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When Shane Deary wed the well-known actress Keri Russell, he became famous. In the middle of Hollywood’s customary chaos, their relationship developed into a poignant illustration of eternal love. Nevertheless, as fate would have it, not all love stories have a happy ending. Over time, the couple made the decision to part ways.

You might be wondering why Shane Deary and Keri Russell split up at this point. What does Deary do for a living and where is he right now, too? Follow along as we investigate these issues and others.

Early Life of Shane Deary

Shane Deary was born in Massachusetts, though the specific year remains undisclosed. Information about his parents and siblings is also not available, as his relationship with actress Keri Russell didn’t shed much light on his background. He was raised in Massachusetts alongside his younger brother by their parents. His father worked as a contractor, a significant influence on Shane Deary’s decision to pursue a career in contracting later in life.

As for whether Shane Deary pursued higher education after completing high school, that remains unknown. However, we do know that his profession as a carpenter stems from a childhood hobby. He assisted his father in constructing a farmhouse using reclaimed materials while still in high school.

Educational background

Shane completed his education at a high school in Massachusetts, though he didn’t disclose the specific name of the school. As for any further studies at a college or university, Shane hasn’t provided any details about that aspect of his life.


Shane’s father was a skilled carpenter specializing in contracting work, a trade that Shane was introduced to from a young age. He and his older brother would assist their father in his workshop, honing their carpentry skills. Over time, Shane became proficient in crafting furniture.

Later, he established his own venture named “Deary Construction,” focusing on tailor-made constructions, particularly wooden furniture. Collaborating closely with his brother, Shane’s company flourished, enjoying considerable success. Additionally, he undertook significant renovations on his family’s residence on Martha’s Vineyard, including the creation of a special garden for their children.

During his marriage to Keri, they collaborated on designing customized kitchen and bedroom constructions. These designs have been recognized and shared as exemplary practices by renowned magazines like “Elle Decor” and “LifeStyle.” Shane has a website for his company, offering details about services and showcasing his portfolio. While his company is based in Brooklyn, New York City, Shane himself predominantly resides in his hometown in Massachusetts.

Personal life, ex-wife Keri Russell

Shane and Keri met in 2006. Their friendship turned passionate after a short time. They married in downtown Manhattan on February 14, 2007, after becoming engaged late in the year. As the party progressed, Tribeca’s Harrison Restaurant provided dinner to everyone.

River joined their family in 2007. Willa Lou was born four years later in 2011. The two try hard to balance work and life. Their marriage ended in 2013 despite their best efforts. They enjoyed time together.

Shane and Keri decided on an amicable divorce to protect their children from conflict and blame. They split custody of their children as of 2019. Since their split, Shane hasn’t been linked in the media to a new relationship, and by removing himself from the spotlight, he’s been able to lead a more quiet existence.

In contrast, Keri started a new phase of her personal life. On the set of the television show “The Americans,” she ran into her coworker Matthew Rhys in 2014, and their romance quickly grew. They welcomed Sam, their son, in 2016. This is Matthew’s first child, and he currently lives in their Brooklyn, New York apartment with his blended family and his step-siblings.

Here is what the couple has been doing since divorcing

Since their divorce, Keri Russell has continued to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, appearing in various films and television shows. In contrast, Shane Deary has chosen a more private life, steering clear of the spotlight. He hasn’t been linked to a girlfriend recently. His business and children seem to be his priority.

Shane and Keri co-parent well despite their divorce. After their divorce in September 2013, they were seen together taking their kids to school three months later. In that same month, Keri moved forward in her romantic life, seen getting close with her co-star from “The Americans,” Matthew Rhys, in New York. Their relationship officially began in 2014.

Although Keri and Matthew’s characters, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, were a married couple on the show, their personal connection actually began in 2013. Interestingly, they had crossed paths more than a decade earlier at a kickball party, but romance didn’t spark at that time.

Following the divorce, Keri Russell welcomed her third child, a son named Sam Evans, in 2016 with her partner Matthew Rhys. The couple has been going strong ever since, prioritizing their careers and family life over rushing into marriage. They seem content and fulfilled in their current dynamic.

Shane Deary’s net worth

It’s estimated that Shane Deary’s net worth is around $4 million, which encompasses his earnings, assets, and income. His main source of income is as a contractor and craftsman. Despite his wealth, he lives simply.

These insights into Shane Deary’s life shed light on aspects that were previously unknown. Despite his preference for a private existence, he’s gained recognition as a renowned carpenter, with the prosperity of his business attesting to his skill. While the reasons behind the end of his marriage remain undisclosed, it’s evident that he actively participates in his children’s lives.

Appearance, clothing style

Shane’s got dark brown hair and a pair of hazel eyes that catch the light. Details about his height, weight, and specific measurements aren’t currently on record. In terms of fashion, he leans towards a relaxed and easygoing style. You’ll often find him in comfortable attire like jeans, leather jackets, hoodies, and other laid-back clothing.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

During his leisure time, Shane enjoys immersing himself in the waves, either through surfing or swimming. He’s quite skilled in surfing and has even taken part in competitions, clinching some notable prizes and earning a spot among the top contestants. Beyond the beach, he finds solace in activities like hiking, cycling, and getting lost in a good book.

As for his former spouse, Keri, she remains an avid enthusiast of dancing, finding joy in the rhythm and movement. Additionally, she delights in mountain biking, tending to her garden, and embarking on hikes into nature’s embrace. Keri has also shared that, in moments of unease, nothing soothes her quite like losing herself in music.

Social media presence

It might seem unusual, but it’s not just Shane who’s absent from social media – Keri doesn’t have an Instagram or Twitter account either. They both maintain a deliberate low profile, choosing not to divulge personal details to the public.

While fans of Keri have taken it upon themselves to create pages on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, sharing photos they discover under the hashtag #kerirussell, Keri herself hasn’t shown interest in establishing official profiles. She prefers to keep her online presence minimal.

Final Words

Shane Deary’s journey from a skilled carpenter in Massachusetts to a renowned figure in the world of custom constructions is a testament to his dedication and talent. His success with “Deary Construction” and his focus on wooden furniture crafting have solidified his reputation in the industry. While his marriage to Keri Russell brought him into the spotlight, Shane has chosen to lead a more private life since their divorce.

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Shane and Keri have prioritized co-parenting their children, River and Willa Lou, displaying maturity and consideration for their well-being. Keri has moved forward in her personal life, finding happiness with her partner, Matthew Rhys, and welcoming their son, Sam Evans.

Shane Deary’s net worth, estimated at around $4 million, reflects his success in his chosen field. However, he remains down-to-earth, opting for a simple lifestyle. His love for the ocean, particularly surfing, and his appreciation for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling offer a glimpse into his leisure pursuits.

In contrast to the glare of Hollywood, Shane and Keri have chosen to keep their social media presence minimal, valuing their privacy above public attention. Their deliberate decision to maintain a low profile is a testament to their focus on what truly matters – their family and personal well-being.

In essence, Shane Deary’s story is one of quiet achievement and steadfast dedication to his craft. His journey serves as an inspiration for those pursuing their passions, reminding us that success can be achieved with skill, hard work, and a commitment to one’s craft.


Who is Shane Deary?

Shane Deary is a skilled carpenter and contractor who gained recognition for his craftsmanship in custom constructions, particularly in wooden furniture.

When did Shane Deary marry Keri Russell?

Shane Deary married the well-known actress Keri Russell on February 14, 2007.

When did Shane and Keri decide to get a divorce?

Shane Deary and Keri Russell decided to part ways in 2013.

How many children do Shane and Keri have together?

Shane and Keri have two children together, River and Willa Lou.

What is Shane Deary’s profession?

Shane Deary is a skilled carpenter and contractor. He owns a company called “Deary Construction” that specializes in tailor-made constructions, particularly wooden furniture.

Where is Shane Deary based right now?

Shane Deary is predominantly based in his hometown in Massachusetts, although his company, “Deary Construction,” is located in Brooklyn, New York City.

What is Shane Deary’s net worth?

It is estimated that Shane Deary’s net worth is around $4 million, which includes his earnings, assets, and income from his carpentry business.

How has Shane Deary’s relationship with Keri Russell been since their divorce?

Despite their divorce, Shane and Keri have managed to co-parent their children amicably. They share custody and prioritize the well-being of their kids.