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American composer, performer, songwriter, and record producer Oliver Elfman is famous. Born to famous American musician, performer, and actor Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda, he has a distinguished genealogy. Oliver started working in 2019 and has followed in his father’s brilliant footsteps.

Oliver’s affiliation with a Hollywood acting and music family helped him earn early notoriety. Although still a teenager, Oliver is already a famous entertainer. Continue reading for more about his background, personal life, and career.

How Old is Oliver Elfman and When was He Born?

Oliver Elfman, born on January 21, 2005, in Los Angeles, USA, comes from a lineage of fame, being the child of renowned figures Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda. He identifies with white ethnicity, holding American citizenship, and falls under the Aquarius zodiac sign.

In addition to Oliver, his father also has two step-sisters, Lola Elfman (born in 1979) and Mali Elfman (born in 1984), from a previous marriage with Geri Eisenmenger.

Although details about Oliver’s formal education aren’t readily available, given his parents’ prominent status, it’s reasonable to assume he received a standard education. With his family’s standing in society, it’s likely that Oliver Elfman completed his elementary education and is currently pursuing further studies in a reputable institution, even though the specific school remains undisclosed.

Early on, he became passionate in the entertainment industry

Oliver Elfman, following in his father’s artistic footsteps, unearthed his innate talent at a tender age. With time, he honed this gift, and in 2019, officially launched his professional journey. Since then, he’s been steadily climbing the ranks, establishing himself as a noteworthy figure in the Hollywood film industry.

The seeds of his celebrity were sown early, owing much to his famous father. Given his background, it’s hardly surprising that this young luminary began composing and performing songs at a remarkably young age, initially delving into New Wave and Film Score genres.

He then ventured into composing and performing Disney melodies, collaborating with esteemed directors like Thomas Herrera, Lome Raimi, Reed Howard, Billy Burton, and others along his career trajectory.

In addition to his composing prowess, Oliver has also earned acclaim as a singer, clinching prestigious awards such as the Primetime Emmy Awards and the Disney Legends Award. His stature further soared when he assumed the role of lead singer for the wave band, Boingo.

Oliver Elfman Has Made Appearances at Different Events

Oliver Elfman has graced various significant events, leaving a mark with his distinctive appearances. One memorable instance was at the premiere of “Oz The Great And Powerful,” where he sported long, golden locks. In 2017, he had a shorter haircut to the “Justice League” premiere. Since then, he has attended several red carpet events with his father.

The young man’s first meeting with Stan Lee at the “Avengers.” premiere was special. Oliver’s father said that night was a highlight.


Much like his father Danny, Oliver, at just 17 years old, took up the art of composing and performing music from a tender age. He delved into various genres, including New Wave and Film Score. Notably, Oliver penned and performed a song for Disney. Along his creative journey, he’s collaborated with esteemed directors like Billy Burton, Lome Raimi, Reed Howard, and Thomas Herrera. What sets Oliver apart is his role as the lead vocalist for the band Boingo, a position that has earned him two significant awards: a Primetime Emmy and a Disney Legends Award.

Relationship Status

Oliver is currently embracing the single life, as he’s at an age where dating isn’t a priority. He’s in the midst of his teenage years, navigating school while also focusing on his burgeoning career. In his free time, he finds joy in singing, crafting songs, and composing music. You’ll often spot him at award ceremonies and gatherings, usually accompanied by his father and stepsister. It seems he’s putting his energy into studies and personal growth, steering clear of any romantic entanglements or rumors. Coming from a family known for their good behavior, it’s likely his parents have set some clear guidelines for him. Right now, he’s relishing moments with his family, enjoying outings and attending these special ceremonies together.

The Parents of Oliver Elfman are Well-Known Figures in the Entertainment Industry

Danny Elfman, Oliver’s father, is a successful American singer, composer, record producer, and songwriter. His famous flicks include “Beetlejuice,” “Batman,” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

The father-son duo shares a remarkably close relationship, often seen traveling together and spending quality time, even at Danny Elfman’s workplace. It seems likely that the seasoned songwriter is taking the time to impart valuable insights about the entertainment industry to Oliver.

Bridget Fonda, Oliver’s mother, comes from a talented acting family. After marrying Danny Elfman, she retired as an actress. This sacrifice was made for her son and step-sisters, demonstrating her view that children should always come first, regardless of career or finances.

Fans of Bridget hold onto hope that the gifted actress might return to the screen in the future, as her talents are dearly missed. Oliver shares a deep and enduring connection with his mother, who has consistently been a pillar of support, ensuring he receives all the care and affection necessary to grow into a responsible and valued member of society.

Parents of Oliver Elfman are Still Married and Happy

Oliver Elfman’s parents, Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda, tied the knot in November 2003 after a period of dating. Since then, they have shared a happy and fulfilling marriage. Before finding each other, both Danny and Bridget had their own romantic histories.

Bridget dated Eric Stoltz for eight years before breaking up. Danny was married to Geri Eisenmenger, however their marriage was short-lived and ended. Two children from Danny’s previous marriage to Geri became Oliver Elfman’s step-sisters.

Two years after Danny and Bridget’s wedding, Oliver, their son, came into the world. The couple continues to share their lives in marital harmony, cherishing their bond even after many years of being together, and their journey together still continues.

Oliver Elfman’s Siblings

Oliver Elfman has two stepsisters, Lola Elfman and Mali Elfman, both from his father Danny Elfman’s previous marriage.

Lola Elfman

Lola Elfman, Oliver’s sister and the daughter of Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda, is a facilitator, coach, artist, and the founder of DevelopWell, a leadership development and executive coaching firm. With over two decades of experience in leadership development, Lola’s main focus lies in nurturing strong leaders and teams through community engagement. Based in Washington, DC, she actively pursues her profession and regularly shares updates on social media. Lola’s Instagram features captivating imagery, while her Twitter provides glimpses into both her personal and professional life.

Mali Elfman

Mali Elfman is a noteworthy figure in the American film industry, celebrated for her diverse roles as a film producer, actress, writer, and director. Her contributions to films like “The Party’s Just Beginning” (2018), “Neurotica” (2019), and “Fun Size Horror: Volume One” (2015) have earned her recognition and acclaim. In 2017, she made her directorial debut with the short film “Alien Guy Tim,” showcasing her versatility and creative prowess. Born to the renowned composer Danny Elfman and acclaimed actress Bridget Fonda, Mali hails from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. Alongside her siblings, Oliver and Lola Elfman, she has established herself in the film world, with a focus on production.

Mali is actively engaged on Twitter, where she shares updates about her personal and professional endeavors. Her dedication and talent continue to propel her success in the dynamic realm of film.

What is the Net worth of Oliver Elfman?

At just fifteen years old, Oliver Elfman, a talented singer and songwriter, may have started building his wealth through his burgeoning career. While his specific net worth isn’t disclosed, being the son of Danny Elfman, a multi-talented figure in acting, composing, singing, voice acting, and producing, certainly brings significant financial resources. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Danny is worth $50 million. He’s an entertainment industry star and a 1990s vocalist who worked hard to get famous. Oliver’s mother, Bridget Fonda, is a successful performer with a $10 million net worth.

This happy family lives in a 4,443-square-foot Los Angeles home with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a large pool. This property’s estimated worth exceeds $3.6 million. With such substantial wealth, Oliver, like other celebrity offspring such as Sunny Sandler, enjoys a lavish lifestyle in the vibrant city of Los Angeles alongside his family.

Final Words

Born from Hollywood nobility, Oliver Elfman became a renowned figure in the entertainment world at a young age. Oliver, like his parents Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda, composes, performs, and writes songs.

Oliver, who started his career in 2019, has won accolades and worked with renowned filmmakers. Being Boingo’s lead singer strengthens his status in music.

Oliver balances his profession with teen responsibilities and personal growth and education despite his early success. Step-sisters Lola and Mali Elfman and his close family support him.

Oliver’s net wealth is unknown, but his family of successful artists certainly helps. Oliver lives comfortably in Los Angeles with successful parents like Danny Elfman and Bridget Fonda. Oliver Elfman will continue to succeed and create art, guided by his creative and loving family.