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Maluma is a leading Latin music singer, composer, and actor from Colombia. Born in Medellín, Colombia, on January 28, 1994, his real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias. Maluma’s infectious reggaeton and Latin pop tunes and dynamic stage presence have made him famous worldwide.

Maluma’s career took off in the mid-2010s, and he has recorded many popular albums and songs. His hits include “Felices los 4,” “Corazón,” “Hawái,” and “Borro Cassette.” He has worked with Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Madonna, broadening his global music reach.

Maluma has been in Colombian films and TV shows in addition to his singing career. One of the most successful Latin singers of his time, his music and charm have garnered a huge fan base.

Maluma’s Height

5ft 9 (175.3 cm)

Maluma stands at 5’10”. The approximate height of Colombian musician and artist Juan Luis Londoño Arias, also referred to as Maluma, may vary slightly depending on the source.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

Body Measurements42-13-32 Inches
Body TypeSlim
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.76 m)
Weight70 kg (155 lbs)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown

Maluma Early life 

Maluma, born 28, 1994, in Medellín

Maluma, born Juan Luis Londoño Arias on January 28, 1994, in Medellín, Colombia, grew up with a strong connection to music and a supportive family. He was raised in a middle-class home and his father, Luis Londoño, was a former musician. This familial influence introduced Maluma to salsa and reggaeton, sparking his musical enthusiasm. He attended Hontanares School in El Retiro, Antioquia, for basic and high school. He recorded a song for his classmates, which received great approval from his pals. This early confirmation inspired him to relocate to Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, to pursue his musical dreams in his late teens. From these early years to becoming a global music sensation, Maluma’s enthusiasm and dedication to his profession are evident.

Maluma Education 

Maluma completed primary and high school

Despite his limited educational history, Maluma’s early intellectual efforts are known:

1: Schooling: Maluma completed primary and high school at Hontanares School in El Retiro, Antioquia, Colombia. His early education prepared him for success.

2: University Education: Maluma attended university after finishing primary and high school. He studied digital marketing at university.

3: Career Path Change: Maluma studied digital marketing, but his love of music changed him. He focused on music and became a major character in Latin music.

Maluma obtained his basic education in Colombia and briefly studied digital marketing. He became a successful musician because of his enthusiasm for music.

Boyfriend / Girlfriend / Spouse

Maluma pursued Belinda on Twitter after she broke up with Criss Angel. Belinda said Maluma bored her in 2017.

Grette Durán (2015)—Cuban TV host Grette Durán accused Maluma of having a one-night stand with her. After making up with him on stage during his show, she was asked to his hotel. As expected, Maluma refuted the charges and stated such rumors were part of his popularity and success.

Anitta (2016), a Brazilian vocalist, partnered with Maluma on the smash tune Sim Ou Não (Yes or No). They sang the song sexily in Rio de Janeiro on May 2, 2017. They even kissed onstage, fuelling hookup suspicions.

In 2016, Maluma met Venezuelan beauty Yeinly Castro in Mexico while touring. TV Notas photographed them in Cancun on vacation.

In 2017, Selena Gomez and the singers were reported to be dating. The story began when Selena Gomez followed Maluma on Instagram. He quickly invited collaboration. Selena soon followed Maluma on social media and captioned a photo with Vente Pa’ Ca. However, he revealed on a Brazilian talk show that they were discussing music and work but Selena was too busy. Selena unfollowed him months later.

Ricky Martin (2017) – He was said to be dating Ricky Martin, his Vente Pa’ Ca partner. Maluma denied being gay but said he respects the LGBT community.

Model Natalia Barulich (2018–2019) is from California. Maluma met Natalia Barulich in 2017 while filming his sensual Felices los 4 music video. When they vacationed in Portofino, Italy in January 2018, romance developed. They were seen walking around the city kissing and holding hands. The couple’s Instagram-famous Pomeranian, Julieta, was their dog. They also had matching infinity signs on their left thumbs in early February to show their devotion. The split occurred in 2019.

Rumor by Winnie Harlow (2019).

Maluma is dating Susana Gómez. In December 2021, Maluma tweeted a fuzzy photo of them kissing in front of the Christmas tree. In March 2022, they were seen together in Athens, Greece.

Maluma Career

Maluma has had considerable success and international fame in the music industry. His career summary:

  • At 16, Maluma began his music career. He moved to Bogotá to become a musician. His early exposure to reggaeton and Latin pop shaped his sound.
  • Debut Album: Maluma released “Magia.” at 16 in 2010. The CD wasn’t a hit, but it started his career.
  • Breakthrough: Maluma’s 2015 second studio album, “Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy,” was his breakthrough. “Borró Cassette” and “El Tiki,” which peaked his Latin music career, were on the CD.
  • Maluma became an international star in the years that followed. His successful albums include “F.A.M.E.” and “11:11,” which had chart-topping hits like “Felices los 4” and “Corazón.” He gained international popularity with his music.
  • Collaborations: Maluma has worked with Shakira, Ricky Martin, Madonna, and The Weeknd. These partnerships strengthened his music career and global reach.
  • Maluma has tried acting as well as singing. His versatility as an entertainer was seen in Colombian TV and movies.
  • Latin Grammy and Billboard Latin Music Awards are among Maluma’s many honors. His stage performances are lively and charismatic.
  • Continued Success: Maluma is one of the most influential and successful Latin music performers of his generation.

Maluma’s career shows his talent, perseverance, and ability to reach a global audience through music. He has had rapid success in Latin music and remains a major personality.

First Album

Maluma released his first album titled Magia in 2012 with hit singles like Obsession and Miss Independent.

First TV Show

Maluma made his TV show debut on the music series Música Boa Ao Vivo in 2014.

Maluma Favorite Things

  • Pick-Up Line: What’s up my love? What’s up mamacita? Where are we going? Are we going out or what?
  • Color – Red, Gold
  • Music Video – Chantaje with Shakira, Vente Pa’ Ca with Ricky Martin

Brand Endorsements

Maluma has done endorsement work for the following brands –

  • Faces USA TV Commercial (2017)
  • Spectrum Mi Plan (Latino commercial) (2017)
  • XFINITY X1 Entertainment Operating System (2016)
  • The Brands Group Commercial (Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Vanidades) (2018)
  • Apple Music (2017)

Distinctive Features

  • Lots of tattoos including an extensive one of a lion on his left arm
  • Diamond studs in his ears
  • Often sports facial hair like a beard


Father Luis Fernando Londoño
Mother Marlli Arias
Siblings Manuela Londoño Arias (Older Sister)
Other Yudy Arias (Aunt) (Yoga Instructor)

Maluma Net Worth 

Maluma was worth an estimated $12 million. Music sales, tours, brand sponsorships, and investments can affect public figures’ net worths, including celebrities and artists. I recommend visiting credible financial sources or celebrity net worth databases for Maluma’s latest and most accurate net worth statistics.

Maluma Interesting facts 

  • Musical Genres: Reggaeton, Latin Pop
  • Early Career: Released his debut album, “Magia,” at the age of 16
  • Breakthrough Album: “Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy” (2015)
  • International Success: Known for hit songs like “Felices los 4” and “Corazón”
  • Collaborations: Worked with artists such as Shakira, Ricky Martin, and Madonna
  • Acting Career: Appeared in Colombian television series and films
  • Social Media Star: Has a large following on social media platforms
  • Philanthropy: Actively involved in charitable causes
  • Multilingual: Fluent in Spanish and English
  • Fashion Icon: Known for his sense of style and involvement in fashion-related projects
  • Touring Success: Sold out major venues during world tours
  • Nickname: “Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy” and “Maluma Baby”
  • Awards: Multiple Latin Grammy and Billboard Latin Music Awards


In conclusion, Maluma (Juan Luis Londoño Arias) is a prominent Latin music musician of his generation. He has a huge fan base in Colombia and around the world due to his infectious reggaeton and Latin pop tracks, energetic stage appearance, and hit songs. Maluma’s early career and talent for collaborating with other artists propelled him to international recognition. He acts and donates outside of music.

Maluma’s height—5’10″—is significant. His career has been successful, but his early music exposure, supportive family, and passion for the art form laid the groundwork for his success.

Maluma has shaped Latin music through his successful career, numerous honors, dynamic stage presence, and dedication to his craft. His global appeal and tremendous web presence have made him one of the most influential and popular Latin music performers of our time. Maluma’s journey inspires young musicians and shows the power of talent, perseverance, and worldwide appeal.


Here are some Maluma FAQs:

Q: Who’s Maluma?

A: Colombian singer, composer, and actor Maluma is famous. His real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias.

Q: Maluma’s height?

A: Maluma stands at 5’10”.

Q: When and where was Maluma born?

A: Maluma was born in Medellín, Colombia, on January 28, 1994.

Q: Which Maluma songs are famous?

A: Maluma has released hit songs including “Felices los 4,” “Corazón,” “Hawái,” and “Borro Cassette.”

Q: Has Maluma worked with others?

A: Maluma has worked with Shakira, Ricky Martin, Madonna, and The Weeknd.

Q: Maluma philanthropist?

A: Maluma is generous.

Q: Maluma’s career highlights?

A: Maluma has won Latin Grammys and Billboard Latin Music Awards. His live shows are energetic and charismatic.

Q: How much is Maluma worth?

A: My last knowledge update in September 2021 estimated Maluma’s net worth at $12 million. For the latest information, contact credible financial sources or celebrity net worth databases.

Q: Maluma speaks which languages?

A: Maluma collaborates with international musicians because he speaks Spanish and English.

Q: What distinguishes Maluma?

A: Maluma has many tattoos, including a lion on his left arm. He is known for his diamond ear earrings and beard.