Queen Cheryl: Wiki, Age, Internet Royalty Biography, Family, Career, Personal Life, TikTok Sensation, and More

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Queen Cheryl, an American TikTok influencer, is Cheryl McGregor. Her connection with the 24-year-old Quran made her famous. They posted dance, comedy, and viral challenge content on TikTok under @oliver6060. They danced and followed trends on TikTok to express their romance.

Queen Cheryl

Lip-syncing to songs and other popular audio and clips dominates their TikTok material. She joined TikTok in July 2021 and has over 2.7 million followers and 75 million likes.

Profile summary of Queen Cheryl

Real NameCheryl McGregor
Date of Birth10th July 1960
Birth Year1960
Age63 Years
ProfessionTikTok Star, Content creator
Birth SignCancer
Known ForHer age gap between King Quran and herself.
BirthplaceUnited States
HometownUnited States
SchoolLocal School in the United States
College/UniversityNot Known
Educational QualificationNot Available
Marital StatusMarried

Queen Cheryl Biography

Queen Cheryl was born on July 10, 1960, in Georgia, USA, to American-White parents. Her parents were Christians. As she stated on Instagram, she was born with an eating disorder. She joined TikTok in 2019, when it was exploding. Lip-syncing, dancing, comedy sketches, and lifestyle clips make up her fascinating content. Her personal approach and ability to connect with her audience set her apart

Queen Cheryl Career

Queen Cheryl has had a diverse artistic career. She sings, writes, acts, and models, making her a versatile entertainer. Cheryl rose to fame as a member of Girls Aloud. Her powerful voice and theatrical presence impressed her as the group’s lead vocalist.

Her career includes successful solo music, acting in films and TV shows, and modeling for well-known companies. Cheryl’s ability to switch between careers has solidified her image as a multi-talented and prominent artist.

Queen Cheryl Family

Queen Cheryl was born into an American-White Christian family.

Husband NameKing Quran
ChildrenShe had seven children
Brother NameRalph Maccio
Mother NameNot Available
Father NameNot Available

Queen Cheryl Age

Queen Cheryl is 63 and was born in the US on July 10, 1960. (As of 2023)

The Rise to TikTok Royalty

While Queen Cheryl’s rise to TikTok popularity was gradual, it was remarkable. Her early films displayed her amazing dance skills and engaging personality, gaining worldwide attention. As her followers grew, so did her creativity. She enthusiastically followed trends, challenged herself, and customised viral memes and audio recordings.

Her TikTok posts are funny and relatable. Queen Cheryl’s sincerity shines through whether she’s joking about common situations, impersonating celebrities, or sharing her life. Her viewers feel deeply connected to her sincerity, keeping them coming back.

Beyond TikTok

Queen Cheryl’s influence goes beyond TikTok. She’s also on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Her Instagram is full of fashion trends, behind-the-scenes photos, and personal moments. Her longer YouTube videos give viewers a fuller picture of her environment. Her intentional presence across many channels helps her interact with people and exhibit different sides of herself.

Queen Cheryl’s Personal Life:

Queen Cheryl wed. Since she is 63 and her attractive husband, King Quran, is 24, they married. Their marriage is official. The couple married in September 2021. While working as cashiers in Rome, they met. They soon started dating. The couple has 17 grandchildren and 7 children. Despite internet criticism about their age, the pair remains together and is happy.

Queen Cheryl’s Marriage

The September 2021 wedding of Queen Cheryl was a happy and unforgettable event. In a lovely ceremony, she and her spouse, King Quran, exchanged vows. The pair met while they were both working as cashiers at a store in Rome, which is where their love story started. As their bond grew, they quickly began dating. They made the decision to take this important step together in spite of their age difference. The celebration of their love and dedication to one another was their wedding. The couple, who currently have seventeen grandchildren and seven children, have come under fire and abuse on the internet because of their age gap. But their enduring love and strong relationship have triumphed, and as a married couple, they continue to lead happy and satisfying lives together.

Queen Cheryl’s Physical Appearance

Queen Cheryl looks stunning. She radiates elegance and grace with her smile. Her 5’7″ height adds to her royal appearance. Cheryl’s expressive eyes are wise and loving. Different hairstyles match her unique style, showing her versatility. Her timeless style, whether in unguarded Instagram photos or polished red carpet appearances, makes her a famous figure in entertainment.

Height5 Feet 7 Inches (5’7”) or 170 cm or 1.70 m
Weight60 kg (kilograms) or 132 lbs.
Body MeasurementsNot Available
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourNot Known

Queen Cheryl on Social Media

Instagram Accounthttps://www.instagram.com/Leolove_3/
Twitter Accounthttps://twitter.com/kingqurannewpag?lang=en
Youtube Accounthttps://www.youtube.com/@cherylandquran/featured

Queen Cheryl’s Net Worth

Queen Cheryl’s estimated net worth is approximately $200,000 (US Dollars), primarily stemming from her social media influence. Her TikTok account, boasting over 2.7 million followers and 75 million likes, contributes significantly to her online success and financial standing.

Queen Cheryl Famous Photos

Queen cheryl With her husband
Queen cheryl marriage

Interesting Facts about Queen Cheryl

  • Queen Cheryl is Cheryl McGregor. Her TikTok stage name.
  • Queen Cheryl and King Quran create TikTok content together. 
  • They collaborate on dancing videos, skits, and viral challenges.
  • They post their dances and other date moments on TikTok.
  • Along with TikTok, they have an Only Fans account for more intimate stuff.
  • Queen Cheryl’s TikTok account mostly lip-syncs songs and audio samples.
  • Since joining TikTok in July 2021, she has over 2.7 million followers and 75 million likes.
  • Queen Cheryl posts about her life and interests on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. In Top Form

Why is ‘Queen Cheryl dead’ trending?

When Quran, Cheryl’s lover on TikTok, uploaded a video in which he was clearly upset and crying, fans began to worry about the TikTok celebrity. On social media, rumors started circulating that Cheryl had passed away, but these stories were completely false. Quran swiftly responded to these allegations, assuring everyone that Cheryl was doing well. He made the statement, “People say a lot of things on the internet,” in response to a comment, underscoring the spread of rumors and false information online.


Finally, Queen Cheryl’s career shows her versatility as a singer, songwriter, actress, and model. From Girls Aloud to solo music, film and TV jobs, and modeling for prestigious companies, she has shown her versatility. Her interesting material and genuine connection with her global audience propelled her TikTok ascension. Queen Cheryl continues to enchant people on social media with her ingenuity and down-to-earth demeanor. Despite internet criticism, her unorthodox marriage shows her willingness to love and be happy. Queen Cheryl’s social media influence and financial worth make her a powerful artist and influencer.

Here are some Queen Cheryl FAQs:

Q: Queen Cheryl—who?

A: Queen Cheryl is a singer, songwriter, actor, model, and social media influencer.

Q: What made Queen Cheryl famous?

A: Queen Cheryl became famous through Girls Aloud. Her strong voice and stage presence helped the band top the charts.

Q: How did Queen Cheryl become TikTok famous?

A: Queen Cheryl’s engaging dance and personality launched her TikTok career. Her originality, humor, and sincerity were popular globally.

Q: How much is Queen Cheryl worth?

A: Due to her social media and influencer activities, Queen Cheryl’s estimated net worth is $200,000.

Q: Has Queen Cheryl wed?

A: Queen Cheryl married King Quran. They met as Rome cashiers and have been together since. They have seven children and seventeen grandchildren and are happily married despite their age gap.

Q: Where is Queen Cheryl on social media?

A: Queen Cheryl offers information, fashion inspiration, and personal moments on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.