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Cormack Dennehy

Who is Cormack Dennehy?

In the annals of chronology, Cormack Dennehy, ushered into existence in the year 1993, presently stands as a denizen of 29 years, though the exact date of his nativity remains shrouded in secrecy. He finds himself ensconced within the lineage of the belated Brian Dennehy and Jennifer Arnott, having been adopted into their familial embrace. The tapestry of Cormack’s scholastic journey unfurled its final chapter at the venerable Pomfret School in the year 2011. Yet, he has elected to veil his scholastic and personal triumphs, preserving them in the sanctum of his private sphere.

A veil of melancholy shrouded Cormack Dennehy’s world when the patriarchal figure, Brian Dennehy, breathed his last on the 16th day of April in the annum 2020, attaining the venerable age of 81. Brian and Jennifer, having exchanged matrimonial vows in the year 1988, shared an odyssey intertwined until Brian’s curtain call in the year 2020. In addition to the nucleus of his immediate familial assemblage, Cormack counts among his familial tapestry a sister named Sarah. Notably, within the intricate mosaic of his paternal lineage, three stepsisters from Brian’s antecedent matrimony are woven: Elizabeth Dennehy, Kathleen Dennehy, and Deirdre Dennehy.

In perfect consonance with the reticent ethos of his enigmatic progenitor, Cormack Dennehy is an ardent custodian of his privacy, perpetually veiling the intricacies of his personal odyssey from the prying eyes of the public sphere.


Full Real NameBrian Manion Dennehy
NicknameBrian Dennehy
ProfessionActor, Television Personality, Theatre Artist, and Producer
Date of BirthJuly 9, 1938
Date of DeathApril 15, 2020
Age at the time of death81 years old
Place of BirthBridgeport, Connecticut, USA
Place of DeathNew Haven, Connecticut, USA
Zodiac SignCancer
Social Media ProfilesN/A
ParentsFather: Edward Dennehy Sr.
Mother: Hannah Dennehy
Brothers1. Michael Dennehy
2. Edward Dennehy Jr.
Physical Stats & More
HeightFeet & Inches: 6′ 3″
Centimeters: 190 cm.
Meters: 1.9 m.
WeightKilograms: 95 Kg.
Pounds: 216.05 lbs.
Hair ColorWhite
Eye ColorBlue
Shoe Size (UK)11
Personal Life
Marital StatusMarried
Wife1. Judith Scheff (1959-1974)
2. Jennifer Arnott (1988-2020)
Son1. Cormack Dennehy
Daughter1. Sarah Dennehy
2. Elizabeth Dennehy
3. Kathleen Dennehy
4. Deirdre Dennehy
Highest QualificationGraduation
SchoolChaminade High School
Alma MaterColumbia University in New York City

Cormack Dennehy Education

Dennehy indeed had an educational journey that led him to Pomfret School. However, beyond this information, the details about his educational background remain shrouded in mystery, leaving us with little insight into his academic pursuits and achievements.

Personal Life

In the realm of safeguarding the intricacies of one’s personal life, this individual exhibits an exceptional prowess, resulting in a conspicuous dearth of information regarding his romantic involvements. The veil of secrecy shrouding his current marital status and potential progeny remains unpenetrated, a testament to his unwavering dedication to preserving his privacy. These facets of his existence continue to elude the prying eyes of the public sphere.

Cormack Dennehy Height And Weight

Cormack Dennehy has masterfully concealed his corporeal dimensions, encompassing particulars such as his stature, mass, and footgear dimensions, within an enigmatic veil. Although the precise quantifications elude disclosure, it becomes palpable from the visual representations that he sustains an aesthetically pleasing and well-conditioned physique. His tresses, a shade of light brown, in harmonious consort with coffee-hued ocular orbs and a complexion of pale fairness, augment his overall captivating countenance.

Cormack Dennehy Age

In the year 2021, Cormack marked his 28th orbit around the sun. His origins trace back to the American soil of 1993. It becomes conspicuously evident that he places great significance on safeguarding his personal sphere, as he has refrained from divulging the precise date of his birth to the general populace. Consequently, we remain shrouded in ignorance regarding the specific moment he observes his annual commemoration. Be assured, if such classified knowledge were ever to be unveiled, it would be expediently revised and disseminated amongst the masses.

Cormack Dennehy Family

Dennehy’s family background is quite fascinating. He is the adopted son of the renowned actor Brian Dennehy and the accomplished Australian-American costume designer and businesswoman, Jennifer Arnott.

His father, Brian Dennehy, was a true luminary in the entertainment world, boasting an impressive collection of accolades, including a Golden Globe, two Tony Awards, and an impressive six Primetime Emmy Award nominations. He is perhaps most celebrated for his role as Sheriff Will Teasle in the iconic film, First Blood.

However, Jennifer Arnott became famous as a costume designer, designing breathtaking ensembles for Hollywood’s finest actors. She also managed her husband’s social and personal life for 30 years until his natural death on April 15, 2020.

They also enjoyed motherhood, raising Sarah, born in 1995, and Cormack, adopted in 1993.

Brian Dennehy’s family tree extends further, as he had three other children from a previous marriage to Judith Scheff. These children, namely Elizabeth, Deirdre, and Kathleen Dennehy, further enriched the tapestry of his family life.

Father (Dad)Brian Dennehy
MotherJennifer Arnott
Siblings (Brothers/Sisters)Kathleen Denney, Elizabeth Dennehy, Sarah Dennehy, and Deirdre Dennehy

Cormack Dennehy Siblings

In the tapestry of familial connections, Cormack Dennehy emerges as a luminary, bearing the mantle of kinship alongside four distinguished siblings – Kathleen Denney, Elizabeth Dennehy, Sarah Dennehy, and Deirdre Dennehy. Among this constellation, Elizabeth Dennehy shines resplendently, her name etched in the annals of the entertainment cosmos. She stands as a luminary of the small and silver screens, lauded for her extraordinary portrayals in illustrious productions, including but not limited to Guiding Light, Charmed, Without a Trace, Present Danger, Red Dragon, and True Blood.

Cormack Dennehy Wife

Cormack has chosen to keep his romantic life under wraps, and as of now, the public remains in the dark about whether he is married or in a relationship. If and when he decides to share such information, we’ll be sure to provide updates on his partner and relationship status.


Cormack Dennehy’s ascent to prominence bore undeniable traces of paternal influence, courtesy of his father, Brian Dennehy. Brian initially treaded the path of finance, emerging as a stockbroker at Merrill Lynch in the heart of Manhattan during the mid-1970s. Nevertheless, the theater’s siren call held sway over his heart, leading him to a silver screen debut in ‘Semi-Tough,’ an American comedy gem masterminded by director Michael Ritchie in the annals of 1977. His portrayal of the enigmatic T.J. Lambert marked the inception of his celluloid journey.

The epoch of 1977 signified the commencement of Brian’s involvement in an array of televised spectacles and cinematic endeavors. However, the watershed moment dawned in 1982, casting him as the formidable ‘Sheriff Will Teasle’ in the inaugural installment of the legendary “John Rambo” series, ‘First Blood.’ Brian’s embodiment of this antagonistic persona garnered universal accolades, underscoring the film’s substantial commercial triumph.

Brian’s indelible imprint on Hollywood deepened further with his captivating performance in the American Western opus ‘Silverado’ in 1985, where he graced the screen with his presence. In the realm of the American science-fiction fantasy comedy-drama ‘Cocoon,’ he assumed the character of ‘Walter,’ an extraterrestrial entity. His notable forays extended to revered cinematic creations such as the American legal crime comedy ‘Legal Eagles’ and the 1987 crime thriller ‘Best Seller.’

In the 1980s and 1990s, Brian Dennehy guest-starred in many television shows. He received many Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including for ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie.’ His 1992 role in ‘The Burden of Proof’ was well-received.

In retrospective contemplation, the cinematic apex of Brian Dennehy’s career materialized in 1982 when he donned the mantle of ‘Sheriff Will Teasle.’ This pivotal juncture marked the inauguration of a flourishing career, applauded by discerning critics and adoring audiences alike, culminating in a coveted Primetime Emmy Award nomination for ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries.’

Net Worth

Cormack Dennehy’s net worth and earnings have been shrouded in a veil of secrecy, leaving us in the shadows when it comes to his financial status. This enigma has been meticulously safeguarded.

In stark contrast, his father, Brian Dennehy, boasted a well-documented fortune of $15 million as of 2022. His illustrious career in the entertainment realm, encompassing both the silver screen and television, played a pivotal role in amassing his considerable financial prosperity.

Cormack Dennehy Father’s Death

Cormack’s father, Brian Dennehy, sadly passed away on April 16, 2020, due to natural causes. This somber news was shared with the public by Brian’s daughter, Elizabeth, through a heartfelt message on Twitter.

With a heavy heart, she wrote, “It is with heavy hearts we announce that our father, Brian, passed away last night from natural causes, not Covid-related. He was larger than life, excessively giving, and a proud and loving father and grandfather. His wife Jennifer, family, and many friends will miss him. 

Those who knew and admired him felt a vacuum in their hearts after the passing of this exceptional performer and adored family man.


  • Cormack Dennehy is 29 and was born in 1993.
  • The famous actor Brian Dennehy and Jennifer Arnott adopted him.
  • Sarah Dennehy is Cormack’s sister.
  • He has three stepsisters from Brian Dennehy’s previous marriage: Elizabeth, Kathleen, and Deirdre.
  • Cormack’s father, Brian Dennehy, was a successful actor who won a Golden Globe and two Tony Awards and acted in 180 films.
  • Mother Jennifer Arnott was an excellent Australian-American costume designer and businesswoman.
  • Cormack Dennehy attended Pomfret School, but his education is private.
  • He maintains his personal life, especially his love connections, private.
  • Cormack Dennehy’s height, weight, and shoe size are unknown.
  • His father, Brian Dennehy, died naturally at 81 on April 15, 2020.
  • Film and television roles included “First Blood” and “Cocoon.” Cormack’s father was successful.
  • Brian Dennehy’s 2022 net worth was $15 million.
  • Cormack Dennehy’s family values privacy like his father, Brian.
  • He is the younger Dennehy family member continuing the entertainment industry history.
  • Cormack prefers privacy, thus his birthdate and other personal information remain hidden.
  • Elizabeth Dennehy, his sister, is a prominent television and film actress.
  • Brian and Elizabeth Dennehy have a long background in entertainment.
  • Cormack’s father’s most famous part was Sheriff Will Teasle in “First Blood.”
  • He avoids social media to maintain his privacy.
  • Cormack Dennehy remains private.


The adoptive son of late actor Brian Dennehy and Jennifer Arnott, Cormack Dennehy, keeps his personal life private. The younger generation of the Dennehy family continues the entertainment business lineage.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Cormack Dennehy born?

Cormack Dennehy was born 1993.

Who are Cormack Dennehy’s siblings?

A: Cormack has three stepsisters, Elizabeth, Kathleen, and Deirdre Dennehy, and a sister, Sarah.

Cormack Dennehy’s father’s name?

A: Cormack’s father was famous actor Brian Dennehy.

Cormack Dennehy’s education is unknown?

A: He attended Pomfret School, although his education is private.

What was Brian Dennehy’s most famous role?

A: Brian Dennehy is well recognized for playing Sheriff Will Teasle in “First Blood.”

Can Cormack Dennehy be found on social media?

A: No, he avoids social media to retain privacy.