Unmasking the Web of Laughter: The Origin and Evolution of the Spider-Man Pointing Meme

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spiderman meme
spiderman meme

An animated spiderman meme an accusing finger at a copy of himself is featured in one of the most well-known Marvel memes going around online. However, not everyone may be aware of the precise circumstances behind this meme’s emergence or its genuine genesis story. This Spider-Man pointing meme has circulated on Facebook and Twitter for years and appears in many online debates.

Spiderman meme is one of the most beloved superheroes, therefore it seems logical that he would star in a meme. Many of these memes spotlight relatable moments where two individuals share a common experience or trait. They also capture instances where someone is blaming another person for something they themselves are also guilty of, akin to the age-old saying, “the pot calling the kettle black.” Therefore, understanding the image’s origins adds an extra layer of charm to the Spider-Man meme.

Where Did The Spider-Man Pointing Meme Come From?

The iconic spiderman meme actually originates from the classic 1967 animated series, specifically from an episode titled “Double Identity.” Some people may not instantly recognise this specific animation, particularly in light of Spider-Man’s countless appearances in other animated programmes throughout the years. The programme, simply titled “Spider-Man,” debuted on ABC for its first two seasons before moving to syndication for its third and final year. In total, it featured 53 episodes and had Paul Soles providing the voice for the titular superhero. J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Vulture, Scorpion, Electro, Sandman, Green Goblin, Rhino, and other supporting players and antagonists from Spider-Man’s early exploits were included in the series.

The first and third seasons of spiderman meme included episodes that were segmented, with each episode including two distinct plots. In the second segment of the first season’s 19th episode, appropriately titled “Double Identity,” Peter Parker faces off against a former actor turned criminal named Charles Cameo. Cameo impersonates Spider-Man to steal valuable art but is abruptly interrupted by the real Spider-Man, who lands right in front of him. This dramatic moment, where both characters point at each other, has become the basis for numerous memes.

Each meme offers a humorous interpretation of what the two Spideys could be saying to each other since they are both wearing identical costumes and striking the same poses. In reality, Charles Cameo points at Spider-Man and exclaims, “That man is an imposter!” Spider-guy then replies, “That man is the imposter!” This sparks a later altercation, which ends with Spider-Man winning and, much to J. Jonah Jameson’s dismay, catching the art thief.

The Legacy Of The SpiderMan Meme

The image of the two Spider-Men pointing at each other has seen a plethora of captions and recreations over the years, having been in circulation since at least 2011. This meme has been embraced by fans, celebrities, and even politicians to draw amusing comparisons between individuals who either share an uncanny resemblance or are caught in identical activities.

One noteworthy occurrence was its recreation in Sony’s animated Spider-Verse movies. Towards the conclusion of “Into the Spider-Verse” in 2018, spiderman meme from Earth-67 is recruited by Spider-Man 2099, only for the two to engage in a humorous argument where they point fingers at each other. Similarly, in the sequel “Across the Spider-Verse” in 2023, the meme is multiplied multiple times as countless versions of Spider-Man start pointing at one another after Spider-Man 2099 issues a rather ambiguous directive to “Stop Spider-Man,” without specifying which one needed to be stopped.

As long as fans continue to find inventive ways to have fun with this image, along with other popular spiderman meme on the internet, we can expect them to stay relevant and continue to bring laughter to online communities.


Explore the iconic spiderman meme origins, dating back to the 1967 animated series episode “Double Identity.” Discover how this meme has evolved, captivating the internet for years, and even making its way into the Spider-Verse movies. Uncover the humor, charm, and endless creativity behind the Spider-Man meme that continues to bring laughter to online communities.


  • The spiderman meme originated from the 1967 animated series episode “Double Identity.”
  • The series, titled “spiderman meme,” featured 53 episodes and had Paul Soles providing the voice for Spider-Man.
  • The meme features a dramatic moment where two Spider-Men point at each other, which has become a humorous template for internet memes.
  • The meme has been circulating online since at least 2011.
  • It has been recreated in the Sony animated Spider-Verse movies, adding to its cultural significance.
  • The meme is often used to draw amusing comparisons between individuals who share similarities or engage in identical activities.
  • Celebrities, politicians, and fans have all embraced and shared variations of this meme.
  • The meme’s humor lies in the fact that both Spider-Men are wearing identical costumes and striking the same pose.
  • The spiderman meme showcases the enduring popularity of Spider-Man as a cultural icon.
  • It continues to inspire creative interpretations and remains relevant in internet culture.


What is the Spider-Man pointing meme? 

The SpiderMan meme features two Spider-Men pointing accusingly at each other and has been widely used online to create humorous comparisons or highlight identical activities.

Where did the SpiderMan meme originate? 

The meme originated from the 1967 animated series episode “Double Identity,” featuring Spider-Man and a criminal impersonating him.

When did the SpiderMan meme first appear online?

 The meme has been circulating online since at least 2011.

How has the SpiderMan meme been used in popular culture?

 It was recreated in the Sony animated Spider-Verse movies, including “Into the Spider-Verse” (2018) and “Across the Spider-Verse” (2023), showcasing its enduring popularity.

Why is the SpiderMan meme so popular?

 Its humor lies in the identical costumes and poses of the two Spider-Men, allowing for creative interpretations and comparisons between individuals.

Who has embraced the SpiderMan meme? 

Celebrities, politicians, and fans have all used and shared variations of this meme for amusement.

What is the significance of the SpiderMan meme in internet culture? 

It showcases the enduring appeal of spiderman meme and his ability to inspire creativity and laughter in online communities.

Are there other iconic SpiderMan memes? 

Yes, there are several other popular SpiderMan memes, each with its own unique humor and cultural references.

How can I create my own SpiderMan meme? 

You can create your own SpiderMan meme by finding a suitable image and adding captions or text to create a humorous comparison or scenario.

Is there an official name for the SpiderMan meme?

 The meme is commonly referred to as the “SpiderMan meme” due to its iconic imagery.