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Reed Cross Howard
Reed Cross Howard

Who is Reed Cross Howard?

Reed Cross Howard, entering this world on the 12th of April, 1987, amidst the urban tapestry of Banksville, within the vast expanse of New York City, USA, stands today as a golfer of 32 years. His lineage, a captivating blend of Dutch, French, Irish, German, English, Scottish, and the noble Cherokee Native American heritage, paints a vivid tapestry of his origins. While Reed’s roots sprawl across diverse ancestral landscapes, it is his indomitable presence within the realm of golf that truly sets him apart, casting his familiar countenance upon television screens and the annals of media history.

One could posit that Reed’s foray into the realm of celebrity was virtually predestined, given his deep-seated connection to a lineage of high-achievers nestled within the entertainment industry’s hallowed halls. Most notably, his paternal figure, none other than the multifaceted luminary Ron Howard, ascends to the heights of recognition as a director, producer, wordsmith, and thespian of unparalleled distinction within the realms of cinema and the televised domain. Reed’s familial ties to the glimmering lights of Hollywood indubitably serve as a springboard for his ubiquity within the media’s watchful gaze.

Nevertheless, it is imperative to understand that Reed Howard is no mere beneficiary of his family’s illustrious legacy. He has, with unwavering determination, carved out his own trajectory towards success within the sphere of golf, amassing an impressive array of laurels over the past decade. His journey in the world of golfing prowess has not only proven to be a source of personal gratification but has also translated into substantial financial rewards.

In its quintessence, Reed Cross Howard emerges as a golfer whose life narrative is steeped in a captivating tapestry of ancestry, an enduring family heritage, and a personal tapestry of triumphs that have garnered him acclaim that transcends the confines of his celebrated surname.

Early Life

Reed Cross Howard entered this world on April 12, 1987, right in the heart of Banksville, New York City, USA. His history is incredibly diversified, blending Native American heritage with Dutch, French, Irish, German, English, and Scottish lineage. Reed, who is now 34, has established himself in the golfing world, but his journey began in a family where recognition was nothing new, thanks to his famous parents, Cheryl Howard (née Alley) and his father.

Growing up, Reed was the youngest among his siblings. He had the talented actress, director, and screenwriter Bryce Dallas Howard as his older sister, born in 1981. Alongside her were the twin sisters, Paige Carlyle Howard and Jocelyn Carlyle Howard, who are both accomplished actresses and screenwriters, born in 1985. With such a creative and accomplished family, it’s no surprise that Reed’s interest in sports found itself in the spotlight, alongside the family’s strong connection to the entertainment industry.

Reed’s educational journey began at Heritage Academy High School in his hometown, where he laid the foundation for his future. In 2005, he took the next step in his academic pursuit by enrolling at the University of South Carolina Beaufort (USCB). While the exact degree he earned remains unspecified, his time at USCB was marked by his involvement with the golf team. From 2007 to 2008, he proudly represented the university as a member of their golf team.

In essence, Reed Cross Howard’s story is a compelling blend of diverse heritage, a family deeply rooted in entertainment, and a passion for sports that led him down the path of golfing success.


Full NameReed Cross Howard
ProfessionGolf Player
Popular ForRon Howard’s son
Birthday and Zodiac
Age (As of 2023)36 years old
Date of BirthApril 12, 1987
Zodiac SignAries
Birth PlaceBanksville, United States
School/UniversityPepperdine School/Heritage Academy High School
Physical Stats
Eye ColorBrown
Net worthEstimated net worth
Family and Relationship
FatherRon Howard
MotherCheryl Howard
WifeAshley Gioaffre
SiblingsJocelyn Howard, Paige Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard
Social Media
Social MediaInstagram

Educational Background

Reed was born on April 12, 1987, in New York, United States. He is the youngest son of actor, director, and producer Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard. He has three older sisters: Bryce Dallas Howard, Paige Howard, and Jocelyn Howard. Reed attended Heritage Academy for his elementary education. He then attended the University of South Carolina Beaufort – Bluffton campus, where he played golf from 2007 to 2008. He then enrolled at Pepperdine University, where he graduated with a degree in film production in 2010.

While at Pepperdine, Reed Howard was a member of the golf team and competed in several tournaments. He also directed a short film called “The Last Day of Summer.” After graduating from Pepperdine, Reed Howard worked as a production assistant on several films and television shows, including “Arrested Development” and “The Descendants.” He also directed a few music videos.

Reed Cross Howard Age 

Reed Cross Howard came into this world on April 12, 1987, in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California, USA. Fast forward to 2023, and he’s about to celebrate his 36th birthday, proudly bearing the horoscope sign of Aries.

Now, let’s talk about his remarkable family. Reed’s parents are none other than Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard. True Hollywood great Ron Howard is his father. With an amazing resume of films to his credit, he has established himself as a versatile American actor and director. You may be familiar with some of his well-known works, including “The Music Man,” “The Courtship of Eddie,” “American Graffiti,” “Apollo 13,” “A Beautiful Mind,” and even “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

With such a talented and accomplished dad, Reed Cross Howard undoubtedly grew up in a household filled with creativity and inspiration. It’s clear that he comes from a family with a deep connection to the entertainment industry, which undoubtedly shaped his own journey in some fascinating ways.


Perched at an impressive altitude of 5 feet 10 inches and boasting a svelte mass of 60 kilograms, Reed Cross Howard possesses a physique that commands immediate attention. His towering stature, complemented by an affable countenance, possesses an inexplicable magnetism that ensnares a considerable contingent of admirers, predominantly of the fairer sex, during his journey through life’s labyrinthine pathways.

When the discussion pivots towards his distinctive attributes, Reed garners renown for his resplendent crimson mane and ensnaring hazel orbs. While an exhaustive dossier on his physical dimensions and anatomical structure eludes us, it’s reasonable to assert that his unparalleled charisma and genial disposition conspire to etch his presence indelibly into the annals of memory.

Reed Cross Howard Parents

In the epicenter of New York, USA, Reed embarked on his odyssey, warmly embraced by a compassionate and nurturing familial unit. Ron Howard and Cheryl Howard, his progenitors, emerged as pivotal architects of his existence.

Ron Howard, a luminary within the realm of entertainment, donned multiple hats as not just an actor but also as a luminary director and an impresario. His enduring legacy is etched in the annals of beloved television classics such as “Happy Days” and “The Andy Griffith Show,” not to mention his stellar portrayal in the cosmic opus “Apollo 13.”

Conversely, Cheryl Howard, a polymath of her own accord, has etched her identity as an erudite wordsmith and a luminary thespian, gracing both the silver screen and the realm of episodic television with her indelible presence. Her countenance may ring a bell from her roles in “The Incredibles” and the comically brilliant television series, “Arrested Development.”

Given the august accomplishments and boundless creativity of his parents, it comes as no surprise that Reed Cross Howard’s trajectory has been irrevocably imbued with the enchantment of the entertainment cosmos from its very inception.

His Father’s Profession:

In the realm of cinematic artistry and theatrical prowess, Ron, the father of Reed, emerges as a veritable jewel of American origin. His visage may be familiar to you, gracing the silver screen in some of the most seminal masterpieces in the annals of Hollywood, encompassing works such as “The Music Man,” “The Courtship of Eddie,” “American Graffiti,” “Apollo 13,” “A Beautiful Mind,” and the grandiose “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” to cite but a fraction.

The odyssey of Ron within the domain of entertainment traces its inception all the way back to the year 1959. It was in this epoch that he took his initial plunge into the maelstrom of the showbiz universe. His maiden foray into the world of acting unfolded with a role of indelible impression in the celluloid narrative known as “The Journey,” a chapter that heralded the commencement of a luminous and illustrious vocation.

Yet, Ron embodies a multifaceted persona that transcends the boundaries of mere actor and filmmaker. He dons another mantle, that of co-chairmanship at Imagine Entertainment, an indomitable titan in the realms of television and cinematic craftsmanship. Under his sagacious stewardship, the annals of Imagine Entertainment have been graced by the creation of cinematic gems such as “Inside Deep Throat” and “Friday Night Lights,” among a myriad of others. The indelible mark that Ron has etched upon the tapestry of this industry is nothing short of legendary, a testament to his enduring and profound influence.

Reed Cross Howard Siblings

Reed’s early years were filled with the company of his three remarkable older sisters: Bryce Dallas Howard, Paige Howard, and Jocelyn Howard. It’s quite the talented family, as all three of his sisters have made their mark in the world of acting.


In the realm of recognizability, the appellation of Reed Howard resonates profoundly with the masses. The origins of this resonance, one might deduce, owe much to the illustrious stature of his paternal predecessor. Nevertheless, it behooves us to acknowledge that this exceptionally gifted individual is progressively etching his own distinctive mark upon the annals of acclaim.

Within the confines of the United States, golf is more than mere recreation; it burgeons as an ardently embraced fervor. Post the completion of his academic pursuits, Reed embarked on a foray into the realm of golf as an amateur, a journey that spanned a year. His commitment and ceaseless toil have forged a path that has led him to grace august golfing spectacles such as the Wilmington Island Invitational, the Webber International Tournament, and the USC Aiken Invitational Tournament, to enumerate a few illustrious examples.

In the realm of his patriarch, one encounters a paragon of legendary stature within the domain of entertainment. The magnum opus of Ron Howard, indubitably, lies ensconced within the tapestry of “American Graffiti,” a cinematic masterpiece that not only left an indelible imprint but also attains the exalted distinction of ranking amongst the highest-grossing cinematic creations in history. Therefore, in the cosmos of cinema, it is manifestly prudent to aver that the offspring has inherited a legacy of prodigious talent and accomplishment, a testament to the axiom that the acorn does not fall remotely distant from the oak tree in the matter of aptitude and triumph.

Reed Cross Howard’s Net Worth

While Reed Howard has undoubtedly found success in the world of golf, the specifics of his net worth and salary remain a well-kept secret. However, it’s safe to assume that his hard work and dedication have likely allowed him to accumulate a substantial income.

Beyond his golfing endeavors, Reed also adds to his earnings as a celebrity through endorsements, lucrative deals, and advertisements. His family’s money, especially his father Ron’s projected $160 million net worth as of 2020, has contributed to his financial success. Reed is financially secure, even though the numbers are confidential.

Relationship Status

Despite being born into a world of wealth and fame, Reed took a unique path by not immediately diving into the spotlight. While his early relationships have remained a well-guarded secret, it’s no secret that Ashley Gioffre is the one woman who captured his heart. Before tying the knot in a sweet August 2015 wedding, as proudly posted by his father on Facebook, they dated for a few years. They are currently living a happy life together in the United States, keeping their precise location a closely-guarded secret. As of this writing, there has been no public declaration regarding their plans to start a family.

Reed, a patriotic American of many different ancestries, was always passionate about sports.  His educational journey led him to Pepperdine School and Heritage Academy High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After his academic pursuits, he embarked on an amateur golfing adventure, representing the USCB golf team from 2007 to 2008.

In essence, Reed’s life is a testament to carving his own path amidst the glitz and glamour of fame, with Ashley as his partner in this beautiful journey.

Reed Cross Howard Wife

Reed Howard is a contented and devoted husband. On a special day, August 8, 2015, he married Ashley Gioffre, his longtime love. They held an intimate wedding at their house in front of their closest friends and family in seclusion. The topic of children looks to be one for another day because the couple hasn’t made any public statements.

There are no rumblings of a divorce or separation, and their love story seems to be still going strong. Reed and Ashley are enjoying every second of their happily ever after.

Reed Cross Howard Kids

Reed and his wife Ashley Gioffre have expanded their family with the arrival of their precious daughter, Aspen Leigh Howard. This bundle of joy made her grand entrance into the world on April 26, 2019, filling their lives with the warmth of parenthood and adding a new chapter to their beautiful journey together.


  • Reed Cross Howard was born in Banksville, New York, on April 12, 1987.
  • He is the son of Ron and Cheryl Howard, famous actors, directors, and producers.
  • Reed has accomplished entertainers Bryce Dallas Howard, Paige Howard, and Jocelyn Howard as older sisters.
  • Heritage Academy High School was his elementary school.
  • Reed played college golf for USCB from 2007 to 2008.
  • He earned a film production degree from Pepperdine University in 2010.
  • Reed played golf for Pepperdine University and advanced to tournaments.
  • He was a production assistant on “Arrested Development” and “The Descendants.”
  • Pepperdine student Reed directed “The Last Day of Summer” short film.
  • Ashley Gioffre is his wife; they married on August 8, 2015.
  • Reed and Ashley have daughter Aspen Leigh Howard on April 26, 2019.
  • He loves golf and has played in several competitions.
  • Reed is of Dutch, French, Irish, German, English, Scottish, and Cherokee Native American descent.
  • Social media, especially Instagram, is his forte.
  • Reed Howard’s net worth is unknown, although his family’s riches, especially his father Ron Howard’s estimated $160 million, supports him.
  • Reed has pursued his own golf and entertainment career despite his family’s popularity.
  • He weighs 60 kg and is 5’10”.
  • Reed’s red hair and hazel eyes make him charming.
  • He has played in golf tournaments, demonstrating his skill.
  • Reed Cross Howard’s story includes family history, diverse genealogy, and golf success.

Final Words:

Reed Cross Howard is multidimensional, shaped by his prominent family and eclectic history. His golf love and family’s entertainment background have helped him carve his own sports and media career.


Reed Cross Howard famous for?

Golfer Reed Cross Howard is the son of actor and director Ron Howard.

Reed Cross Howard was born where?

Reed Cross Howard was born in Banksville, NY.

How many siblings does Reed Cross Howard have?

Reed has entertainment-industry-related older sisters Bryce Dallas Howard, Paige Howard, and Jocelyn Howard.

Reed Howard’s education?

Reed earned a film production degree from Pepperdine University after attending Heritage Academy High School.

Reed Cross Howard married whom?

Reed Cross Howard and Ashley Gioffre have a daughter, Aspen Leigh Howard.

Reed Howard’s net worth?

Reed Howard’s net worth is unknown, although his family’s riches, especially his father Ron Howard’s estimated $160 million, supports him.

Does Reed Cross Howard golf professionally?

Reed Cross Howard has played golf competitions.

How tall is Reed Cross Howard?

Reed Cross Howard is 5’10”.

Reed Cross Howard’s ethnicity?

Reed Cross Howard’s ethnicity includes Dutch, French, Irish, German, English, Scottish, and Cherokee.

Does Reed Cross Howard work in entertainment like his family?

Reed has dabbled in cinema and television, but he has focused on golf despite coming from an entertainment background.