Ryder James TikTok Star Bio 

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Ryder James, known as Ryderjamesss, is a TikTok celebrity and social media star. His TikTok account, Ryderjamesss, has over 2 million followers because to his compelling Point of View (POV) videos and lip-sync content. In addition to his TikTok success, Ryder has a YouTube channel, “Ryder James,” with 41,000 subscribers and diversified content. He has over 150,000 Instagram followers under i’m ryder james, cementing his status as a social media influencer and content creator. Ryder James’ amusing and accessible material continues to engage people across platforms.

Profile Summary OF Ryder James

Ryder James
Name Ryder James
Birth place 21 july 2006 
Date of birth California
Age 17 years old 
Height Feet & inches:5’4Centimeter 162Meter: 1.62 
Weight Kilograms: 53Pounds: 116lbs: 116 
Profession Tiktok , social media influencer 
Father Mr. james 
Mother Natalie 
Siblings Jassica murchison 
Nationality American 
Marital status single
Networth 300,000$

Who is Ryder James

Ryder James, known as Ryderjamesss on social media, is a notable and important figure. On TikTok, he became famous for his fascinating Point of View (POV) videos and hilarious lip-sync performances. Ryderjamesss has over 2 million TikTok followers and a loyal following.

Beyond TikTok, Ryder James has expanded his online presence on other sites. His YouTube account, “Ryder James,” has almost 41,000 subscribers. This channel may provide different content, increasing his digital influence. Other major social media platforms like Instagram have also helped Ryder’s fame. His Instagram account, Ryder James, has over 150,000 followers and shows his life and work.

Ryder James has successfully used social media to engage with fans and showcase his talents and ingenuity. His story shows the many potential social media offers content creators and worldwide communicators.

Ryder James Early Life


Ryder James, as Ryderjamesss, was born in California on June 21, 2006. He has posted several family images on Instagram, but he keeps his family information private. Ryder’s relationship with his mother, who appears in some of his videos, is significant.

Ryderjamesss has many activities outside of social media. He enjoys baseball and photography, taking classes in both. He wants to be a social media influencer.

Ryderjamesss is nice and enthusiastic. His audience appreciates his positivism promotion. His beauty has also garnered a large following, with many women admitting to having a crush on him. Ryder enjoys answering fan questions in his Q&A videos.

Ryderjamesss has kept his relationship status discreet. Despite liking both cats and dogs, he owns a cat. Ryder loves summer and beaches, which matches his cheery disposition.

Rise to Fame

Rise to Fame

On TikTok, Ryderjamesss began his social media journey in September 2020. He immediately gained a large following by posting short-form films, POV content, and lip-sync videos. His upbeat attitude and charisma helped him gain millions of admirers quickly.

Ryder debuted on YouTube in October 2020. Vlogs and Q&As dominate his YouTube channel, giving his growing audience greater insight into his life.

Ryderjamesss posts peeks of his life on Instagram. He occasionally posts TikTok clips on Instagram to engage his followers.

Ryderjamesss plans to establish a clothing brand in addition to his social media work. Pre-orders from eager fans indicate the anticipation of his apparel line’s launch.

 Ryder James Physical Appearance 

 Ryder James Physical Appearance 
Height Feet & inches:5’4Centimeter 162Meter: 1.62 
Weight Kilograms: 53Pounds: 116lbs: 116 
Hair colour Dark brown 
Eye colour Dark brown

Ryder james is 5’4″ (162 cm) tall. At 53 kilograms (116 pounds), he’s healthy. His dark brown eyes and hair enhance his beauty. This physical profile, captivating demeanor, and interesting material have made him popular on social media, where he continues to engage with a varied and increasing fan following.

Net worth 

Ryder james is a successful social media influencer worth $300,000. His millions of TikTok followers who frequently engage with his material contributed to this success. As he expands his online presence and explores new options, his net worth may climb. Ryderjamesss has used social media to connect with his audience and succeed online.

Ryder james social media 

Social media influencer Ryderjamesss is active on many platforms. He earned fame on TikTok, where he has over 2 million followers and posts POV videos and lip-sync performances. Ryder also runs “Ryder James,” a YouTube channel with over 41,000 subscribers. The channel lets him offer a range of things with his internet followers.

Ryderjamesss has almost 150,000 Instagram followers under “imryderjames.” He posts fashion ideas, behind-the-scenes photos, and Snapshots of his life outside TikTok. He connects with people and showcases his creativity on multiple social media sites.

InterestsRyder is a fan of baseball, enjoys photography, and aspires to be an influencer.
PersonalityHe is known for his warm and kind personality, an optimistic demeanor, and for spreading positivity.
Pet Lover:Ryder has a cat and has expressed his love for both cats and dogs.
Relationship StatusHe has not disclosed information about his relationship status.
Fashion LineRyderjamesss plans to create his own clothing line soon, with fan orders.
Physical TraitsHis height is 5’4″ (162 cm) and weight is 53 kg. He has dark brown eyes and hair.

Interesting facts about Ryder James

Interesting Ryder James facts:

  • Early Start on TikTok: Ryderjamesss began his TikTok journey in September 2020, where he soon earned recognition with his interesting material.
  • YouTube debut: In October 2020, he began posting vlogs and Q&A videos.
  • Positive Attitude: Ryder’s charisma and positivity have helped him gain millions of admirers quickly.
  • Instagram: He posts behind-the-scenes photos and TikTok videos on Instagram.
  • Future Clothing Line: Ryderjamesss will soon start his own clothing line. Pre-launch orders from his fans show strong interest.
  • A Pet Lover: Ryder has a cat as a pet and has shown his appreciation for both cats and canines. He dreams of owning a dog someday.
  • Beach Lover: He enjoys summers and spending time on the beach, suggesting his enthusiasm for outdoor activities.
  • Q&A Interaction: Ryder enjoys talking with his followers and often dedicates Q&A videos to answering their questions and engaging with his online community.

These data offer a deeper picture of Ryder James’s journey in the world of social media and provide insights into his interests and personality.


Overall, Ryder James (Ryderjamesss) is a rising social media and TikTok celebrity. His entertaining Point of View (POV) videos and lip-sync content earned him over 2 million TikTok followers. His upbeat attitude, ingenuity, and charm helped him become famous quickly.

Ryder started a YouTube account and posted photos on Instagram. Even in fashion, he aspires to start his own collection.

Ryder responds to fan inquiries in Q&A videos with a pleasant, positive disposition. Despite his rising fame, he stays humble and personable.

Ryder James’s rise to prominence is a tribute to social media’s power, and his fans eagerly await his future plans.


Many people have questions regarding Ryder James.

Q: Ryder James—who?

A: Social media star Ryder James (Ryderjamesss) is known for his captivating POV videos and lip-sync content on TikTok.

Q: Ryder James was born on what date?

A: Ryder James was born in California on June 21, 2006.

Q: How did Ryder James get famous?

A: Short-form clips, POVs, and lip-sync videos on TikTok made Ryder James famous.

Q: What social media channels does Ryder James use?

A: Over 2 million people follow Ryder James on TikTok. His YouTube and Instagram accounts have over 150,000 followers.

Q: What’s interesting about Ryder James?

A: Ryder James loves sports, photography, and starting a clothing brand.

Q: Ryder James’s height and weight?

A: Ryder James is 5’4″ (162 cm) tall and weighs 53 kg.

Q: How much is Ryder James worth?

A: Ryder James may be worth $300,000.

Q: Does Ryder James have pets?

A: Ryder James loves pets and has a cat. He wanted a dog in the future.

Q: Ryder James’s future plans?

A: Many of Ryder James’ admirers have placed orders for his apparel line before its launch.

Q: How does Ryder James engage with fans?

A: Ryder James frequently answers fan questions in Q&A videos.