The Story of Notti Osama Untimely Demise

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Notti Osama

Notti Osama, the American rapper, songwriter, and producer, has carved a prominent niche for himself primarily through his contributions to the renowned hip-hop collective, Brockhampton. Los Angeles, California, witnessed his birth, and his journey in music commenced during his teenage years. Remarkably, Notti Osama has swiftly ascended to become one of the industry’s most coveted producers.

His unique style and sound, which have resonated through the music industry like a hurricane, are what make him stand out. Music lovers and critics alike often bring up his quick climb to stardom in discussion. In an industry brimming with talent, Notti Osama’s presence is truly noteworthy.

NameNotti Osama
Full NameEthan Reyes
BrotherDavid Reyes
Net WorthNot known
Age14 Years Old
Birth PlaceHarlem, New York
Currently Live InHarlem
ProfessionHip-hop artist, rapper, and social media personality
EthnicityAmerican Descent

Who was Notti Osama?

Ethan Reyes, who was known by his stage name Notti Osama, was an up-and-coming drill rapper. He and his family had recently relocated from Harlem to Young Avenue in Yonkers. The tragic incident that led to his untimely death occurred while he was in his old neighborhood of Hamilton Heights, accompanied by two friends, and they came across Martinez.

In a distressing turn of events, Notti Osama picked up a broom handle, and together with his friends, they pursued Martinez into a subway station. They cornered him at the far end of the platform, and in the ensuing confrontation, Reyes struck Martinez with the stick. In response, Martinez swung a knife, injuring Reyes in the abdomen.

The situation escalated further as Martinez was pushed onto the subway tracks, and at some point, he suffered additional injuries from one of Notti Osama’s friends wielding a sharp object. Reyes collapsed on the platform, and Martinez managed to pull himself out of harm’s way and fled the scene.

Notti Osama, the youngest of six siblings, had recently shared images related to his new single, titled “Without You,” in collaboration with one of his brothers. It is understandable that not much is known about his personal past given his youth and the commencement of his career.

We know very little about the lives and objectives of a child genius whose great career was sadly cut short at the age of fourteen due to the terrible circumstances surrounding his early demise. A young talent’s bright career was tragically cut short in this terrible tragedy.

Notti Osama Bio

In Yonkers, New York, on January 17, 2008, Notti Osama made his entrance into the world. brutally, his life was brutally cut short. At the young age of 14, he was brought to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s on July 9, 2022, where his life tragically ended.

In the wake of his passing, social media served as a platform for heartfelt tributes. His brother, DD Osama, paid a touching homage to him, and his cousin, Lily Ortega, lovingly described Notti as a “happy” and “loving” soul, leaving behind cherished memories in the hearts of those who knew him.

Notti Osama Age

Notti Osama was just a 14-year-old boy, but his passion for music burned brightly. The fact that he departed us so soon is tragic. It’s even more heartbreaking since he posted a photo connected to his new song, “Without You,” on social media only two months before his tragic death. It demonstrates how committed he is to his trade even at such a young age.

In honor of Notti’s memory, a memorial has been established to pay tribute to this budding young rapper. The memorial stands in Reyes’ Yonkers neighborhood, at the intersection of 40th and Broadway, serving as a reminder of the talent and potential that was tragically cut short.

Notti Osama Career

Prior to his tragic passing, Ethan, better known as Notti, had already made significant strides in the rap and hip-hop scene. While the exact inception of his career remains a bit elusive, one thing was crystal clear – Notti had captured the hearts of countless young individuals like himself. His tracks “41 K,” “Peter Pan,” and “Don’t Change” were among the gems he shared with the world in the year 2022.

Furthermore, the Osama brothers forged a formidable musical partnership of their own. Their track, “Dead Opps,” became a sensation and played a pivotal role in DD Osama’s rise to popularity. The brothers cleverly blended uptempo beats with dark and gritty lyrics, using their craft to taunt their adversaries. “Dead Opps” made its debut on July 12, 2022, and has since amassed over 1.2 million views, a testament to the impact of their music.

Notti Osama Relationship

Notti was in a committed relationship; he had a girlfriend named Niyah. Remember that her name is all that’s accessible online about her. This page will be updated if further information about his life emerges.

Notti Osama Parents

Notti Osama’s family includes his mother, Crimsley Martinez. Regrettably, the identity of the rapper’s father remains unknown, and he has never played a role in his son’s life.

What Happened To Notti Osama?

Notti Osama’s life was tragically cut short in July when he was fatally stabbed during a brawl in a subway station. The altercation reportedly involved him and a 15-year-old rival rapper. While the exact motive behind this senseless act of violence remains undisclosed, it is strongly suspected to be connected to the ongoing musical rivalry between Notti and the 15-year-old rapper who ultimately stabbed him.

Notti Osama Stabbing incident

Notti Osama, a 15-year-old drill rapper, tragically met his end in a New York subway station when he was fatally stabbed. The unfortunate incident stemmed from a confrontation with a rival at the 137th Street/City College station.

On that fateful day, Notti Osama, accompanied by two friends, was strolling through his old neighborhood in Hamilton Heights when they encountered Martinez. In the heat of the moment, Notti grabbed a broom handle, and they pursued Martinez into the subway station. Their pursuit led to a confrontation at the far end of the platform, where Reyes (Notti Osama) struck Martinez with the stick, and Martinez retaliated by swinging a knife, inflicting a serious wound to Reyes’ abdomen.

As tensions escalated, Martinez was pushed onto the subway tracks, and at some point, he suffered additional injuries when one of Notti Osama’s friends wielded a sharp object. Reyes collapsed on the platform, while Martinez managed to extricate himself from the tracks and fled the scene. Later that day, Martinez’s mother brought him to the attention of detectives, marking a tragic turn of events in this heartbreaking story.

Who Was Charged With The Notti Osama Murder?

The 15-year-old opponent of Notti Osama was detained in connection with the event and was originally charged with second-degree murder. The charge was eventually downgraded to first-degree manslaughter as the inquiry continued. This decision came about when prosecutors determined that the accused and his friends had essentially cornered Notti Osama, who then resorted to stabbing the young rapper in an attempt to defend himself. The 15-year-old was further accused of criminal possession.

When the case reached the prosecutor, the police’s initial announcement that they intended to prosecute the rival with second-degree murder took a different course. The prosecution indicated doubts about the case during the arraignment the following week and brought up continuing inquiries regarding the teen’s claims of self-defense. He asserted that the young accused had been assaulted by associates of Notti Osama in the weeks leading up to the stabbing.

It is unknown who represented Notti Osama’s 15-year-old adversary since court papers pertaining to the case are sealed as a result of the rejection of the first allegations. We’ve tried to get in touch with the Legal Aid Society in Manhattan, but thus far we haven’t heard back.

Notti Osama Net Worth

Notti Osama has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $3 million, mainly through his music career and endorsements. His lavish lifestyle includes frequent trips to exotic locales for photoshoots and music videos. Notably, he’s a passionate sneaker collector, often displaying his impressive collection on social media.

Beyond his rap career, Notti Osama is rapidly rising as a highly sought-after music producer. His distinctive production style has captivated the industry, making him a prominent figure. His substantial net worth and opulent way of life are clear indicators of his success, and he’s poised to leave a lasting mark on the music scene.

Where is Notti Osama?

The tragic news is that Notti Osama has passed away, the result of a recent stabbing in a New York subway station. He got into a fight with a competitor at the 137th Street/City College stop, which is said to be what caused his premature death.

A second-degree murder allegation was first brought against the 15-year-old opponent in connection with this occurrence. However, the legal landscape shifted when prosecutors uncovered critical details. It was revealed that the accused and his friends had essentially cornered Notti Osama, prompting the young rapper to defend himself, resulting in the tragic stabbing. The adversary was thus charged with first-degree homicide and was also accused of unlawful possession. Many are in shock and grieving at this tragic turn of events.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who was Notti Osama?

Ethan Reyes, also known as Notti Osama, was a rising drill rapper from Yonkers, New York. He was highly renowned for his musical skill prior to his tragic death at the age of 14.

What happened to Notti Osama?

Notti Osama was fatally stabbed during a brawl in a New York subway station. The incident occurred during a confrontation with a 15-year-old rival rapper. The motive behind the violence is suspected to be connected to their ongoing musical rivalry.

Who was charged with Notti Osama’s murder?

The 15-year-old rival of Notti Osama was initially charged with second-degree murder but had the charge downgraded to first-degree manslaughter as the investigation continued. The change in charges was due to evidence suggesting that Notti Osama’s adversary was cornered and acted in self-defense.

What was Notti Osama’s career like?

Notti Osama had made significant strides in the rap and hip-hop scene before his untimely death. He released several tracks, including “41 K,” “Peter Pan,” and “Don’t Change,” which garnered attention. He also collaborated with his brother on the popular track “Dead Opps.”

Who are Notti Osama’s family members?

Notti Osama’s family includes his mother, Crimsley Martinez. Information about his father remains unknown, and his father was not involved in his life.

Did Notti Osama have a relationship?

Notti Osama had a girlfriend named Niyah, but there is limited information available about her online.

Is there a memorial for Notti Osama?

Yes, a memorial has been established in Notti Osama’s Yonkers neighborhood at the intersection of 40th and Broadway to honor his memory and talent.

What was Notti Osama’s age at the time of his death?

Notti Osama unfortunately died at the age of 14 years old. Despite his youth, he had a strong commitment to his musical profession.

What impact did Notti Osama have on the music industry?

Notti Osama’s unique style and sound made him stand out in the music industry. His quick rise to prominence in the competitive industry was notable, and his contributions to the hip-hop collective Brockhampton were highly regarded.

How did people react to Notti Osama’s death?

Following Notti Osama’s tragic death, there were heartfelt tributes on social media. His relatives and friends described him as a happy and kind person who left a lasting effect.

Final Words

Notti Osama, known as Ethan Reyes, was a promising young drill rapper whose life was tragically cut short in a subway station altercation. He made significant strides in the music industry before his untimely death at the age of 14. Notti Osama’s unique style and contributions to the music world were notable, and his presence was deeply felt. His loss has left a vacuum, and his loved ones, friends, and admirers cherish their memories of him. His experience serves as a warning about the potential and skill that may be squandered in mindless acts of violence.