Daniella Liben Bio: Everything About Adam Pally’s Wife

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Former New Jersey boutique owner Daniella Liben. She is the wife of Happy Endings and The Mindy Project actor Adam Pally. Some say Liben and Pally have been together since high school. Their relationship appears to be over 20 years old. The couple has three kids.

In addition to acting, Daniella’s husband Pally has performed improv and sketch comedy. Adam is in Chubby Skinny Kids and Hot Sauce.

The father of Liben’s children is recognised for Iron Man 3, Assassination of a High School President, Taking Woodstock, and Slow Learners, while Daniella is a media stranger. Discover how she became Adam’s wife, her parents, her origin, and more.

Quick Facts 

Full NameDaniella Anne Liben
Date of Birth1981
BirthplaceNew Jersey, the United States of America
Age41 years
Father’s nameBarry Liben
Famous AsCelebrity spouse

Daniella Liben’s age 

Daniella turns 42 in 2023. She was born in 1981 in New York, however she has never disclosed her birthdate. How old is Adam Pally? Adam, 41, was born March 18, 1982.

Daniella Liben Was Born Jewish

His birth name is Daniella Anne Liben. Born in 1981 to a Jewish family, her mother (Sindy Liben) was a nurse at a medical office in Florham Park, N.J., and her father (Barry Liben) was the famous chairman of Tzell Travel Group in New York.

Her Charming Personality and Perfect Body

Daniella is typically 5’5″ and 60 kg. Her natural blonde hair and black eyes are stunning.

Daniella Liben’s siblings & Parents

Daniella Anne Liben, the Search Party actor’s Jewish wife, was born in 1981, presumably June. The 41-year-old daughter of Sindy and Barry Liben of Livingston, New Jersey.

Sindy, a registered nurse, worked with Daniella’s in-laws in Florham Park, New Jersey, in the late 2000s. Barry, her father, ran the New York travel agency Tzell Travel Group.

When Liben married Adam, her father-in-law, Dr. Steven Pally, practised osteopathic internal medicine.

Liben’s father, Barry, was a brilliant, fair, demanding, and loyal businessman. He died in January 2020.

He led Travel Leaders Group, which acquired Protravel International, Vacation.com, and Nexion.

The Travel Leaders Group has 4,000 employees and $7.12 billion in sales in 2018.

Barry, Daniella’s father, was born in Brooklyn in 1952. His parents moved when he was 15, but he stayed. One New Yorker quit school and worked three jobs to pay rent on the family flat.

Adam Pally and Daniella were romantically involved from childhood

When Daniella Liben graduated high school, she met her sweetheart Adam Pally. After dating for a decade, the couple married at a family gathering in July 2008. One son and one girl. Today, the family lives in New Jersey.

Marriage of Daniella Liben and Adam Pally

On Thursday night in July 2008, Dirty Grandpa actor Adam Pally married Daniella. Rabbi Stanley Asekoff officiated their Chelsea Piers wedding.

Liben owned Ruby, a New Jersey women’s shop, while Pally was just starting out as “an actor in television commercials”.

Adam also tutored actors at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. The Sonic The Hedgehog actor and Liben had three children after the wedding: Cole (2012), Georgia Grace (2013), and Drake.

Daniella Liben’s Humour Is Better Than Her Comedic Partner

According to comedian Pally, his wife Danielle is funny. He even attributes their lengthy marriage to his wife’s humor. He said,

My wife is funnier and faster than Jon and myself. She’s fun to riff with. I suppose our relationship is based on her humor. We almost communicate through jokes and have our own rhythm and language.

Adam answered, “What makes his wife funnier?” in an interview.

She was born hilarious. She has funny parents. One must be exceptional to be with her caustic and smart. I love that humor is her first language.

She didn’t consider comedy despite her talent.

Daniella Liben’s father was a successful businessman.

Barry, Liben’s father who died in January 2020, was a smart, fair, demanding, devoted, and brilliant businessman.

He helped Travel Leaders Group buy Protravel International, Vacation.com, and Nexion.

The Travel Leaders Group has 4,000 workers and $7.12 billion in sales in 2018.

Barry, Daniella’s father, was born in Brooklyn in 1952. Though his parents left at 15, he stayed. The New Yorker quit school and worked three jobs to keep his family flat.

After attending Betar’s sleepaway camp as a child, he ran one. He met Danielle’s mother and Sindy Bachner, his wife. The Liben-Bachners had three children, including Adam’s wife, and seven grandchildren.

Adam Pally’s Wife, Daniella Liben Is A Co-Founder Of The Travel Company, Chai Travel

Daniella and her siblings Michael and Rebecca Liben Levy founded Chai Travel in early 2022 to expand the family business. The company honors Daniella’s father Barry Liben and employs top independent travel advisors with over 25 years of experience. Despite founding the firm, she is the Chief Brand Officer of her travel company. 

Daniella Owned A Clothing Store

Before joining Chai Travel, the celebrity wife owned Ruby, a Montclair, N.J. boutique. On the Totally Mommy podcast, she described operating a store in New Jersey ‘Shelf life.’

Liben also said in the podcast that she started the apparel business after some of her clients discussed their wardrobe arranging issues. Her store handled orders and arrangements at the time. 

Mother of three Daniella Liben

Daniella and Adam had three children: Cole, Drake, and Georgia Grace Pally.

She had her first kid, Cole, in 2012. Adam, Cole’s boyfriend, said on TV that having a kid was the best thing ever because he took care of their baby alone for the first month.

Georgia, her middle child, is 9 and was born in 2013. In 2017, she had Drake, her youngest. Her children all have funny talents.

Daniella Liben’s Net Worth: Is She Rich Like Her Husband Adam?

Daniell’s spouse Adam’s net worth has not been determined despite his years in performing. Since the Creepshow actor has done seven-figure property deals, he is still considered a millionaire.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Pally and his wife Daniella sold their Fairfax house in 2013 for $1.62 million.

The couple offered the 2,400-square-foot residence for $1.7 million, which contained three bedrooms, an office, fireplace, dining room, and French doors to a pool. The Pallys bought the New York luxury condo for $3.2 million in 2017.

Daniella and her star husband later listed this property for $4,095,000.

Despite the above facts and viewpoints, Pally’s wife Daniell’s net worth is unknown. Given her family’s celebrity position, the mother of three is certain to enjoy first-class living.

She comes from a wealthy family also.

Is Daniella Liben Social?

Daniella is more reticent than her husband Adam, who is very active on Instagram and Facebook.

Liben supposedly uses Instagram privately. Still, she’s active on Twitter. Her bluebird accounts usually discuss her children’s whims, her favorite shows, and her husband’s shows.


Q. Daniella Liben—who?

Most people know Daniella Liben as the wife of Adam Pally, who appeared in “Happy Endings” and “The Mindy Project.” She co-founded travel company Chai Travel.

Q. Daniella Liben’s family and background?

Barry and Sindy Liben had Daniella in 1981 in New Jersey. Sindy, a nurse, and Barry, a successful travel businessman, were her parents. She is Jewish and from a Jewish family.

Q. Adam Pally and Daniella Liben met how?

Adam Pally and Daniella Pally started dating in high school. Cole, Georgia Grace, and Drake are their children from their July 2008 marriage.

Q. Daniella Liben’s career?

Daniella ran Ruby, a Moncler shop, before co-founding Chai Travel. Adam Pally, her comic spouse, likes her sense of humor.

Q. Does Daniella Liben use social media?

Daniella supposedly has a private Instagram. She posts family updates and promotes her husband’s work on Twitter more often.


Adam Pally’s wife, Daniella Liben, is private. She owned a business and created Chai Travel with siblings. She is known for her family humor while being married to a comedian. Daniella and Adam Pally, parents of three, met in high school. Her family is affluent and has invested in real estate, but her husband’s net worth is unclear. Daniella’s Instagram is private despite her husband’s fame.