Shaun Holguin: The Police Officer Who Tied the Knot with Jodie Sweetin

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Shaun Holguin


Although Shaun Holguin’s name might not come to you right away, you might be more familiar with him as the ex-husband of Jodie Sweetin. American actress Jodie Sweetin is well-known and is best recognised for her role in the popular ABC series Full House. Beyond television, Jodie has acted in movies including Redefining Love, Yes Darlings, and Hollywood Darlings, which have all contributed to her reputation.

Shaun and Jodie’s love story was a brief one before they decided to tie the knot. However, their path had its detours, just like many famous relationships do. Let’s explore this couple’s narrative to learn more about what happened to them and how their relationship ultimately ended. To further our understanding of Shaun, let’s dig further into his past.

Who is Shaun Holguin?

American police officer Shaun Holguin has frequently been in the news for his commitment to law enforcement as well as his relationships with Jodie Sweetin, a well-known actress.

While Shaun’s name is sometimes linked to his previous marriage, Jodie Sweetin has established herself as a formidable force in the film industry.

I’ll go into some fascinating Shaun Holguin-related topics in this post that you might not be aware of. But let’s start by learning more about him before we go into those specifics.

Shaun Holguin Biography 

Shaun Holguin, the American police officer renowned not only for his dedicated service but also for his past marriage, came into this world on June 29th, 1978, in his hometown of Huntington Beach, California, in the United States of America.

Presently, Shaun calls Los Angeles, California, his home.

Belonging to a Caucasian ethnicity, he proudly holds American nationality. His astrological sign is Cancer, and in the family department, Ruben R Holguin, Marsha M Ayers, and Eric Holguin are some of his nearest and dearest.

As of today, Shaun Holguin has reached the age of 45, having experienced his formative years in the company of his parents and the siblings with whom he shared his upbringing.

In the realm of celebrities, we often yearn for open books, but it’s not uncommon for them, and their spouses or family members, to maintain a sense of privacy. Shaun Holguin fits this category, and as a result, much of his personal life remains shielded from the prying eyes of the internet.


Full NameShaun Holguin
Born Date29 Jun 1978
Age43 years
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneMoonstone
Lucky ColorSilver
Best Match for MarriageTaurus, Pisces, Scorpio
ProfessionPolice officer
Marital StatusMarried
DivorceJodie Sweetin
Eye ColorBrown eyes
Hair ColorBlack hair
Birth PlaceHuntington Beach, California

Shaun Holguin Education

When it comes to Shaun’s educational background, it appears that he has chosen to keep his academic credentials private. While it’s reasonable to assume that he may have graduated from a reputable American university, given his profession as a police officer, the specifics of his educational journey remain undisclosed.

Shaun Holguin Height And Weight

In the realm of physical appearance, Shaun is characterized by his brown eyes and black hair. Unfortunately, beyond these details, there’s a scarcity of information about his height, weight, or other specific body measurements available to the public.

Professional Life

Shaun works as a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, as we’ve previously mentioned. But there isn’t much more information accessible regarding his professional background.

In contrast, his wife Sweetin has established herself in the entertainment sector. She appeared in the popular TV series Valerie starring Jeremy Licht, Jason Bateman, and other accomplished performers.  Sweetin also had a notable role in the television pilot, Small Bits of Happiness, showcasing her versatility. In 2012, she took on the character Leia in the TV film Singled Out, further adding to her impressive acting portfolio.

Body measurements

In terms of his physical attributes, Shaun is often noted for his black hair and striking brown eyes. However, when it comes to specifics like his height, weight, or other distinctive physical characteristics, unfortunately, there’s a lack of available information.

Shaun Holguin Career

Shaun Holguin has made the decision to keep the majority of information about his line of work secret since he is committed to it in his professional life as an American police officer. But it was after he wed American actress Jodie Sweetin that he rose to fame.

Jodie started working in the entertainment business at a very young age. When she was just four years old, she appeared in her first advertisement as an actor for a hot dog. The American sitcom Valerie introduced her to television in 1987 when she was just five years old. Her portrayal of Pamela in the Boston Tea Party episode of the show’s second season, which aired on January 4th that year, marked her early foray into acting.

One significant milestone in her career was playing Leia in the 2012 television film Singled Out. She also ventured into the world of competitive dancing when she participated in the 22nd season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

Jodie’s big break came when producers Thomas Miller and Robert Boyett spotted her, captivated by her precocious talent and infectious smile. This encounter led to the creation of the iconic sitcom Full House, which would become the pinnacle of her career. In Full House, she took on the role of Stephanie Tanner, a character that would forever be associated with her name.

After a hiatus following the conclusion of Pants-off Dance-off in 1995, Jodie made a return to television by hosting the second season of the Fuse TV show. She even delved into dark comedy with her role as a suicide prevention specialist in the TV pilot Small Bits of Happiness, which went on to win the Best Comedy award at the 3rd Annual Independent Television Festival in Los Angeles.

In the following years, Jodie continued to showcase her versatility by working on independent films, including Port City and Redefining Love in 2009. She also made appearances in five episodes of the online series Can’t Get Arrested in 2011, solidifying her status as a multifaceted talent. And, as previously mentioned, she reprised her role as Leia in the 2012 TV film Singled Out.

Jodie Sweetin’s journey in the entertainment industry has been marked by a remarkable range of roles and experiences, with her portrayal of Stephanie Tanner in Full House remaining a beloved and enduring part of her legacy.


Despite giving his all as a police officer, Shaun Holguin hasn’t won any noteworthy accolades or awards. Jodie Sweetin, his ex-wife, has received praise for her work in the entertainment sector, on the other hand.

For her outstanding performance in Full House, Jodie received the Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Comedienne in a Television Series in 1990. This award recognized her talent and contribution to the world of comedy at a young age.

Additionally, she’s also been the recipient of Writers in Treatment’s Experience, Strength, and Hope Award, highlighting not only her acting prowess but also her resilience and inspirational journey in the world of entertainment. These accolades are a testament to her talent and the positive impact she’s had in her field.


Shaun’s romantic journey has seen him take two trips down the aisle. His current wife’s identity, however, as well as the identities of their kids, are still unknown. We do know that they have made Corona, California, their home. Since his divorce from his first wife, actress Jodie Sweetin, Shaun has deliberately maintained a low profile and avoided the prying eyes of the media.

In Santa Monica, California, at the lovely Casa Del Mar, Jodie and Shaun exchanged vows on July 27, 2002. Unfortunately, their union faced challenges due to Jodie’s struggle with drug addiction, eventually leading to their divorce in 2006. Since then, Shaun, the dedicated police officer, has managed to stay clear of any controversies or rumors, focusing his energy on his career. It seems like he’s chosen a path of privacy and professional growth in the aftermath of their separation.

Shaun Holguin’s Wife: Who Is She?

The romance between Shaun Holguin and Jodie Sweetin, an actress, has its ups and downs. When they initially came into contact and began a two-year love connection, their journey began in the year 2000. They made the decision to get married in July 2002 in order to strengthen their bond even more.

However, their marriage faced a significant challenge as Jodie became entangled in a world of drug use and associated with a group dealing with addiction issues. Meanwhile, Shaun, the dedicated police officer, found himself preoccupied with his professional responsibilities.

One striking aspect of their troubled relationship was the extent of deception. When questioned by a journalist, Ruth Andrew Ellenson, about whether Shaun was aware of her drug addiction, Jodie admitted that he had no idea. Their connection was incredibly secretive and covered up. Jodie said she would lie to Shaun when he knocked on the bathroom door while high on drugs, disguising the fact that she had lost a lot of weight and had difficulties sleeping, which was unhealthy.

The couple had a child, but its name is unknown. Unfortunately, their conflicts and separation occurred in 2006. Since then, Shaun has chosen to be single, and there have been no rumours of him beginning any new relationships. It serves as a reminder of the challenges they had while collaborating and how those challenges drove their paths to part ways.

Shaun Holguin Marriage

Shaun’s life has seen him take two trips down the aisle. His current wife remains a mystery, and reports suggest they have children together. They’ve put down roots in Corona, California, where they lead a private family life. Shaun has consciously decided to avoid the spotlight since divorcing his first wife, the actress Jodie Sweetin.

At Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, California, on July 27, 2002, Jodie and Shaun exchanged vows. Unfortunately, Jodie’s drug use caused problems for their relationship, which ultimately resulted in their divorce in 2006. Since then, Shaun, the dedicated police officer, has managed to steer clear of controversies and rumors, focusing wholeheartedly on his career. It appears that he’s opted for a life of privacy and professional growth following their separation.

Shaun Holguin Divorce

Shaun Holguin’s romantic history has centered around one significant relationship. There haven’t been any confirmed reports of him dating anyone since his 2006 divorce from actress Jodie. It’s important to note that there have been rumours that they had a child together, but the specifics of this child are still kept under wraps.

Let’s now explore the causes of Shaun and Jodie’s divorce. Unfortunately, despite the fact that their marriage appeared promising at first, it ended quickly because as they became closer, irreconcilable disagreements became apparent. Given that Jodie is a well-known American actress and Shaun is a devoted police officer, their relationship would have appeared to be a strange match on the surface.

But when it was learned that Jodie was engaging in illegal activities and was struggling with drug misuse, the underlying difficulties became clear. Shaun ultimately discovered the truth after originally being oblivious of his wife’s secret. He would ask what she was doing, and to her credit, Jodie didn’t try to disguise it. She admitted to taking drugs, often in the privacy of the bathroom.

Despite discovering her addiction, Shaun made valiant efforts to support her and sought professional help by taking her to a treatment facility where she spent six months at a stretch. Sadly, despite their best efforts, her illness didn’t get better, and this started to have a negative impact on Shaun’s career.

In the end, the strain was too much to take, and in 2006 Shaun took the agonising choice to split up with Jodie. Their struggle with addiction and the difficulties of trying to salvage their marriage in the midst of such adversity made it a terrible chapter in their life.

Shaun’s ex-wife Jordie Sweetin

Following their separation, Shaun Holguin seems to have maintained a low-key presence in the public eye. In contrast, Jodie’s romantic life took a different course. She tied the knot with Cody Herpin, a film transportation coordinator, in July 2007, just a year after her divorce from Shaun. Their union brought a daughter named Zoie into the world on April 12, 2008, but sadly, this marriage was also short-lived.

Jodie’s struggle with drug addiction continued to impact her personal life, leading to several unsuccessful marriages after Cody’s. On August 31, 2010, she and her ex-husband Morty Coyle welcomed Beatrix into the world. They decided to have a private ceremony in 2011 before having their marriage legalised publicly. Jodie unfortunately had issues with Morty, and in 2013, she asked for a divorce, which was eventually granted in September 2015.

Despite these challenges, Jodie remained persistent in her search for love. She started dating Justin Hodak, and after two years of dating, the couple became engaged in 2016. Their adventure together was, however, brief because Jodie dissolved her romance with Justin in 2017. Since then, there have been no known public reports of her having a romantic connection. Jodie’s love life, which definitely has had its share of ups and downs, reflects the challenges she has faced along the way.

Shaun Holguin Net worth 

Shaun Holguin’s estimated nett worth is $1 million, mostly from his police job. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that police officers earn $62,760 on average.

The projected $4 million nett worth of Shaun’s ex-wife Jodie is higher. Various sources say she makes around $700,000. She is wealthier than her ex-husband due to her successful entertainment career.

Social media

Note that this police officer is quite low-profile online. He’s not on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. His focus is on law enforcement, not the online spotlight that others seek. Serving and safeguarding his community is his priority.


  • American police officer Shaun Holguin works for the LAPD.
  • The newest information puts him at 45 years old, born in Huntington Beach, California, on June 29, 1978.
  • Cancerian Shaun’s lucky number is 6.
  • He is Caucasian and American.
  • Shaun Holguin’s academic background is unknown.
  • He has brown eyes and black hair, but his height, weight, and measurements are unknown.
  • Shaun has kept a quiet profile about his police work.
  • From “Full House.” Jodie Sweetin was his wife.
  • Jodie’s drug addiction caused their 2006 divorce.
  • Shaun’s relationship status has not been revealed since his divorce from Jodie Sweetin.

Final Words:

Finally, Shaun Holguin is a committed police officer who became famous for marrying Jodie Sweetin. Shaun has focused on law enforcement and kept a quiet profile while his ex-wife has had a successful entertainment career. Due to Jodie’s drug addiction, their marriage ended in divorce. Shaun prioritises his career and keeps his personal life secret.


Did Jodie Sweetin and Shaun Holguin have kids?

They had a child during their marriage, but the name and facts are unknown.

How much is Shaun Holguin worth?

Most of Shaun Holguin’s $1 million nett worth comes from his police employment.

What became of Jodie Sweetin after her divorce from Shaun Holguin?

Jodie Sweetin married several times and worked in entertainment. Her addiction and divorces were personal issues.

Does Shaun Holguin use social media?

Shaun Holguin is not on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. He keeps a quiet presence online and focuses on law enforcement.