Lexie Spiranac: The Untold Story of Paige Spiranac’s Sister

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Lexie Spiranac

Who is Lexie Spiranac?

Lexie Spiranac is the older sister of Paige Spiranac, a notable American social media influencer, golf coach, and former professional golfer. Paige Spiranac acted in “Risky Biz” (2018), “Fitted” (2017), and “Breaking Par” (2016).

Lexie is definitely not her sister’s shadow, despite her initial fame. She has a notable athletic background. Three years older than Paige, Lexie worked hard to secure a Stanford University track scholarship.

She chose sports? High jump in track and field. Lexie’s high school and college sporting accomplishments demonstrate her passion and talent. We’ll explore Lexie Spiranac’s life and reveal some intriguing details in the article below.

Quick info about Lexie Spiranac 

Full name Lexie Spiranac 
Birth date April 26, 1984 
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, United States 
Age (As of 2023)39 years old
Zodiac SignTaurus 
Ethnicity White 
FatherDan Spiranac 
MotherAnnette Spiranac 
SiblingsPaige Spiranac 
Marital statusN/A
Famous ForBeing Paige Spiranac’s sister 
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorBlonde 
Height5’8″, 169cm
Weight60Kg, 132lbs
Networth $1 million

Lexie Spiranac’s Biography: Age, Early Life, and Physical Stats

Lexie Spiranac was born on April 26, 1984, in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, USA. As of 2023, she’s 39 years old and has a captivating life story. Although she was born in Chicago, her early years were primarily spent in the scenic surroundings of Monument, Colorado. Her background is a blend of Croatian heritage and American nationality, reflecting her diverse cultural roots.

Lexie parents, Annette Spiranac and Dan Spiranac, have deep Croatian connections. Her father, Dan, was an accomplished sports enthusiast, while her mother, Annette, brought grace to the family as a former ballerina. Lexie’s upbringing was a unique fusion of athleticism and artistry, providing a rich backdrop for her journey.

Lexie attended a nearby high school, preparing her for her future. After graduating high school, she attended Arizona State University to design her future.

Lexie is not the only child in the Spiranac family. She shares a special sibling bond with her younger sister, Paige Spiranac. Paige is a renowned social media personality and former professional golfer, further enriching the family’s sports legacy.

Lexie is taller than her famous sister Paige, who is five feet and eight inches. Lexie is slender, weighing 50–60 kilos. We’ll discuss Lexie’s incredible journey, athletic successes, and business management responsibilities in the following parts, highlighting her accomplishments beyond her family’s prominence.

Lexie Spiranac’s Athletic Journey to Stanford

Lexie was encouraged to play sports by her father’s athleticism. Her sports career began in high school, where she excelled. Lexie won the 2004 5A high jump state championship, demonstrating her high jump potential. Lexie helped the 2004 4A state championship squad and showed her dedication to team sports.

Lexie’s athleticism was recognized. Stanford University gave her a prestigious athletic scholarship, where she continued her career. She specialized in the high jump at Stanford. In college, she set a personal best of 5-4 1/4 (1.63 meters), showing her dedication and skill.

Sport was important to Lexie, but she also studied. Her BA in Communication from Stanford University shows her dedication to sports and education. She briefly studied at Peking University in 2008, expanding her academic path. Lexie’s athletic and intellectual success shows her versatility. Her track record and education prepared her for life after sports.

Lexie’s Sister Paige Spiranac Is Famous.

The younger sister of Lexie, Paige Spiranac, was born in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, on March 26, 1993. She is a sports and social media star. At 29, Paige is a famous athlete and social media star.

Golfer Paige Spiranac’s career is notable. At the University of Arizona and San Diego State University, she played Division 1 college golf with skill and dedication.

The size of Paige’s social media following is impressive. She has become one of the most followed golfers on Instagram, where her captivating content combines striking imagery with golf insights. The bold presence and passion for golf of Paige Spiranac have made her a sports and social media star.

Lexie Spiranac’s Role as a Business Manager with her sister

In the podcast “Playing a Round with Paige,” sisters Lexie and Paige Spiranac discussed their jobs and their unique working relationship. Paige explained in this open interview that Lexie is essential to her professional trajectory and team. They communicate frequently to run their businesses.

Lexie compared her role to a COO, responsible for running their combined business smoothly. Paige’s fame as a golfer and television personality made their business a media corporation.

Apart from her crucial business management job, Lexie Spiranac has additional professional roles. Since October 2012, she has been on Pikes Peak Prep’s board, lending her knowledge. Buttercup’s Frozen Yoghurt is Lexie’s entrepreneurial business. As the USOC Diversity & Inclusion Assistant, she promotes diversity and inclusivity in sports.

Lexie Spiranac’s Growing Sibling Relationship

In an exclusive interview, Lexie Spiranac discussed sibling jealousy with her famous sister Paige. Lexie stated she envied Paige during their childhood. Her jealousy stemmed from their parents’ lavish focus on Paige’s athletic ability, especially in sports.

In many houses, siblings fight, and Lexie and Paige are no exception. Their mutual recognition of jealousy distinguishes their story. Paige, the golf teacher, noted Lexie’s intelligence and Taekwondo black belt. Lexie’s height and strength complicated their sibling relationship.

Despite childhood animosity, both sisters have grown up. These shared experiences have deepened their knowledge and appreciation. Lexie and Paige are incredibly close and supportive, demonstrating the endurance of sister relationships throughout time.

The Heartwarming Children’s Book “Hattie Goes Golfing” by Paige and Lexie Spiranac

In a thrilling and touching partnership, Paige Spiranac and her sister Lexie wrote: “Hattie Goes Golfing.” Paige joyfully posted this particular creation on her Instagram story, which signifies more than a story.

“Hattie Goes Golfing” is a charming book to inspire young golfers. This intriguing narrative will appeal to kids and parents. The book introduces kids to golf and teaches them about courage, determination, and the joy of playing.

This touching project by Paige and Lexie Spiranac aims to make golf accessible and fun for all ages. The Back 9 Press website offers a beautiful literary trip celebrating golf and childlike imagination for all ages.

Is Lexie Spiranac Married?

Lexie Spiranac, Paige’s older sister, has fans wondering about her marriage. Despite her public prominence, her marriage is unknown. Given the lack of proof or public announcements, Lexie Spiranac is likely single. Her private life allows her to preserve secrecy and discretion.

Lexie Spiranac’s Net Worth

Lexie Spiranac’s financial status places her in the spotlight, with reported estimates indicating a net worth of $1 million. Her famous sister, Paige, is also a prominent figure in this regard, with an estimated fortune of $3 million as of 2023.

Paige’s earnings have been significantly shaped by her dual career as a social media influencer and athlete, particularly through her impactful presence on Instagram. These financial achievements underscore the success of both sisters in their respective careers.

FAQs about Lexie Spiranac

Who is Lexie Spiranac?

American social media star, golf coach, and former professional golfer Paige Spiranac’s older sister is Lexie. She is noted for her sports and business management accomplishments.

Lexie Spiranac’s occupation?

Former Stanford track athlete Lexie Spiranac competed in the high jump. In addition to running Buttercup’s Frozen Yogurt, she is an entrepreneur and Pikes Peak Prep board member.

Does Lexie Spiranac have siblings?

Yes, Lexie Spiranac has a younger sister, Paige, a famous athlete, golf teacher, and social media star.

Has Lexie Spiranac married?

Lexie Spiranac’s marital status is unknown, hence she is likely unmarried.

What is Lexie Spiranac’s net worth?

Lexie Spiranac reportedly has a net worth of approximately $1 million.

What is Lexie Spiranac’s role in her sister Paige’s career?

Lexie Spiranac serves as a business manager for her sister Paige Spiranac. She plays a vital role in managing and supporting Paige’s career and business ventures.

What is the children’s book collaboration between Lexie and Paige Spiranac?

Paige and Lexie Spiranac collaborated on a children’s book titled “Hattie Goes Golfing.” This book introduces children to golf and imparts valuable life lessons.


Lexie Spiranac is more than Paige Spiranac’s sister — a famous social media personality and former professional golfer. Her athleticism, education, and entrepreneurship have shaped her career. In high school, Lexie excelled in the high jump and made championship teams. She studied communication at Stanford on an athletic scholarship.

Not just an athlete, Lexie changes everything. An educator, Pikes Peak Prep board member. Buttercup’s Frozen Yogurt was her creation. She is the USOC Diversity & Inclusion Assistant, among others. The closeness between Lexie and her sister Paige Spiranac is notable. They recently published a touching children’s book, “Hattie Goes Golfing.” Their relationship demonstrates their commitment to making golf fun for all ages. Lexie Spiranac shields her marital status and intimate connections. Her net worth is estimated at $1 million.