Low Burst Fade Haircut: A Stylish and Subtle Men’s Hairstyle

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Low Burst Fade
Low Burst Fade

The burst fade is a highly popular choice among men for their haircut. This style involves a gradual tapering of the hair around the ears and down the neck, creating a seamless fade all around. Similar to the drop fade, the burst fade is often paired with a mohawk hairstyle to achieve a bold and edgy look. However, the versatility of the burst fade allows it to complement various other trendy hairstyles, such as a comb-over, faux hawk, curly top, South of France, flat top, or even incorporate cool hair designs.

Historically, the burst fade has been more commonly associated with hairstyles for black men, but it’s worth noting that white men can also opt for this haircut.

The beauty of the burst taper fade lies in its ability to complement virtually any men’s hairstyle, making it one of the top haircut choices for men this year. Whether you prefer a low fade that gently drops around your hairline or a high bald fade for an ultra-short look that seamlessly blends into your skin on the sides and back, the burst fade offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences.

Burst Fade

Burst fade haircuts offer a fresh take on the traditional fade, distinguished by a unique twist: the fade curves along the sides and back of the head, hence its distinctive name.

For men who desire a mohawk but prefer to keep some length on the sides, the burst fade taper presents an appealing and stylish option that complements longer hair on top.

The versatility of these trendy haircuts extends beyond the classic burst fade mohawk. They can be seamlessly integrated into various hairstyles like the quiff, faux hawk, comb-over, side part, flat top, crew cut, and even the bold mullet. Thanks to its distinct finishing touch, the burst taper has the power to refresh your appearance and give you a whole new hairstyle.

Regardless of whether your hair is long, short, curly, wavy, thick, or straight, there’s a burst fade variation that’s perfectly suited to your unique style.

Burst Fade Mohawk

The burst fade mohawk stands out as a fantastic haircut option for black men, but it’s important to note that men of all backgrounds, including white, Hispanic, and Asian, can confidently embrace this look. In contrast to the traditional mohawk characterized by a narrow strip of hair, the wide mohawk with longer and thicker hair presents a more flattering and stylish choice.

While the option of a regular mohawk fade haircut is always on the table, opting for the burst fade elevates this hairstyle to a whole new level. You have the choice of going for a high, mid, or low burst taper, and you can enhance the overall look by adding a sharp line-up around the forehead and temples. If you prefer a slightly more subdued version, you can explore the straightforward drop fade mohawk for a stylish twist on the classic.

To complete the look, the burst mohawk offers versatility in styling, allowing you to go for either a long and spiky or a short and flat appearance, suitable for all hair types. Whether you have nappy hair, tight curls, or straight hair, don’t hesitate to give this bold and badass mohawk a try.

Burst Taper Fade

The burst taper fade presents a unique twist on the haircut, where the sides are trimmed short but not completely shaved down to the skin. This style offers a refined and classy appearance, making it an excellent choice for a gentleman’s haircut.

A burst fade taper has the versatility to bring out an edgy look when fashioned into a mohawk, but it can also exude a professional or even formal vibe when paired with a classic side part or comb-over. In fact, if you’re aiming for a more subtle variation of this popular hairstyle, the burst taper fade could be the perfect choice for you.

Low Burst Fade

The low burst fade initiates just above the ears and gracefully follows the contour of the neckline to the nape of the neck. It’s a simple yet stylish haircut that keeps the sides and back neatly trimmed without excessive exposure. This quality makes it an excellent choice if you’re aiming for a business-professional hairstyle that exudes a polished and well-groomed appearance.

If you’re intrigued by the concept of a burst taper fade but prefer a more subtle and well-groomed look, the low burst fade serves as a fantastic middle ground and compromise.

Burst Fade for White Guys

The burst fade initially gained popularity within the black community, but over the years, white men have also embraced this trendy haircut, using it to revamp their own hairstyles. When it comes to the burst fade for white guys, the cut and styling largely mirror those of their black counterparts.

This enables white men to recreate numerous popular short sides and long top hairstyles with their own unique styling.

Burst Fade Comb Over

The burst fade comb-over stands out as one of the preferred ways for white men to style their burst fade. Essentially, it’s a comb-over fade with a distinct twist. This comb-over style can be accomplished with either short or long hair, and the degree of the fade on the sides can vary, ranging from low to mid or high, and smoothly tapering down to the skin.

The burst comb-over allows for various creative options, such as incorporating a hard part or adding intricate hair designs. Thanks to its versatility, men can easily transform their hairstyle into a voluminous pomp, a textured modern quiff, or a sleek slick-back look. To achieve the best results in terms of volume and style, we recommend using products like pomade, wax, or cream. These products help maximize volume and flow, allowing you to achieve the desired look with ease.

Burst Fade with Design

Many men have a strong affinity for pairing a burst fade with intricate hair designs. These haircut designs can vary from sharp lines to unique shapes, but it undoubtedly requires the expertise of a skilled barber who can deftly wield a trimmer to craft a cool design seamlessly into your burst fade.

While cool hair designs typically grace the sides and back, consider the option of having a burst fade with a design meticulously shaved into your neckline for a more understated and refined appearance.

Burst Fade Faux Hawk

The burst fade faux hawk presents an excellent choice for those who appreciate the classic mohawk concept but prefer it as an occasional style rather than an everyday look. Furthermore, the faux hawk fade is versatile and suits all hair types, be it black or white. Thanks to its adaptability, men can use this haircut to achieve various styles, including a faux hawk, quiff, pomp, short comb-over, slick back, textured crop, or even spiky hair.

If you’re looking to sport the burst fade faux hawk, simply request your barber to trim the sides short while leaving medium to long hair on top. The choice of the best hair products for your faux hawk will depend on the kind of finish you desire. If you want a natural-looking, textured hairstyle, opt for a strong matte pomade or wax to achieve the desired effect.

Straight Hair Burst Fade

The stylish straight hair burst fade is a perfect illustration of how this haircut can seamlessly enhance all hair types. Whether you’re opting to spike up your straight hair or elegantly brush it back, the burst taper provides a fashionable and well-groomed option for the sides and back.

Burst Fade Taper with Curly Top

Men who sport a burst taper haircut with curly hair on top have a multitude of cool hairstyle possibilities at their disposal. With a seamless blend on the sides and back and a slightly messy yet well-maintained appearance for the short to medium-length curls on top, the curly hair fade has been gaining significant popularity in recent years. To achieve the best results with curly hairstyles, men are advised to utilize anti-frizz creams, curl enhancers, and high-hold grooming products designed specifically for men’s hair.

Mohawk Fade

The mohawk fade maintains its status as the top choice for a contemporary mohawk hairstyle among men. This style, bold yet appealing, can be customized to suit different hair types, including Asian, Latino, White, and Black hair.

Moreover, these mohawk haircuts can be adapted to various hair lengths, including short, medium, and long, allowing you to align the style with your individual fashion preferences.

Flat Top Mohawk

The flat top mohawk presents a modern twist on a timeless barbershop hairstyle. Much like the high top fade, achieving a sharp shape up greatly enhances the overall look of a flat mohawk paired with a burst fade.

If you have an appreciation for the traditional flat top fade but are seeking a fresh and innovative variation, opting for a flat top mohawk haircut can be a stylish and appealing choice.

South of France Burst Fade Mohawk

The South of France mohawk essentially represents the shorter rendition of a classic mohawk, complemented by a burst fade. Those familiar with the renowned R&B artist Usher Raymond will instantly recognize this iconic South of France hairstyle. In fact, Usher played a pioneering role in bringing this haircut into the spotlight in the United States, thanks to his renowned barber, Curtis Smith.

To achieve this haircut, simply communicate your desire to your barber for a burst fade taper on the sides, accompanied by a short yet broad mohawk on top. If you wish to personalize the style, you can consider incorporating a part or a design. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the South of France haircut complements the appearance of black men, particularly those with thick curls, twists, or nappy hair, allowing for a striking and stylish look.


Discover the trendy world of low burst fade haircuts for men, a subtle and sophisticated variation of the burst fade hairstyle. In this article, we’ll explore the nuances of low burst fades, their versatility, and how they can complement different hair types and styles.


Versatile Appeal: Low burst fade haircuts are known for their versatility, making them suitable for various occasions and styles.

Neat and Tidy: The low burst fade creates a polished and well-groomed appearance, perfect for those who prefer a clean-cut look.

Gradual Tapering: Unlike high burst fades, the low burst fade starts just above the ears and gently tapers down the neckline.

Business-Professional: It’s an excellent choice for a business-professional hairstyle that exudes a refined and sophisticated appearance.

Suitable for All Hair Types: Whether you have straight, curly, wavy, or thick hair, a low burst fade can be tailored to suit your unique hair type.

Easy Maintenance: Low burst fades are relatively low-maintenance, requiring periodic touch-ups to maintain their sharp look.

Complements Various Hairstyles: They can be paired with different hairstyles such as a comb-over, side part, crew cut, or textured crop.

Popular Among Men of All Backgrounds: While initially associated with black men’s hairstyles, low burst fades have gained popularity across diverse communities.

Subtle Elegance: This style combines elegance with a touch of edginess, making it an appealing choice for many.

Barber’s Expertise: Achieving the perfect low burst fade often requires the skills of a professional barber.


What is a low burst fade haircut?

A low burst fade is a men’s haircut where the sides are tapered gradually above the ears and down the neckline, creating a polished and subtle fade.

Can anyone get a low burst fade, regardless of their hair type?

Yes, low burst fades can be customized to suit various hair types, including straight, curly, wavy, and thick hair.

How does a low burst fade differ from other fade styles?

Unlike high burst fades, low burst fades start lower on the head and create a more subtle transition between the hair and the skin.

Is a low burst fade suitable for formal occasions?

Yes, low burst fades are often chosen for business-professional hairstyles due to their neat and tidy appearance.

How often should I visit the barber to maintain a low burst fade?

It’s recommended to visit the barber every few weeks for touch-ups to keep your low burst fade looking sharp.

Can I pair a low burst fade with longer hair on top?

Yes, low burst fades can be paired with longer hair on top, allowing for a stylish contrast between the top and sides.

What products should I use to style my low burst fade?

Depending on your desired finish, you can use products like pomade, wax, or cream to style your low burst fade.

Are low burst fades suitable for all age groups?

Yes, low burst fades are versatile and can be tailored to suit individuals of all age groups.

Can I add a design or part to my low burst fade for a unique look?

Absolutely, you can personalize your low burst fade with intricate hair designs or incorporate a part for added flair.

Is a low burst fade a good choice for a classic look?

Yes, low burst fades can be adapted to achieve classic styles like a comb-over, side part, or crew cut, providing a timeless appearance.