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Former track and field athlete Felix. Several high-jump and long-jump championships have featured him. Congolese athletes set personal bests in triple leap (15.56 meters), long jump (7.41 meters), and 100-meter race (11 seconds). 

His roughly 600-friend Facebook profile also features photos of his three children and their basketball achievements. He just photographed his youngest son Oscar with his basketball medal in 2022. 

His brother Fabrice Wembanyama coaches basketball at Gymnase La Varenne in Noisy-le-Grand. 

Wembanyama Victor Parents Are Athletic

In Paris’ Le Chesney suburb, Felix Wembanyama and Elodie de Fautereau reared their three children. Elodie coaches youngsters basketball. 

Felix travelled to France to finish study, where the pair may have met. Felix and Elodie have been together for almost 20 years after their child’s age. 

Three beautiful, talented basketball players were born from their marriage. The couple has always encouraged their kids to pursue their passions. 

Wembanyama told Marca that his parents urged him to play professional basketball. They supported and protected him without pressuring him to be the best. 

Who are Victor Wembanyama

Metropolitans’ 19-year-old star Victor Wembanyama. Due to the French league, every NBA general manager wants the top pick in the draft.

The adolescent has been a professional athlete since he was 16, and in recent weeks, he competed in the NBA G-Ignite League against high lottery prospect Scoot Henderson, boosting his profile. Fans and scouts are amazed by the 7-foot-4-inch star’s shooting and ball-handling skills.

He joined ASVEL two years later and played one season before winning the Pro A title. Wembanyama joined Metropolitans 92 in 2022 and played a major role.

He was LNB Pro Best Young Player twice, All-Star Game MVP once, and LNB All-Star twice. Where is this new celebrity from? Who is his family and their history? Victor’s physical strength—from his parents or both? These questions are answered here.

Basketball in The Blood

Not Elodie de Fautereau’s family’s first basketball star. Victor’s great-grandfather, her father, was a 6’7″ first-division French footballer in the 1960s. Wembanyama, a third-generation French basketball player, wants to continue the family legacy.

Victor’s older sister Eve Wembanyama plays small forward for ASVEL Feminin in the French LDLC. She is 6 feet tall and earned gold in the FIBA U16 Women’s European Championship for France.

ASVEL wants Oscar Wembanyama, Victor’s younger brother, who is making waves in French basketball. Victor Wembanyama seeks to build on a historic basketball history.

Victor Wembanyama’s parents live where?

Victor, his two basketball-playing siblings, and their family live in Versailles, France. French basketball coach Elodie de Fautereaue and her family often dine out in France. Victor will want to make the nation proud when he moves to the US to play in the NBA. The athletic family has done so.

What did Victor Wembanyama’s parents do for a living?

Felix Wembanyama’s mother, Elodie de Fautereau, is a former national basketball player turned coach. The 6-foot-2-inch French coach has been at the Academy for five years and was on the Heritage honour board in 2019. As a mother, she inspired Victor to play sports but did not train him. 

Where are Victor Wembanyama’s parents from?

Victor’s father, Felix, is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and was one of the family’s only non-basketball players. Felix ran in track and field as a jumper. 

Meanwhile, Victor’s mother played professional basketball. Frenchwoman Elodie de Fautereau introduced her kid to basketball.

Victor Wembanyama’s siblings 

How many siblings does Victor Wembanyama have? He has two siblings: sister Ève and brother Oscar Wembanyama. Both have excelled in various sports: 

Eve Wembanyama

The oldest sister of Victor is Eve Yema Wembanya. On December 10, 2001, she was born. Thus, she will be 21 in 2023. The Monaco small forward is a famous French basketball player.

After excelling for France, she joined Monaco Basket Association in 2022. France won gold at the 2017 FIBA U16 European Championships. Eve is six-foot. 

Oscar Wembanyama 

Oscar is the youngest of three relatives. He was born in Versailles on March 18, 2007. In 2023, he will be 16 and 6’5″. Oscar is a sportsman like his siblings. He began his basketball career at Le Chesnay before joining the Yvelines.

Among his age group’s finest handball players in Ile-de-France. He won the French title with Nanterre’s Under-15 Nationals of the Greens in 2021. Since joining ASVEL’s Under-18 team, he’s risen in basketball. 


Q. Parents of Victor Wembanyama?

Felix Wembanyama, Victor’s father, performed high jump, long jump, and running. His mother is former national basketball player and coach Elodie de Fautereau.

Q. Victor Wembanyama’s family lives where?

Victor, his siblings, and their family live in Versailles, France. They typically dine out in France, and Victor will play in the NBA in the US.

Q. What sports family background does Victor Wembanyama have? 

Victor is from a sports-rich family. Victor is a third-generation French basketball player, and his great-grandfather played first-division French football in the 1960s. His sister Eve plays professional basketball for ASVEL Feminin, while his younger brother Oscar is a rising French basketball star.


NBA general managers have seen 19-year-old French basketball star Victor Wembanyama. At 7 feet 4 inches, he is a skilled shooter and ballhandler. Victor is from a sports-rich family.

Father Felix Wembanyama was a successful track and field athlete, and mother Elodie de Fautereau is a former national basketball player turned coach. Victor’s family dines out often in Versailles, France.

Victor’s great-grandfather was a French footballer, and his sister Eve Wembanyama plays for ASVEL Feminin. Their younger brother Oscar Wembanyama is also a promising sports star.

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