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olan prenatt age

Olan Prenatt is a well-known American skateboarder and model who has gained significant recognition in the entertainment world. Additionally, he’s showcased his acting prowess in the 2018 film “Mid90s,” earning acclaim for his performance.

Utilizing platforms like social media, Olan has effectively established a personal brand, enabling him to generate income and lead a comfortable life. This success is a testament to his diverse talents and entrepreneurial spirit.

Early Life & Education

Olan Prenatt came into the world on September 18, 1996, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, USA. He’s the son of Tanya Neely, who is a dedicated professional coach, and he has a brother named Andrew. Olan was raised in a creative, musical, and skating environment. Olan Prenatt Age is 27 Years

His skateboarding passion grew at Hamilton High School. His board skills improved dramatically from an early age. He loved skating, acting, and modeling from a young age. His varied career began with these diverse interests and talents.

Parents & Siblings

Tanya Neely, Olan Prenatt’s professional coach mother, helped him develop confidence and communication skills. She posts sweet photos of Olan and his sibling on Instagram @tanyaneely. However, his father’s name and occupation are unknown. Olan has declined to discuss this element of his life in the media or on social media.

Olan’s younger brother, Andrew, shares his enthusiasm for skateboarding and modeling. He’s made appearances in some of Olan’s videos and photos, showcasing their shared passion. Andrew also maintains his own Instagram presence, reachable through the handle @andrewprenatt.

Olan grew up in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, surrounded by skateboarding culture. He developed a passion for the sport here. He played wide receiver at Hamilton High School in addition to skateboarding.


As Olan grew older, his passion for skateboarding intensified, leading him to seek out sponsors and a team to join in competitions. He achieved professional status upon signing a contract with the Illegal Civilization Skateboard team.

With this team, Olan embarked on a journey of competing and showcasing his impressive tricks across the United States. Simultaneously, he began sharing snippets of his skills through short videos and pictures on his Instagram account, further propelling his popularity and career. Olan’s talents drew the attention of several notable brands, including Nautica Boys, followed by Timberland. He eventually inked an exclusive deal with the widely recognized sports brand, Adidas. Later, he made a switch to Nike, and currently, he’s tearing up the skateboarding scene in Jordan sneakers.

Rise to Prominence

Olan’s skills on the skateboard soared, and his team’s reputation began to echo worldwide. Their performance in Barcelona in 2027 marked a significant milestone. Yet, it wasn’t just Olan’s prowess that turned heads, but also his distinctive appearance. This led to interest from various modeling agencies, resulting in collaborations with esteemed publications like Paper Magazine, Vogue, and several others.

The turning point came in 2018 when Olan entered the spotlight and was instantly accepted. “Mid90s,” Jonah Hill’s coming-of-age comedy-drama, cast him as a skateboarder. The mid-1990s film follows young skateboarders through adolescence.

The film garnered numerous awards and glowing reviews, catapulting Olan into stardom. He embodied the character named Fuckshit, capturing the hearts of a younger audience. Magazines clamored to interview Olan, eager to glean his insights on the film and his portrayal. Despite not being a trained actor, the on-screen environment felt entirely natural to him, a testament to his raw talent noticed by the casting director.

With the film’s acclaim, Olan’s Instagram page experienced yet another surge in popularity. In addition, collaborations with the fashion brand Hood By Air saw Olan amass over 100,000 followers in just a matter of days. Today, he boasts a dedicated following of over 300,000 on Instagram.

Olan Prenatt Height & Weight

Olan Prenatt stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm), which is just a tad below the average height for American men, typically around 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm). However, this difference in height doesn’t in any way hinder his exceptional skateboarding skills or his overall appeal.

At 64 kg, Olan is 141 pounds. This puts him in the healthy weight range for his height and age, according to the BMI calculator. It shows his busy lifestyle and balanced nutrition.

Olan Prenatt Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend

Olan’s appearance and demeanor led some to speculate about his sexual orientation, and his private disposition only added fuel to these speculations.

However, he posted images of himself with his girlfriend without revealing her name or when they started dating. He’s affectionately called her his wife in a few posts. This personal look gave his followers context.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Olan Prenatt’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. This wealth stems from his diverse career in skateboarding, modeling, and acting. Additionally, he boosts his income through endorsements, sponsorships, and public appearances.

This financial stability affords Olan a comfortable lifestyle, complete with a residence in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. In terms of transportation, he enjoys ownership of multiple cars, one of which is a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, reflecting his taste for quality and style.

Final Words

American skateboarder, model, and actor Olan Prenatt has built a successful career with his versatility and entrepreneurship. Olan’s journey from Los Angeles to entertainment prominence has been marked by passion, determination, and a unique set of skills.

Olan’s skating, modeling, and acting accomplishments at 27 inspire young talent worldwide. His success shows how social media may help you develop a personal brand and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Olan’s artistic and skating-focused upbringing supported by his mother Tanya Neely and brother Andrew lay the groundwork for his multifaceted career. His skateboarding accomplishments and cooperation with Adidas and Nike cement his skateboarding pioneer position.

Olan’s breakout role as Fuckshit in “Mid90s” in 2018 propelled him to fame. This accomplishment displayed his acting skills and increased his prominence, leading to collaborations with top periodicals and fashion businesses.

Olan’s height and weight of 5’8″ and 141 pounds match his skateboarding skills. His healthy weight and busy schedule show his commitment to a balanced lifestyle.

Olan has revealed his love connection, showing a hidden but affectionate side. While he keeps his personal life private, these revelations bring his loyal followers closer.

Olan Prenatt’s anticipated $1 million net worth in 2023 indicates his diversified career’s financial success. His dwelling and transportation reflect his affluence and taste for quality and style.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who is Olan Prenatt?

A1: Olan Prenatt is a well-known American skateboarder, model, and actor who gained recognition for his performance in the 2018 film “Mid90s” and his accomplishments in the skateboarding world.

What is Olan Prenatt’s background?

A2: LA-born Olan was born on September 18, 1996. He discovered his love of skating at Hamilton High School after growing up creatively and skateboarding.

How did Olan Prenatt gain fame?

A3: Olan gained fame through his exceptional skills in skateboarding, which led to collaborations with notable brands and a professional contract with the Illegal Civilization Skateboard team. His breakthrough role in the film “Mid90s” further propelled him into the spotlight.

What other interests does Olan Prenatt have?

A4: In addition to skateboarding, Olan has a passion for acting and modeling. He has successfully integrated these interests into his career, showcasing his diverse talents.

What are Olan Prenatt’s achievements in skateboarding?

A5: Olan is a professional skateboarder who competes across the US. His collaborations with Adidas, Nike, and others have shaped skateboarding.

What is Olan Prenatt’s net worth?

A6: As of 2023, Olan Prenatt’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. His income is derived from his diverse career, including skateboarding, modeling, acting, endorsements, and sponsorships.

Does Olan Prenatt have any siblings?

A7: Yes, Olan has a younger brother named Andrew who shares his enthusiasm for skateboarding and modeling. They have been featured together in videos and photos, showcasing their shared passion.

Is Olan Prenatt active on social media?

A8: Olan is on social media, especially Instagram, where he has over 300,000. He posts career and personal updates on social channels.