Colin Stough Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth, Career & More

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July 28, 2004


19 years old

Singer, composer, guitarist, and TV personality Colin Stough is multitalented. After auditioning for American Idol Season 21, he won the golden ticket to perform on the show and garnered fame.

Colin’s audition for American Idol aired on ABC on February 19, 2023. He sang Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” powerfully in front of Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie at his audition.

Colin began music lessons at five years old. In addition to his music, he has a large following on social media.

Below, you can read about Colin Stough’s age, height, girlfriend, parents, ethnicity, net worth, and biography. Colin Stough is a rising entertainer due to his numerous talents and American Idol appearance.

Profile summary

Full nameColin Stough
Date of birth18 July 2004
Age 19 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac sign Leo
Place of birthGattman, Mississippi, United States
Current residence Amory, Mississippi, United States
Nationality American 
Sexuality Straight 
Religion Christianity
Height in feet 5’7″ 
Height in centimeters170 
Weight in pounds 132 
Weight in kilograms60 
Hair colour Brown 
Eye colourBrown 
Step-fatherBunky Goza 
Mother Nara Johnson Goza 
Relationship statusDating 
Girlfriend Emma Long 
High School Hatley High School 
ProfessionSinger, social media influencer 
Net worth $100,000 

What is Colin Stough’s age?

American singer Colin Stough was 19 years old, born July 28, 2005. Leo

In 2023, American singer Colin Stough was 19 years old, born July 28, 2005. Leo. Colin’s background and family history in Gattman, Mississippi, shaped his life and profession.

While his parents separated, his mother reared Colin until her May 25, 2019, marriage to Bunky Gaza. Bunky Gaza is a North Mississippi Health Services employee and former Monroe County Emergency Operations director. Since August 2021, Colin’s mother has worked as Diversicare of Amory’s HR Coordinator.

Colin’s mother encouraged him to audition for American Idol and helped him advance his music career. This choice launched his music career.

Colin Stough graduated from Hatley High School in 2022. His family’s support and his career in music and television have helped him succeed in the entertainment sector.

Colin Stough Girlfriend: Who Is Colin Stough Dating?

Colin Stough Girlfriend

Colin Stough, the outstanding American Idol winner, is close to his girlfriend, Amory, Mississippi patrol officer Emma Long. They are Smithville High School alumni and have a lasting friendship.

Colin’s senior prom in 2022 was unforgettable for the couple. Emma, a year ahead of Colin, had graduated. Their relationship, formed in Colin’s sophomore year, has grown stronger. Emma had a romance with a year her senior, which lends intrigue to their story.

Emma’s family is proud of Colin’s American Idol accomplishment, demonstrating their love for him. Emma and her family support Colin, but his classmate Zachariah Smith, from Amory, Mississippi, also celebrates his successes. Colin is a year older than Smith, but both are talented country singers with lovely Southern accents. Their mutual love of music and hometown shows their close-knit community.

Colin Stough’s Education

After graduating from Hatley High School, Colin Stough began singing. He became fascinated about music after high school. This decision to concentrate his energy and talent into song and performance would lead him to the American Idol stage, where he would perform for a global audience. His outstanding career as a musician is due to his dedication to his trade and dedication to improving. Hatley High School helped Colin Stough build a music career that inspires and captivates audiences.

How Tall Is Colin Stough?

Height5′ 7″ inches
Eye ColorBrown
Hair colorBlack

Colin Stough’s appearance matches his music. Colin is 5’7″ and has a balanced, engaging demeanour. His height adds charm and makes him personable to his viewers.

Colin lives a healthy, active lifestyle at 63 kg (139 lbs). His weight shows his dedication to fitness and positivity.

Colin’s expressive brown eyes add depth and character to his appearance. His thick, shiny black hair frames his face and adds refinement, making him attractive on and off stage.

Colin Stough’s height, weight, eye colour, and hair colour make him an appealing musician and performer. He appeals to a wide audience due to these traits and his musical talent

Colin Stough Family: Who Are Colin Stough Parents

Colin Stough’s background shows the kind and supportive atmosphere that shaped his music. He is loved by his middle-class American parents. His mother, Nara Johnson Goza, helped him succeed. She pushed him to follow his aspirations and filled out his application for the American Idol Season 21 audition, setting the groundwork for his incredible music career.

Diversicare of Amory has employed University of Alabama graduate Nara Johnson Goza as a human resources coordinator since August 2021. Her encouragement and conviction in her son’s skills have helped him become a musician.

Colin also revealed that his biological father is deceased. Nara married Bunky Goza, his stepfather, on May 25, 2019, without his real father. Former Monroe County Emergency Operations director Bunky Goza worked for Northern Mississippi Health Services.

Colin Stough’s family’s love, support, and tenacity have shaped his career as a gifted musician and American Idol contender. Their support and faith in him helped him become a music star.

Colin Stough Music Career

He started singing young. He liked singing and feeling as a kid. Colin believed his music will appeal to many in 2018.

He posted songs and videos on social media. Colin released his first singing video on November 6, 2018, singing American artists’ tunes.

Fans like his one-song flicks where he sings Chris Stapleton’s Cold and posts a video on social media. He competed on American Idol Season 21 in February 2023 after auditioning.

Colin definitely releases albums, singles, and EPs post-American Idol. He also works at Brown & Son Heat & Hair Factory, an HVAC company.

Colin Stough hit songs

2023 Bad Day

2023 I Still Talk To Jesus

2023 Promiseland

2023 Dancing On My Own – Acoustic

2023 Lonely Hour

2023 If Not For Me

Colin Stough Net Worth 

Colin Stough’s wealth shows his diversified career accomplishment. His estimated net worth is $100,000, making him a notable music personality. Colin, a singer, composer, guitarist, and television personality, has won over audiences with his talent and versatility.

Colin makes money from his company and social media presence in addition to his entertainment work. His entrepreneurial spirit and online influence have helped him diversify his income, ensuring his financial stability. He and his family live comfortably thanks to his hard work.

Colin is pleased with his life despite his accomplishments. His appreciation for his family’s lifestyle shows his values and thankfulness for his opportunities. Colin Stough’s story inspires, showing how talent, determination, and entrepreneurship can succeed in the cutthroat entertainment industry.

Colin Stough On Social Media

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Colin Stough Fun Facts

  • Colin liked horses as a farm kid.
  • His caps are lovely.
  • He played high school football.
  • Colin started playing and singing when he got his first guitar at five.
  • Colin has always appreciated his mother’s family for supporting him when his biological father left.
  • He adores NFL football.
  • Colin likes driving.
  • He also enjoys equestrian riding.
  • Colin’s American Idol audition impressed the judges. Katy Perry called him the best American Idol season 21 contestant for his gruff, deep voice.
  • Nara Johnson Gaza, Colin Stough’s mother, presented him with the Golden Ticket to Hollywood on American Idol following his audition.
  • He plays old rock, 1950s, and modern country.


Finally, singer, composer, guitarist, and TV personality Colin Stough is talented. After winning a golden ticket on American Idol Season 21, his performance made him famous.

Colin, 19, is a Leo born July 28, 2005. His life and art are shaped by his Gattman, Mississippi, loving family. Despite their divorce, Nara Johnson Goza, his mother, encouraged him and registered him up for American Idol.

Colin completed Hatley High School in 2022, refining his music skills. He loves Emma Long, an Amory, Mississippi patrol officer, and their story is touching.

Colin is social media-savvy and worth $100,000 outside of American Idol. He is financially secure due to his music, television, and business accomplishments.

Colin Stough, a brilliant, diligent, and entrepreneurial artist, loves music since infancy. Music and television artists are inspired by his success, gratitude, and ideals.

Q: Who is Colin Stough?

A: Colin Stough is a gifted American singer, composer, guitarist, and TV personality who was on American Idol Season 21.

Q: How old is Colin Stough?

A: Colin Stough is 19 in 2023, born July 28, 2005.

Q: From where is Colin Stough?

A: Colin Stough is from Gattman, Mississippi.

Q: Colin Stough’s American Idol audition song?

A: Colin auditioned for American Idol singing “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Q: Colin Stough’s girlfriend?

A: Colin Stough dates Amory, Mississippi patrol officer Emma Long.

Q: Colin Stough’s net worth?

A: Colin Stough appears to be worth $100,000. His revenue comes from music, social media, and entrepreneurship.