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Kian William Jarrahy


Kian William Jarrahy was born to renowned American actress Geena Davis and renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Reza Jarrahy. Kian was born on May 6, 2004, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, smack dab in the midst of the United States.

Along with his twin brother Kaiis Steven Jarrahy and their older sister Alizeh Jarrahy, Kian is not travelling through life alone. These siblings undoubtedly make for a close-knit family.

Kian identifies as white and is a citizen of the United States like his family. He was about to be 17 in 2021, which is a huge life milestone for him.

While we know quite a bit about his family and background, information about Kian’s school and educational pursuits remains private. Like many teenagers, he likely has a world of experiences, interests, and aspirations awaiting him as he continues his education and journey through life.

Who is Kian William Jarrahy?

Geena Davis, a well-known American actress, and Dr. Reza Jarrahy, a talented neurosurgeon, are the parents of Kian William Jarrahy. On May 6, 2004, he set off on his voyage across this world in the middle of Los Angeles, California, the USA.

Kian’s family isn’t just limited to his parents; he shares the adventure of life with an older sister named Alizeh Jarrahy and a twin brother named Kaiis Steven Jarrahy. The Jarrahy family is undoubtedly a mix of talents and personalities.

Kian proudly holds American nationality and identifies with the white racial group. At 19, he’s hit a milestone in his life.

While his family and background are well-known, Kian’s school and educational path are unknown. Like many young adults, he’s likely pursuing his education, and as he continues to grow, he’ll surely chart his unique course in life.

Celebrity NamePopular ForProfessionEstimated Net Worth
Kian William JarrahyBeing the son of Geena DavisStarkidN/A

Kian William Jarrahy Bio

Kaiis Steven Jarrahy made his entrance into the world on May 6, 2004, and as of now, he’s a young adult of 18 years. His birthplace is Massachusetts, USA, making him a proud American by nationality. As a part of a Christian family, his upbringing may have been influenced by the values and traditions of his faith. Astrologically speaking, being born on May 6 puts him under the Taurus zodiac sign.

In terms of family, Kaiis is blessed with parents who have their own unique talents and professions. His father, Reza Jarrahy, is a skilled surgeon, while his mother, Geena Davis, is a well-known American actress. Imagine the fascinating blend of medicine and the entertainment world in his household! Not to forget, Kaiis has both a twin brother, Kian William Jarrahy, and a sister named Alizeh Keshvar Davis Jarrahy. The fact that his sister is two years older than he is must create some unique family relations.

Don’t overlook his huge family, which also includes his grandparents William and Lucille Davis, his uncle Dan Davis, and his aunts and uncles, all of whom contribute to the rich tapestry of his life.

It is assumed that he is navigating the challenges and adventures of high school even though specifics of his academic background are kept secret.  There is little doubt that Kaiis has a world of chances ahead of him as he develops and learns given the different backgrounds of his family.


On May 6, 2004, Kian was born in the bustling American city of Los Angeles, California. He was getting ready to make another milestone in his passage through puberty by turning 17 in 2021.

While Kian’s origin is largely known, information on his physical characteristics, such as his height and weight, is still unknown. We do know that he has brown hair and stunning blue eyes, which together must make him fairly recognisable.

Kian proudly identifies with the white racial group and holds American nationality, embodying the rich tapestry of cultures that make up the United States.

As Kian continues to grow and explore life’s opportunities, there’s no doubt that his unique qualities and experiences will shape the person he’s becoming.

Celebrity NameKian William Jarrahy
Popular ForBeing the son of Geena Davis
Age17 years as of 2021
Birth DateMay 06, 2004
Birth SignTaurus
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, CA, USA
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
FatherDr. Reza Jarrahy
MotherGeena Davis
GrandparentsLucille Davis, William F. Davis
UncleDan Davis
SiblingsAlizeh Jarrahy, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy

Age, Height & Weight

It appears the year is mixed up. On May 6, 2004, Kian was born in bustling Los Angeles. Current reports put him at 19.

We know some about Kian’s history, but his height and weight are unknown. What we do know is that he sports brown hair that frames those striking blue eyes of his – a combination that surely makes him stand out.

Kian proudly holds American nationality and identifies with the white racial group. In the diverse melting pot of the United States, his unique heritage contributes to the rich cultural tapestry of the nation.

As Kian continues to navigate the path of life, there are undoubtedly many exciting adventures and experiences ahead that will shape the person he’s destined to become.

Professional life

Kian’s life is just beginning. He’s 15 and focused on high school and teen life. He’ll seek employment and money-making in the future.

Turning our attention to his parents, Kian is undoubtedly influenced by their remarkable careers. Dr. Reza, his father, is a skilled neurosurgeon who treats complex craniofacial anomalies and does cleft lip repair and bone tumour surgery. This occupation requires dedication and skill.

In contrast, Kian’s mother, Hollywood actress Geena Davis, is famous. For her cinema and television career, she has won several awards and nominations, making her more than famous. Her commitment to playing strong, authentic female roles sets her apart and makes her an entertainment industry pioneer.

Kian has a plethora of motivation and support to draw from as he develops and pursues his own passions and interests because of such accomplished parents. It would be interesting to watch where his path leads him because his future is full with possibilities.


Kian William Jarrahy has managed to steer clear of any controversies or rumors thus far. He’s been keeping a low profile and avoiding trouble, which is probably because he’s been under his parents’ supervision and direction. His smooth transition through youth, devoid of pointless drama or disputes, is a credit to his upbringing and the ideals instilled in him by his family.


Kian is at a stage in life where he hasn’t delved into any money-making ventures just yet. At 17, he’s fully immersed in high school, focusing on his studies and personal growth. The world of careers and earning a living is something that’s waiting for him down the road.

Speaking of careers, Kian’s father, Dr. Reza, is a highly skilled neurosurgeon known for his successful treatment of challenging craniofacial deformities and his expertise in complex operations like cleft lip repair and handling bone tumors. It’s an admirable and demanding field that requires immense dedication.

But his mother, Hollywood actress Geena Davis, is famous. In addition to her fame, she has won many nominations and awards for her film and TV roles. A pioneer in the entertainment sector, her ability to develop strong, authentic female characters for the film has made her famous.

Kian has a plethora of inspiration and direction as he forges his own route into the future since he has such outstanding parents to look up to. His potential is limitless, and it will be interesting to follow his progress.

Kian William Jarrahy Net worth

Being only 17 years old in 2023, Kian is still in his infancy. So it comes as no surprise that he isn’t now engaged in any lucrative endeavours. He is probably concentrating on his schooling and personal growth as he navigates the difficulties of puberty. Given his age and lack of financial endeavours, it is difficult to evaluate his nett worth, but his potential is unquestionably bright.

Speaking of money, Geena Davis, Kian’s mother, has amassed a respectable nett worth of about $30 million as a result of her successful acting career. In the entertainment sector, her talent and diligence have undoubtedly paid off.

Dr. Reza, Kian’s father, is a talented neurosurgeon who has achieved financial success. As of August 2023, his projected nett worth was $5 million, which is a reflection of his commitment to and knowledge of the medical industry.

Kian’s parents are a solid support system and motivating role models for him as he moves forwards in life, which will surely affect his own path and possibilities for future financial success.

What is the Net Worth of Kian William Jarrahy?

Kian William Jarrahy is currently not engaged in any career or money-making endeavors. As he concentrates on his schooling and personal development at such a young age, it is entirely acceptable. Calculating his nett worth would therefore be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

His mother, Geena Davis, is an accomplished Hollywood actress with a respectable nett worth of close to $30 million. Her lucrative and well-regarded career in the entertainment business has undoubtedly been very profitable.

Dr. Reza, Kian’s father, has a remarkable nett worth that is anticipated to be $5 million as of 2022.  This figure is in line with the earnings of notable figures like Crystal Bernard. Dr. Reza achieved this financial success through his dedicated and prosperous career as a neurosurgeon. To put it in perspective, his annual income hovers around $206,433, reflecting his expertise in the medical field.

With such financial stability and support from his parents, Kian likely enjoys a comfortable and, perhaps, even a luxurious lifestyle. As he continues to grow and explore life’s opportunities, he’ll have the foundation and resources to pursue his own dreams and aspirations.


Kian is just 17 years old as of today’s date, so it’s safe to say he’s at an age where school and personal growth are his main priorities. His relationship status? It definitely falls under the “single” category. He has a bright career ahead of him with his youthful enthusiasm and dedication to his academics, without a doubt.

On a different note, Geena Davis and Dr. Reza Jarrahy, Kian’s parents, tragically separated on May 8, 2018. There were fundamental distinctions that had a negative effect. This significant event occurred when Kian was only 14 years old, and it undoubtedly had an impact on him.

Despite their differences, it’s encouraging to know that the couple frequently presents a united front by attending premieres and other events together for the sake of their kids. It demonstrates their dedication to provide Kian and his siblings a secure and caring home while they face the difficulties of growing up.

Social Media

When it comes to staying connected online, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy keeps a low profile. You’ll find him only on Instagram, where he goes by the handle His Instagram account is set to private, and he’s got a following of over 800 curious onlookers. Interestingly, he’s chosen to keep his feed pretty mysterious since he hasn’t posted anything to date.

Kaiis doesn’t appear to be active on any other social media platforms save Instagram, including Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, Instagram is the place to be for individuals who want a glimpse inside his world, even though it’s still somewhat of a shut door with that private setting.


  • Kian came into this world on May 6, 2004, right in the heart of Los Angeles, California.
  • Kian William Jarrahy is the child of none other than Geena Davis and Dr. Reza Jarrahy, who happens to be a skilled neurosurgeon.
  • Kian’s got two siblings in the mix – Alizeh Jarrahy and Kaiis Steven Jarrahy. They make up a trio of siblings navigating life together.
  • Kian’s got quite the unique combination going on – his eyes and hair are a striking shade of blue, and he sports brown hair that complements his look.
  • Kian proudly holds American citizenship and identifies as part of the white racial group.
  • Kian is nowhere to be found on social media platforms. It seems he’s keeping a low online profile.
  • Kian’s parents, Geena Davis and Dr. Reza Jarrahy, unfortunately, went through a divorce on May 8, 2018. It was a significant chapter in their lives.
  • Kian is at the age where he should be in school, but interestingly, there isn’t any available information about the specific school he attends. His educational journey seems to be quite private for now.


  • Los Angeles-born Kian William Jarrahy was born on May 6, 2004.
  • His parents are actress Geena Davis and physician Reza Jarrahy.
  • Kian has a twin brother, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy, and an older sister, Alizeh.
  • White and American, he is.
  • Kian achieved a major life milestone in 2021 by turning 17.
  • He certainly cares about his education and personal progress as a teenager, yet school details are private.
  • His mother, Geena Davis, is a famous actress, and his father, Dr. Reza Jarrahy, is a neurosurgeon.
  • Kian’s family is diverse and culturally influenced.
  • His dark hair and stunning blue eyes make him recognisable.
  • Kian’s parents split in May 2018, when he was 14, however they co-parent for their kids.

Final Words:

In conclusion, Geena Davis and Dr. Reza Jarrahy’s son, Kian William Jarrahy, is a young adult who has navigated public life. Kian’s life is full of possibilities with a talented family, broad heritage, and bright future. He’ll find his own route as he studies and develops.


How old is Kian William Jarrahy in 2023?

Kian turns 19 in 2023.

Kian Jarrahy’s nationality?

Kian boldly claims American citizenship.

Does Kian Jarrahy have siblings?

Kian has a twin brother, Kaiis Steven Jarrahy, and an older sister, Alizeh.

Are Kian Jarrahy’s school or education details available?

Though his school and educational endeavours are secret, Kian is likely focused on his schooling as a teenager.

What do Kian Jarrahy’s parents do?

Geena Davis, a famous American actress, and Dr. Reza Jarrahy, a neurosurgeon, are Kian’s parents.

Does Kian Jarrahy use social media?

Other than a private Instagram account, Kian is not on social media.

Gerena Davis and Dr. Reza Jarrahy divorced when?

Kian was 14 when Geena Davis and Dr. Reza Jarrahy divorced on May 8, 2018. They co-parent for their kids’ sake.