Elliot Grainge Net Worth, Bio, Career, Income, Salary, And Meet Sofia Richie’s Husband

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Elliot Grainge Net Worth

As of 2023, Elliot Grainge net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. The bulk of his income flows in from his role as the head of his record label, 10K Projects. Recently, Sofia Richie, the daughter of music legend Lionel Richie, announced her engagement to Elliot Grainge, putting a spotlight on their financial standing.

While Elliot’s father possesses a wealth of approximately $50 million, it’s overshadowed by Sofia’s father, Lionel Richie, who enjoys a staggering fortune of $230 million. Sofia Richie herself has a commendable net worth, standing at nearly $8 million.

Despite Sofia’s notable wealth and family connections, Elliot Grainge’s net worth surpasses hers. To understand how Elliot earns his income, let’s delve into his career and revenue streams.

Elliot Grainge net worth, Incom, and Salary

NameElliot Grainge
ProfessionMusic executive, entrepreneur 
Monthly Income And Salary$200 Thousand
Yearly Income And Salary$4 million
Net Worth( 2023)$10 million

The Increase of Elliot Grainge net worth Year by Year

Elliot Grange’s net worth growth over time:

YearEstimated Net Worth 
2019$2 million
2020$3 million
2021$5 million
2022$8 million
2023$10 million

Elliot Grainge comes from a wealthy family

Elliot Grainge’s family background is undeniably well-off. He is the son of Lucian Grainge, a music business legend, and has had great success. In 2022, Lucian’s estimated wealth exceeded $50 million.

North London-born Lucian Grainge, 62, became famous in the 2010s. Billboard named him the most influential music executive four times. Lucian’s music career spans decades. He was RCA Music Publishing and MCA Records A&R director. After joining Universal Music in 1986, he helped form PolyGram Music Publishing UK.

Over time, Lucian rose in Universal Music Group. After chairing the UK division, he became International Chairman in 2005. He became Universal Music Group CEO and Chairman in 2011. Lucian Grainge’s fascinating career shows his music business significance.

How Elliot Grainge Makes Money

Grainge became famous and wealthy as the head of 10K Projects, a musical company. His father, Lucian Grainge, is Universal Music Group Chairman and CEO. The majority of Elliot’s $10 million net worth comes from his record executive profession. His 2019 cooperation with 10K Projects and Internet Money Records was significant. This cooperation created “10K Together,” a platform that supports racial justice charities and black-owned companies.

Homemade Projects was acquired by 10K Projects in February 2022. This strategy strengthened the label’s music business presence. Trippie Redd, Iann Dior, Surfaces, Peach Tree Rascals, Salem Ilese, Ice Spice, Dro Kenji, 6ix9ine, WizTheMc, and others are 10K Projects musicians. Elliot founded this modest Los Angeles record label because he believed it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master any field.

The label’s purpose is to champion budding storytellers and creatives’ unique visions. 10K Projects fosters unorthodox ideas, courageous experimentation, and the redefining of record labels. Elliot Grainge’s achievements and net worth stem from his passion for music and his ambition to build a platform that allows artists to express themselves freely.

Elliot and Sofia’s Real Estate Ventures

Elliot and Sofia started a real estate business two months after making their Instagram romance public in February 2021. Their $17 million Beverly Hills mansion was on “Music Row.” Sir Paul McCartney, Rihanna, and Madonna lived in this upscale neighborhood. The pair customized the home before moving in August 2021. They only stayed at this mansion briefly.

Elliot and Sofia sold their Beverly Hills property off-market for $5 million in June 2022. In July 2022, they bought another large property. Their latest purchase was a luxurious property in Brentwood Park, Los Angeles. Four months after Elliot proposed to Sofia in Hawaii in April, this decision was made. Friends and relatives celebrated the proposal.

Their new 10,779-square-foot Brentwood Park estate has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a home theatre, a fitness center, a pool, huge grounds, and perfectly maintained formal rose gardens. It’s their first house together, so this mansion signals a new era.

Overview of Elliot Grainge

Full name Elliot Cecil Grainge 
Birth date 6 November 1993 
BirthplaceLondon, United Kingdom 
Age (As of 2023)29 years old
Zodiac SignScorpio 
Ethnicity White
FatherSir Lucian Charles Grainge
MotherSamantha Berg 
Siblings2 (Betsy Grainge, Alice) 
Marital statusMarried
Wife/ spouseSofia Richie 
Famous ForFounder and CEO of 10K Projects
Eye colorDark Brown
Hair colorDark Brown
Height6’0″, 183cm
Weight85Kg, 187pounds
ProfessionMusic executive, entrepreneur 
Networth $10 million
Social mediaInstagram, Twitter

A Glimpse into Elliot Grainge’s Early Life 

Elliot Grainge, born on November 6, 1993, in London, United Kingdom, is a 29-year-old entrepreneur as of 2023. He holds dual British-American nationality and comes from a Caucasian background. Elliot’s parents are noteworthy figures in their own right. His father, Sir Lucian Charles Grainge, is a prominent name in the entertainment industry, serving as the Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group. Under Lucian’s leadership, Universal Music Group has undergone significant digital and international expansion, forming key partnerships with tech giants like Apple, Spotify, and Facebook.

However, Elliot’s mother became a lawyer. She fell into a coma in 1993 after giving birth to Elliot due to a life-threatening condition. Her illness never improved, and she died in 2007. Elliot’s father’s second marriage to Caroline Grainge produced Betsy and Alice, his half-sisters. He moved to the US in 2009 and earned a bachelor’s degree in arts and music from Northeastern University in Boston. Elliot Grainge’s origins, family, and early schooling shaped his exceptional career in music and beyond.

Elliot Grainge’s Remarkable Career Journey 

After completing his studies, Elliot Grainge was determined to establish his own path and not rely on his father’s wealth or connections. His entrepreneurial spirit prompted him to start ’10K Projects,’ a major music industry participant.

Elliot led ’10K Projects’ to sign Trippie Redd and Tekashi69. Elliott signed Internet Money, Poor Stacy, and Iann Dior in addition to these major names. His record label has 22 billion streams, 8 platinum solo awards, and 18 gold records.

Elliot Goinge’s 10K Portfolio Grows

Elliot was recognized for his skills. Public acclaim followed his Billboard Charts appearance. The record label is his main source of income, demonstrating his growth among music producers.

Elliot co-wrote and produced ‘Say It With Me,’ which reached the Billboard charts, in addition to his label management duties. This project generated $50,000 in music production revenue. People like Internet Money and Taz Taylor want to work with him.

Elliot became interested in music production from his father, Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, UK. Lucian signed Rihanna, Katy Perry, Queen, Elton John, ABBA, Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Sam Smith, and others, influencing the industry. Elliot’s music passion matches his father’s work.

Due to his passion for music, Elliot founded ’10K Projects,’ a platform for new artists. It shows his dedication to fostering young creatives. He was also named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30′ list for his music business contributions. According to IMDb, he produced the music video ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music,’ in addition to record labels.

How Sofia Richie Met Elliot Grainge

Elliot Grainge and Sofia Richie’s Relationship

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s 2022 engagement has many stunned, although their relationship stretches back many years. Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia and Elliot Grainge met in a unique way. Both Lionel Richie and Elliot’s father, Sir Lucian Grainge, were close friends and worked together. Sofia and Elliot’s romance began with this link.

They took their relationship public on Instagram in April 2021. In a statement to Access Hollywood, Lionel Richie said he had known Elliot since he was 12. Lionel trusted Elliot and didn’t overthink anything.

Elliot and Sofia met as children through familial links before entering their love relationship. Parents’ friendship led to their childhood bond. Eliot’s tight relationship with Sofia’s brother Miles deepened their friendship.

Sofia Richie enjoyed recalling her July 2023 Who What Wear interview when she realized she liked her future spouse. Elle informed Elliot that anyone he chose would be lucky, loved, cherished, and beloved. Finally, she realized why she couldn’t be that lucky.

As sources say, their connection has brought them bliss. Elliot is mature and hardworking, and Sofia enters into his life. Sofia’s family and friends’ appreciation and warmth have strengthened their relationship, making them content and compatible.

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge’s Casual Wedding

Elliot Grainge and Sofia Richie’s wedding

Elliot Grainge and Sofia Richie married in the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France, on April 22, 2023. Sofia Richie, the beautiful bride, was walked down the aisle by her happy father, Lionel. On her wedding day, she told Vogue that Elliot was “the man of my dreams.” While the couple’s lavish wedding budget is unknown, it’s evident that no cost was spared to create a magical day.

The couple may have spent $1.5 million to book the entire hotel for the weekend. Notably, this magnificent facility offers rooms from the humble $2,300 per night to the extravagant $32,000 per night villa. Their lavish celebration may have cost $10 million, according to some estimates.

Sofia Richie, known for her excellent style, wore multiple Chanel-designed dresses to the event. Her wedding dress was special. Sofia told Vogue that originally she wanted a magnificent princess-style gown, but her tastes changed as she got older. She wanted something “simple,” yet it was anything from average.

Sofia Richie created a $116,000 wedding gift list for her A-List guests, including Paris Hilton and Cameron Diaz, in addition to the lavish celebrations. In conclusion, Elliot Grainge and Sofia Richie’s wedding showed their love and desire to make it special. From the lavish setting to the magnificent dress and the large wedding gift list, their union was a celebration that left lasting memories for them and their guests.

Elliot Grainge’s social media accounts

You can find Elliot Grainge on Instagram and Twitter, where he shares updates and connects with his audience.

FAQs about Elliot Grainge networth

1. What is Elliot Grainge net worth? 

Elliot Grainge’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is approximately $10 million.

2. How did Elliot Grainge get rich? 

Elliot Grainge became wealthy as a music executive and entrepreneur. He founded 10K Projects, a record label that represents various successful musicians. He has also produced music and made smart music company acquisitions and collaborations.

3. Does Elliot Grainge’s fortune come from his family’s connections? 

Elliot’s money and connections weren’t the main source of his wealth. He founded 10K Projects and was named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30,” demonstrating his independent music career success.

4. What musicians are on Elliot Grainge’s 10K Projects label? 

10K Projects represents Trippie Redd, Iann Dior, Surfaces, Peach Tree Rascals, Salem Ilese, Ice Spice, Dro Kenji, 6ix9ine, WizTheMc, and others.

5. What other music industry initiatives or acquisitions has Elliot Grainge done? 

Elliot Grainge’s 10K Projects created 10K Together with Internet Money Records to benefit racial justice groups and black-owned companies. 10K Projects also bought Homemade Projects to grow its music company.

6. Did Elliot Grainge’s family work in music? 

Elliot’s father, Lucian Charles Grainge, is Universal Music Group’s chairman and CEO. Elliot’s family is musical, but he’s followed his passion and business flair.

7. What important real estate ventures has Elliot Grainge made with Sofia Richie? 

Elliot and Sofia Richie bought a Beverly Hills property for $17 million and sold it for a profit. They paid $26.9 million for a Brentwood Park estate.


Elliot Grainge net worth of approximately $10 million in 2023 reflects his impressive career and achievements in the music industry. He’s rich because of his family’s music business connections, but not entirely because of them. Elliot’s leadership at 10K Projects, where he represents famous musicians and has partnered and acquired, has made him a music executive and entrepreneur. Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list shows his industry achievement and recognition. His real estate investments with fiancée Sofia Richie show his financial savvy. Elliot Grainge’s net worth reflects his entrepreneurial energy, dedication, and music excellence, setting him up for future success.