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Marnie Mae Ellis
Marnie Mae Ellis

Who is Marnie Mae Ellis?

Tom Ellis, best known for his role as Lucifer, and Tamzin Outhwaite, a well-known actress, have a famous daughter named Marnie Mae Ellis, who viewers might recognize from her role in the popular TV series EastEnders. Tom Ellis has an impressive filmography, with notable films like “Pollyana” (2003), “Miss Conception” (2008), and “Buffalo Soldiers” (2001) among his cinematic credits.


Marnie Mae Ellis came into this world on August 1, 2012, which makes her a Leo by the zodiac. She’s currently a 10-year-old young lady. Her place of birth is London, United Kingdom, which naturally makes her English by nationality. Marnie Mae follows the Christian faith, like her parents, Tom Ellis and Tamzin Outhwaite.

Given the lack of information, her education appears to be quite mysterious. She may be attending school at home. Marnie Mae has a couple of siblings, including her sister Florence Elsie Ellis, and she also has a half-sister named Nora Ellis.

Marnie Mae Ellis Bio

Leo is the sign of the lion, and Marnie Mae Ellis was born on August 1, 2012. She’s a lively 10-year-old right now. This young English woman was born in London, United Kingdom.  Marnie Mae follows the Christian faith, just like her parents, who happen to be the well-known Tom Ellis and Tamzin Outhwaite.

When it comes to her education, it’s somewhat of a mystery, with details kept under wraps. It’s possible she’s receiving her education at home. Marnie Mae also has some siblings in her life, including her sister Florence Elsie Ellis, and she shares the bond of half-sisterhood with Nora Ellis.


Full NameMarnie Mae Ellis
Age9 years 3 months
Birth DateAugust 01, 2012
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Date of BirthAugust 1, 2012
Age9 years old

How Old is Marnie Mae Ellis?

Marnie Mae Ellis is now 11 years old, having been born on the 1st of August in 2012. She came into the world in London, UK, making her a British citizen. However, her family background is a rich tapestry of different ethnicities.

Her mother, Tamzin Outhwaite, has Italian roots and hails from the picturesque town of Barga in Italy. On the other hand, her father, Tom Ellis, is a well-known actor and a native of Cardiff, Wales. Interestingly, Tom’s family history takes a fascinating journey. Records show that Tom’s grandfather lived in Glasgow, Scotland, for quite some time, which eventually led to him gaining British citizenship through naturalization.

Marnie’s great-grandfather, seeking a quieter life, later settled in Fishburn. Most of his family members, including Tom Ellis, have made their home around Cardiff, Wales. This diverse heritage is why Marnie’s ethnicity is described as Italian-British, reflecting the rich blend of her family’s backgrounds.

Marnie Mae Ellis Personal Life

Marnie Mae Ellis is just a youngster, so there’s no need to worry about relationships for her just yet. She’s happily single at her age. Her father, Tom Ellis, on the other hand, had two children with actress Tamzin Outhwaite when they were married. However, in April 2014, their marriage ended.

In 2019, Tom Ellis tied the knot with American screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer, embarking on a new chapter in his life.

Height, Weight

Marnie Mae Ellis stands at an average height, and her body weight is in a healthy range. She’s got a lovely pair of dark brown eyes that complement her equally dark brown hair, adding to her natural charm.

Marnie Mae Ellis Family

The romance between Tamzin and Tom started in 2005 when James McAvoy, a mutual acquaintance, introduced them. They bonded well right away, and after a year of courtship, they made the decision to tie the knot in 2006.  Their relationship seemed idyllic, but it took a turn when Tom confessed to a one-night fling with Emilie de Ravin, an actress from “Lost.” This revelation caused a lot of turmoil, and Tamzin couldn’t bear the pain of infidelity, leading to their divorce in 2014.

Despite the ups and downs in their relationship, both Tom and Tamzin remained committed to putting their children first. Marnie and her sister received equal love and attention from both of their parents.

After the split, Tom found love again and married screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer on July 2, 2019. It’s heartwarming to see that Meaghan has built a close relationship with Tom’s daughters, a fact she proudly shares on her Instagram.

Marnie primarily spends her time with her mother, especially when Tom is busy with his acting commitments. On the other hand, Tamzin Outhwaite hasn’t remarried since her divorce, while Tom Child, who happens to be 20 years younger than Tamzin, is her happily wedded husband.

Marnie Mae Ellis Career 

Marnie Mae Ellis was inspired by her father Tom Ellis, an accomplished actor who has had a spectacular career. Tom made his on-screen debut in the TV show “Kiss Me, Kate,” but it was just the start. The television movie “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby” marked his acting debut in 2001.  He also starred as Frank Bennett in the drama “Nice Guy Eddie. He continued to impress in the drama films ‘I’ll Be There’ and ‘Vera Drake.’

Tom also graced our screens as Justyn in ‘No Angels’ from 2005 to 2006, a comedy-drama series revolving around the lives of healthcare assistants and three nurses in Leeds. During this time, he even made appearances on ‘The Catherine Tate Show’ and ‘EastEnders.’

In 2007, Tom had a memorable stint in ‘Doctor Who’ as Tom Milligan, and the following year, he played Zak in ‘Miss Conception.’ The film tells the story of a woman trying to conceive within a tight deadline, starring Heather Graham. Her character is pushed to explore unconventional ways to have a baby when her long-term boyfriend heads off to a remote island for work.

In 2009, Tom joined the cast of the British sitcom ‘Miranda.’ He continued to impress with his role in the comedy-drama ‘Monday Monday’ and later in the medical drama series ‘Rush,’ where he portrayed Dr. William Rush. But his most iconic role to date has been as Lucifer Morningstar in the urban fantasy police procedural series ‘Lucifer,’ a part he’s been playing since 2016.

Tom’s talent even extended to voice acting when he had a role in an episode of ‘Family Guy’ in 2018. In 2019, he took on the character of Dr. Todd in the satirical romantic comedy film ‘Isn’t It Romantic,’ which performed admirably at the box office, earning over $48 million against a $31 million budget. Tom Ellis has truly made his mark in the world of entertainment.

What is the Net Worth of Marnie Mae Ellis? Salary, Earnings

Marnie Mae Ellis, in her youthful years, remains unburdened by the obligations of employment due to her status as a minor. The offspring of renowned progenitors, she luxuriates in the privileges that are inherently associated with their illustrious accomplishments. At a mere eight years of age, Marnie exhibits early inklings of her potential as a thespian, tracing the footsteps of her distinguished progenitors.

The frequent sojourns undertaken by Tamzin to movie sets have significantly contributed to the nurturing of Marnie’s nascent theatrical ambitions. The budding prodigy ardently aspires to tread the identical path as her celebrated maternal and paternal figures. It is this aspiration that impelled her to proactively enroll in her educational institution’s dramaturgy association, where she assiduously hones her histrionic talents within the precincts of the local playhouse.

Thomas, the paternal figure in Marnie’s life, has unquestionably etched his name into the annals of renown, amassing substantial assets amounting to a formidable six million dollars. His odyssey towards eminence encompasses a repertoire of exceptional portrayals across diverse media platforms, most notably the resounding success he enjoyed in the Netflix sensation ‘Lucifer.’ On the other hand, Tamzin is venerated for her portrayal in the beloved BBC One television serial, ‘EastEnders.’ What is most remarkable in this scenario is that, notwithstanding their marital parting, Thomas and Tamzin have successfully embraced the tenets of collaborative parenting, perpetually placing the welfare of their offspring at the forefront.


Marnie Mae Ellis, the youngest daughter of the actor, has managed to steer clear of any scandals and rumors, maintaining a low-key and drama-free life.

Social Media

Given her tender age, Marnie Mae Ellis has yet to attain the requisite years for venturing into the realms of social media, rendering her virtual footprint conspicuously absent. In contrast, her progenitor, Tom Ellis, garners a formidable digital presence. With a commendable following of 9.9 million enthusiasts on Instagram and an additional million adherents on Twitter, Tom Ellis maneuvers the intricacies of the online sphere with remarkable adeptness. His digital endeavors also extend to the realm of Facebook, where he diligently engages with his ardent aficionados and disburses the latest tidings.

Facts about Marnie Mae Ellis:

  • Marnie Mae Ellis is the daughter of renowned actors Tom Ellis and Tamzin Outhwaite.
  • She was born on August 1, 2012, in London, United Kingdom, making her a Leo by zodiac sign.
  • Marnie Mae follows the Christian faith, like her parents.
  • She has a younger sister named Florence Elsie Ellis and a half-sister named Nora Ellis.
  • Marnie Mae’s education details are not publicly disclosed, but it’s possible she is homeschooled.
  • Her father, Tom Ellis, is widely recognized for his role as Lucifer Morningstar in the TV series “Lucifer.”
  • Tom Ellis and Tamzin Outhwaite were married but divorced in 2014.
  • Tom Ellis remarried in 2019 to American screenwriter Meaghan Oppenheimer.
  • Marnie Mae has maintained a low-key and scandal-free life, staying out of the public eye.
  • She may be following in her parents’ footsteps as she has shown an early interest in acting and has joined a drama association.


Marnie Mae Ellis is the daughter of actors Tom Ellis and Tamzin Outhwaite, born on August 1, 2012, in London, UK. She is a 10-year-old girl who follows the Christian faith. While her education details remain private, she has siblings and is known to have a budding interest in acting. Her parents, Tom Ellis and Tamzin Outhwaite, have had successful acting careers, and Tom Ellis is particularly famous for his role as Lucifer Morningstar in the TV series “Lucifer.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Who are Marnie Mae Ellis’s parents? 

Marnie Mae Ellis’s parents are Tom Ellis and Tamzin Outhwaite, both well-known actors.

When was Marnie Mae Ellis born? 

She was born on August 1, 2012.

What is Marnie Mae’s zodiac sign? 

Her zodiac sign is Leo.

Does Marnie Mae have siblings?

 Yes, she has a younger sister named Florence Elsie Ellis and a half-sister named Nora Ellis.

What is Marnie Mae’s education background? 

Details about her education are not publicly disclosed, but it’s possible she is homeschooled.

What is Tom Ellis famous for?

 Tom Ellis is widely recognized for his role as Lucifer Morningstar in the TV series “Lucifer.”

Has Tom Ellis been married before? 

Yes, Tom Ellis was previously married to Tamzin Outhwaite, but they divorced in 2014. He remarried Meaghan Oppenheimer in 2019.

Is Marnie Mae involved in acting like her parents?

 Yes, it seems that Marnie Mae has shown an early interest in acting and has joined a drama association.

Is there any controversy associated with Marnie Mae Ellis? 

Marnie Mae has managed to steer clear of any scandals or controversies and maintains a low-key life.

Does Marnie Mae have a presence on social media?

 Given her young age, Marnie Mae Ellis does not have a social media presence. However, her father, Tom Ellis, is active on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.