How old is Peyton Coffee?

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How old is Peyton Coffee

In the fast-paced world of social media, fame often finds its way to those who can capture our attention and keep us engaged. One such captivating figure is Peyton Coffee, born on January 28, 2004, in the sunny state of California. As of 2023, Peyton is 19 years old and has achieved remarkable success as a TikTok sensation and Instagram celebrity. Her TikTok lip-sync videos have earned her a large following on Instagram and YouTube, where she regularly posts new content. Let’s delve into the life and journey of this young influencer.

How old is Peyton Coffee?

As of 2023, Peyton Coffee is 19 years old. On January 28, 2004, Jason and Chassy had her in California. She was raised in Kansas City, Missouri, but her family went to Hawaii and fell in love with it. Kansas City was Peyton’s childhood.

Quick Information 

Full name Peyton Coffee
Family nameCoffee
Birth date 28 January 2004  
BirthplaceCalifornia, United States 
Age (As of 2023)19 years old
Zodiac SignAquarius
Ethnicity White American
FatherJason Coffee
MotherChassy Coffee
SiblingsBrothers: Isaac Coffee and Caleb Coffee
Marital statusSingle
High SchoolLocal High School in California, United States
ProfessionTikToker, YouTuber, Instagrammer and Social Media Personality
Networth $ 196K
Social AccountsTikTok, Instagram, YouTube

Peyton Coffee’s Early Life and Education

Peyton Coffee childhood

Peyton Coffee was born and raised in a well-established Christian family in California, United States. As an Aquarius, she follows the Christian faith and proudly holds American nationality, identifying with the White American ethnicity. Notably, Peyton has maintained her privacy by not sharing her phone number with the public.

Her educational journey led her through a local high school in California, where she completed her early schooling. Peyton played athletics and participated in extracurriculars throughout her childhood, even though she didn’t go to college. She started her online profession young because she wanted to be famous.

Family and Personal Life of Peyton Coffee

Peyton Coffee with her family

Currently, Peyton resides in Hawaii, USA, alongside her parents and siblings. She grew up in Missouri despite being born in California. Peyton’s family is influential online. Her father, Jason Coffee, is a well-known YouTuber recognized for his daily vlogs and entertaining prank videos. Adding to the family’s digital presence, her mother, Chassy Coffee, frequently makes appearances in their YouTube content.

Peyton has two siblings and is the second child. Her older brother Isaac Coffee and younger brother Caleb Coffee are social media influencers. Peyton graduated from private high school.

Peyton Coffee with her father and mother

Peyton’s early exposure to her father’s social media videos made her famous. Her father taught her about social media entertainment, which helped her develop her own presence on multiple platforms.

As for her personal life, Peyton is currently single. However, she briefly mentioned in one of her videos that she was in a relationship with someone, although she chose to keep the person’s identity private.

Physical Appearance and Body Measurements

Eye colorGreen
Hair colorDark Brown
Height5’7″, 173cm
Weight52Kg, 114lbs
Body Measurements28-26-35 inches81-61-83 cm

Peyton Coffee is renowned for her captivating and alluring presence. She possesses an attractive and charming personality that has endeared her to her followers. With an enviable physique, Peyton boasts body measurements of approximately 28-26-35 inches, which accentuate her curvaceous figure. Her slender body type complements her attractive features.

Standing at a height of approximately 5 feet 7 inches (173 cm), Peyton exudes elegance and grace. She maintains a body weight of around 52 kg, contributing to her overall appeal.

Peyton’s stunning green eyes and long, luscious dark brown hair enhance her beauty. She became famous due to her attractive features.

Does Peyton Coffee have a twin?

No twins for Peyton. The Coffees’ second child. Her older brother Isaac Coffee, born July 23, 1999, is a dancer. Caleb, her younger brother, is a TikTok celebrity born March 28, 2005. Each Coffee family member possesses unique talents and appeal on social media.

Peyton Coffee Career and Digital Journey

Peyton’s venture into the world of social media began with the guidance of her father, Jason Coffee. He introduced her to the realm of online entertainment at a young age, setting the stage for her own digital career. She gained fame when she appeared in her father’s Vine videos.

Peyton decided to emulate her father after being motivated by friends and his success. Her Vine account and videos immediately gained a loyal following. Fans loved her fascinating content, which boosted her fame.

Peyton debuted in her father’s work in 2013, and she later appeared in the “Pee Buddies” video, boosting her internet presence. After 2015, she posted Vine videos less independently.

Peyton’s hilarious videos and lip-sync performances made her a popular content provider on TikTok. She became Hawaii’s youngest TikTok content creator with millions of followers in 2018. She became a multi-platform social media influencer outside TikTok.

Peyton makes comedy, lip-syncing, and other videos. Her father often features her in his videos. Peyton mostly posts family vlogs and comics on YouTube. While maintaining her own presence, she contributes to her father’s YouTube channel, creating family vlogs and other entertaining content.

Her variety and ability to connect with her audience through different and interesting material define Peyton Coffee’s digital journey.

What Made Peyton Coffee Famous?

Her frequent appearances in her father’s social media content made Peyton Coffee famous. Her father introduced her to social media entertainment, giving her valuable digital insights.

YouTube and TikTok have made the young star a popular content creator. She is famous for her captivating and entertaining content. Funny videos, pranks, dance performances, Q&As, and personal glimpses are Peyton’s specialty.

Her TikTok and Instagram following is large because her content appeals to a diverse audience. Peyton Coffee’s charm, creativity, and relatable content have made her a social media star.

Peyton Coffee’s Interests and Hobbies

Peyton Coffee has a soft spot for animals, particularly dogs, and she’s a proud pet owner. Her furry companion occasionally makes appearances in her pictures, showcasing her affection for her four-legged friend.

In addition to her love for pets, Peyton enjoys skateboarding, relishing the thrill of gliding on wheels. She’s an active enthusiast of outdoor activities, and one of her favorites is playing volleyball, adding a touch of sporty fun to her life.

Beyond her active pursuits, Peyton has a creative side. She’s passionate about art and craft, channeling her creativity into various projects. But her artistic interests extend beyond that. She’s an avid traveler, exploring different places and capturing the beauty of her journeys through photography. Peyton Coffee’s diverse interests and hobbies reflect her dynamic and well-rounded personality.

Peyton Coffee Net Worth

NamePeyton Coffee
Monthly income$ 8.22K – 9.65K
Yearly income$ 98.64K – 115.8K
Net Worth$ 196K
Source of incomeBrand endorsements

Peyton Coffee’s financial journey is a testament to her thriving career in the world of social media. Her income primarily streams through several channels, with brand endorsements being a significant source of earnings. Peyton earns a lot for brand endorsements and sponsored promotions because of her millions of social media followers.

In addition to brand partnerships, Peyton leverages affiliate marketing to boost her income. This means that she earns commissions by promoting and selling products through her online presence.

As of the latest available data, Peyton Coffee’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $196,000. Her monthly salary is $8,220 to $9,650, and her annual income is $98,640 to $115,800. YouTube advertising also pays Peyton well.

As a popular social media personality, Peyton Coffee has a large following that helps her land rich brand collaborations and affiliate marketing deals. She is a successful digital influencer due to her varied money production strategy.

Peyton Coffee’s Social Media Presence

Instagram2.5 million followersClick here
TikTok15.2 million followersClick here
Twitter5,179 followers
YouTube380 thousand subscribersClick here

Peyton Coffee maintains an active and engaging presence across several major social media platforms, connecting with her followers in diverse ways. Her verified Instagram account boasts an impressive following of 2.5 million devoted fans. On TikTok, her engaging content has earned her a substantial audience, with a remarkable 15.2 million followers.

On Twitter, Peyton has 5,179 loyal followers who follow her updates and thoughts. Peyton has over 380 thousand YouTube subscribers for her family vlogs and humorous material.  This substantial following is a testament to her creative prowess and her ability to connect with her viewers.

At a young age, Peyton Coffee has achieved remarkable success as a social media personality. Her knack for creating captivating content, along with her growing influence, bodes well for her promising future in the world of digital entertainment. Her dynamic presence across various platforms ensures that her journey as a content creator will continue to shine brighter.

FAQs about how old is Peyton coffee

1. How old is Peyton Coffee? 

Peyton Coffee was born on January 28, 2004, which makes her 19 years old as of 2023.

2. When is Peyton Coffee’s birthday? 

Peyton Coffee’s birthday is on January 28th.

3. What is Peyton Coffee famous for? 

Peyton Coffee is known for her fame as a TikTok star and Instagram celebrity, and she is also a popular YouTuber.

4. Is Peyton Coffee currently in a relationship? 

Peyton Coffee is currently single. One of her videos stated that she was seeing someone, but she didn’t say who.

5. Where is Peyton Coffee currently living? 

Peyton Coffee resides in Hawaii, USA.

6. What is Peyton Coffee’s physical appearance like? 

Peyton Coffee has striking green eyes, and long dark brown hair, and stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (173 cm). She weighs approximately 52 kg and has body measurements of 28-26-35 inches (81-61-83 cm).

7. Does Peyton Coffee have a twin? 

No, Peyton Coffee does not have a twin. She is the second-born child in her family, with an elder brother, Isaac Coffee, and a younger brother, Caleb Coffee.


In 2023, social media star Peyton Coffee will turn 19. Born in California on January 28, 2004, she has a huge following on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Her engaging content, attractive physical appearance, and dynamic personality have propelled her to stardom at a remarkably young age. As Peyton continues to create entertaining content and connect with her diverse audience, the future looks promising for this talented and influential young influencer.