Who Is Malika Andrews Husband? Her Relationship And Life

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malika andrews husband

Malika Andrews has never been married and isn’t now. She doesn’t have a boyfriend because she isn’t in a relationship right now. She has been linked to a few men, including Dave McMenamin and Richard Jefferson, according to rumours that have surfaced since she rose to stardom.

A sports journalist and news reporter from the United States, Malika Andrews is 28 years old. In the past, she has worked for publications like The New York Times, The Denver Post, and The Chicago Tribune in addition to hosting NBA Today. At ESPN, she started her present position in 2018.

Even though Malika prefers to keep her love life quiet, there is frequently talk about a special someone in her life. Online sources have not yet verified whether she is dating anyone or who that person may be. This article will give a thorough summary of her relationships up to this time.

Is Malika Andrews Married or Single?

Malika Andrews is currently not married, and she has never been in the past. This means she doesn’t have a husband or an ex-husband. Determining Andrews’ relationship status at the moment, whether she’s single or engaged, is a bit tricky.

Malika is a strikingly beautiful and poised young woman who excels in the field of journalism and naturally garners attention from men. However, she’s been quite private about her romantic life, keeping it veiled in mystery.

While some reports and articles label her as single, others suggest she might be married or engaged based on past associations. Unfortunately, Malika doesn’t seem inclined to confirm or debunk any of these reports or rumors about her love life.

Since she hasn’t made any public or official declarations about a romantic partner, it’s probably safe to say that Malika Andrews is presently single.

Is Malika Andrews Dating Anyone Now?

There is still no definitive answer to the subject of who Malika Andrews is dating right now. There have been many rumours about her love life since her recent climb to prominence, but it’s unclear if she’s dating anyone right now.

Malika did mention having a partner and that they were living together in New York City back in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. She never revealed the name of her boyfriend, and it’s not known if they are still together. It is reported that the journalist relocated to Los Angeles in 2021 and started hosting NBA Today for ESPN.

Malika Andrews Currently Wears an Engagement Ring

Adding another layer of complexity to Malika Andrews’ relationship status is the presence of an engagement ring on her finger. Strangely, she hasn’t made any announcement regarding an engagement. Back in 2020, eagle-eyed fans noticed her sporting an engagement ring, prominently placed on the hand she uses to hold her microphone. This ring has been consistently visible in most of her pictures since.

It’s tempting to infer that Malika is using this ring as a form of communication. However, due to her longstanding penchant for privacy in matters of the heart, she hasn’t revealed who the lucky person is. Some speculate it could be the same boyfriend she cohabited with during the COVID-19 pandemic, while others dismiss it as a ploy to divert attention from her personal life.

Regardless, given the presence of the ring, it’s reasonable to assume that Malika Andrews is presently engaged. The lingering questions surround the identity of her fiancé and when this engagement took place. Fans are eagerly awaiting the sound of wedding bells, which will inevitably shine a spotlight on her elusive lover.

Malika Andrews’ Rumored Romantic Involvements and Dates

Malika Andrews is undeniably a strikingly beautiful woman. Her role as a reporter has catapulted her into significant popularity, making the 28-year-old likely the object of affection for many. While she may currently be single and unattached, there have been rumors linking her romantically with some men in the past, though none of these connections have been confirmed.

She was once linked to NBA reporter Dave McMenamin, according to rumours

Rumors swirled about a potential romance between Malika Andrews and her colleague Dave McMenamin. Dave had been a reporter at ESPN since 2009, and it’s likely that they crossed paths when Malika joined the network in 2018. The speculation gained traction in May 2022, sparked by photos of them together at an event circulating online.

The images, taken on October 29, 2021, during the premiere of the Netflix series “Colin in Black and White,” went viral, leaving many surprised. Since then, fans have been eager to learn the truth behind these rumored ties.

Prior to this, on May 22, 2021, a Twitter user with the handle @LukeShowYo shared a photo of Andrews and Dave McMenamin holding hands affectionately. The caption hinted at their closeness, prompting a frenzy on NBA Twitter that soon spread to other social media platforms.

As speculation about their relationship continued to trend, it was evident that both fans and the media were keen on unraveling the truth. Yet, neither party confirmed or denied the dating rumors, leaving it to everyone’s imagination.

While some speculate they may be an item, it’s equally plausible that they’re simply colleagues who share a good rapport, with no romantic involvement. In fact, their interactions on social media appear entirely platonic. Until concrete evidence surfaces, their relationship remains a rumor.

Jordan Poole and Malika Ever Dated?

Jordan Poole, an American basketball player, found himself in the midst of rumors linking him to Malika Andrews. In October 2022, the NBA star participated in a post-game interview with Andrews that set the internet abuzz. Fans speculated that the dynamic of their conversation hinted at something more.

As they discussed Jordan’s performance in the game, their body language reportedly took on a suggestive tone, fueling speculation. Some believed Poole was simply flirting with Andrews based on how he looked at her during the interview, while others couldn’t help but comment on what a great couple they would make.

During the interview, Malika was seen touching Jordan at intervals, and they shared laughter over nearly everything that was said. Many interpreted this as a sign that there was certainly a connection between them, if not something more already underway.

One social media user even took the initiative to create a slow-motion video of Poole gazing directly into Andrews’ eyes. However, it ultimately turned out that fans’ speculations and hopes for the two did not come to fruition. Since then, they have not been seen together. To further dispel any doubts, shortly after the interview, Jordan Poole was revealed to be romantically involved with Instagram model Kim Cruz.

Kim was a constant presence at Poole’s games, sharing exclusive photos and videos of his performances on her social media. Additionally, the NBA star has a track record of openly expressing his interest in women he admires. He once used his social media platform to ask actress Zendaya out on a date.

Malika and Richard Jefferson Jr

Richard Jefferson Jr. is a retired American professional basketball player who now serves as a commentator and sports analyst at ESPN. He joined the network in 2019, and since then, fans of Malika Andrews have been speculating about a potential romantic connection between them. Observers claim to have noticed a certain closeness between the two ESPN colleagues, leading to various conclusions.

One episode in particular caught attention, where Andrews and her co-host Chiney Ogwumike were applying products to Jefferson’s head. Towards the end of the show, he reciprocated by applying some of the products on Malika’s face. This gesture seemed to further fuel speculation about a romantic involvement. However, neither Malika nor Andrew confirmed any romantic relationship beyond being colleagues.

Meanwhile, their fans have voiced their belief that they make a good match, especially considering both are officially single. However, for now, the claims of them dating remain pure speculation, lacking any concrete evidence to support them.

What transpired between Malika Andrews and Giannis Antetokounmpo

Malika Andrews and Milwaukee Bucks player Giannis Antetokounmpo have never been together. However, their recent conflict has raised questions about their past interactions.

The dispute was revealed when Andrews asked Giannis a question after a game and he left the press conference without responding. This incident began with a 2019 disagreement. Giannis led the Milwaukee Bucks to the NBA playoff finals, and Malika Andrews wrote about the game.

Andrews wrote in her piece that the Milwaukee Bucks may lack the expertise to become NBA champions and may lose important games against the Toronto Raptors. She also questioned Giannis’ loyalty if they lost.

Her forecasts came true, unfortunately. Giannis was clearly irritated at the press conference with his teammate Khris Middleton. Andrews then inquired about the team’s NBA postseason success.

Giannis Antetokounmpo departed the news conference without speaking, leaving his teammate to answer Andrews’ question. Sports commentators and fans debated both persons’ actions after this incident. Andrews’ question was criticised as disrespectful, while some blamed Giannis for departing the news conference early.

It’s clear that Malika and Giannis have moved on from this event, yet some fans may still use it for speculation. Andrews later posted a YouTube video explaining that her memory of the NBA player differed from the contentious occurrence.

Andrews appears to be currently concentrating on her career

Malika Andrews clearly separated her personal and business lives. While an undergraduate at the University of Portland, the talented TV personality worked as a sportswriter, sports editor, and editor-in-chief. Today, she’s achieving her dream in media and sports.

She was selected one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in sports in 2021. Her expertise has been featured on SportsCenter, ESPN.com, and ESPN Radio. Malika’s childhood love of sports, especially basketball, has driven her career.

FAQs about Malika Andrews

  1. Is Malika Andrews currently married?

No, Malika Andrews is not currently married. She has never been married in the past.

  1. Does Malika Andrews have a boyfriend or is she in a relationship?

As of now, Malika Andrews is not in a relationship and does not have a boyfriend.

  1. Has Malika Andrews ever confirmed her relationship status or talked about her romantic life?

Malika Andrews tends to keep her romantic life private and has not made any public statements about her current or past relationships.

  1. Who are some of the men Malika Andrews has been linked to in the past?

Malika Andrews has been linked to Dave McMenamin, Richard Jefferson, Jordan Poole, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. However, none of these links are confirmed.

  1. Is Malika Andrews engaged?

There is speculation about Malika Andrews being engaged due to her wearing an engagement ring. However, she has not made any official announcement regarding an engagement.

  1. Who is rumored to be Malika Andrews’ fiancé or potential partner?

The identity of Malika Andrews’ potential fiancé or partner has not been confirmed. It remains a subject of speculation and curiosity.

  1. What is Malika Andrews’ background in journalism?

Malika Andrews is an American sports and news reporter. She worked for The New York Times, Denver Post, and Chicago Tribune. Since 2018, she has worked at ESPN.

  1. What recognition has Malika Andrews received in her career?

In 2021, Malika Andrews was selected as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in sports. SportsCenter, ESPN.com, and ESPN Radio have showcased her expertise.

  1. Has Malika Andrews had any conflicts with NBA players, particularly Giannis Antetokounmpo?

Malika Andrews had a disagreement with Giannis Antetokounmpo during a press conference. This incident sparked discussions among sports commentators and fans. However, both parties have moved on from the event.

  1. What is Malika Andrews currently focusing on in her career?

Malika Andrews is pursuing media and sports journalism. Her enthusiasm for basketball and success in her career have earned her recognition.