginning, and she continues to carve her path in the ever-evolving world of social media and digital influence.