Storm Reid: The Rising Star of Young Hollywood Supported by Loving Parents

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Storm Reid embodies young Hollywood. Reid began acting young, but Emily in 12 Years a Slave, an Oscar-winner, was her breakout role. Her parents have supported and managed her acting career. Storm Reid’s parents? People remember Storm Reid from Euphoria, The Invisible Man, and A Wrinkle in Time, but there’s much more to know. This includes her parents, who made her famous in Hollywood. 

Quick facts 

Full name Storm Reid
Date of birth1st July, 2003 
Place of birth Atlanta, Georgia 
Age 20 year (as of 2023) 
Zodiac sign Cancer
Current residence Los Angeles 
Profession Actress 
Nationality American 
Ethnicity African-American 
Religion Christian 
Sexuality Straight 
MotherRobyn Simpson Reid 
Father Rodney Reid 
SiblingsJosh, Iman and Paris

Who are Storm Reid’s parents?

The youngest daughter of Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid is actress Storm Reid, 20. After producing daughters Iman and Paris and a son Josh, the couple had Storm on July 1, 2003, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Several web publications suggest Robyn has film industry connections, but they don’t specify who or where. She reportedly designs costumes and styles.

Storm’s father, Rodney, is a personal trainer, per YourNextShoes.

The couple understood early on that Storm’s desire of being an actor could work for their family. After their youngest kid turned 9, they moved from Georgia to LA.

This would be a good choice as Storm had her first professional acting role in “A Cross to Bear.”

According to Designer Women UK, Reid’s parents have always supported her acting career. Storm said she has nothing terrible to say about her parents’ influence on her fledgling career.

The young actress stated in a report that her mother advised her to cease acting, but she has not chosen to do so. I think everyone thinks that.”

It appears Storm Reid’s parents love her most. A Vogue piece found that Robyn, Rodney, and the Reid family’s cheeks light up while discussing the young actress’s profession.

According to the “Euphoria” star, her family is proud of her.

Storm Reid often uploads images of her with her parents, like this Instagram post showing her mom’s new house:

When Storm Reid was 9, her parents relocated to LA to pursue her acting career.

Storm was born July 1, 2003, in Atlanta. Robyn Simpson and Rodney Reid’s youngest child is the actor. They had four children: Storm, Iman, Josh, and Paris.

Storm’s parents undoubtedly encouraged her creativity. Robyn executive produced and created the 2004 short Poultry and Prejudice. What Rodney does for a living is unknown.

Storm told Teen Vogue in June 2019 that her parents are “really proud of me,” which makes her “feel good.” Additionally, her mother has always informed her she can quit performing anytime.

My mum has always said I could quit acting, but I haven’t really wanted to. I think everyone thinks that,” Storm told the site. They care about my happiness.”

Robyn and Rodney attend just as many Storm events. Her social media fans may have seen her and her mum more often. A video or Storm victory celebration invariably features the mother-daughter combination busting a move. A Cross to Bear actor tweeted a photo of her mother beaming in Storm’s made-for-her house in August 2022.

I imagined my mom saying, “Wait, this house is mine?” Yep. “Sho’ is,” Storm wrote beside images of her, Robyn, and their realtor, Ikem Chukumerije. We closed on our house today! I’m lost for words, but I’m grateful.”

“Days like today remind me that what is meant for you won’t miss you,” she said. Working hard pays off. My efforts will pay off. Mommy, I love you forever. We constructed a house hahaha. Crazy. @milliondollarliving, thank you for your support during this process. GOD DID IT!

How Storm Reid’s Parents Have Been Her Support? 

Rodyn and Rodney Reid, Storm Reid’s parents, knew she loved performing since childhood. Storm Reid, his youngest lucky star daughter, made Poultry and Prejudice a year later. Since Storm Reid’s father is unknown, she typically attends movie and TV premieres with her executive director mother, Robyn Simpson Reid!

After her mother’s producing business introduced her to acting, Storm Reid may have been encouraged to perform. In 2019, Storm Reid told Teen Vogue that she makes her parents “proud of her” and “feel good”. The teen actress said her TV roles reflect her parents’ confidence.

“My mom always said I could quit acting, but I haven’t wanted to,” Storm Reid said. I think everyone agrees.” Storm Reid’s parents helped her uncover her potential and start a life-changing career by enrolling in a prestigious university’s undergraduate program.

His parental freedom to select her career and schooling paid off, as the young celebrity now owns property and is worth USD 1 Million. Storm Reid claimed in Vogue, “as long as I’m happy, that matters to them.” These achievements demonstrate her parents’ influence on her career and education.

A Cross To Bear adolescent actress Robyn Reid bought her parents a beautiful home. The actress grew up loving and lavishing her parents.

After getting this great gift, Storm Reid’s parents smile! Storm Reid posted on Instagram that she often imagined her mother’s response when she gave Robyn Reid this beautiful mansion. She also thanked God for redeeming her and her parents’ labor! Her words: “I love you forever, mommy.” We built a house. Crazy. Thanks for your help, @milliondollarliving. God did it!

Storm Reid Height And Weight

In addition to her acting skills, Storm Reid is tiny and thin. Her height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) is above average for a US lady. Reid’s slim build at this height complements her young features. Reid weighs well for her height. Her weight of 54 kg (119 lbs) is good for her height and age. Her busy lifestyle, including sports and dancing from childhood, may explain her healthy weight.

Storm Reid Achievements

Storm Reid has achieved a lot in her young career. She has won over audiences worldwide with her acting skills. She made TIME’s 2018 list of most influential teens and Forbes’ 2019 30 Under 30 list. Reid also advocates for social justice and raises awareness of race and inequality.

Storm Reid Awards

Storm Reid has won and been nominated for various entertainment awards. She was named Napa Valley Film Festival Rising Star in 2018. She was also nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture and the BET Award for Young Stars.

Storm Reid and Shedeur Sanders’ relationship

Early this year, they announced their romance. In Reid’s film “Missing,” she walked the red carpet with the Colorado Buffaloes’ quarterback.

In a recent interview with Seventeen, Storm started her support for Shedeur’s sports career, regardless of her presence. I will cheer for the Buffaloes in the student section or wherever I am, wearing my number.

Colorado beat TCU 45-42 in Week 1 college football. Saturday, Sept. 9 is the Buffs’ next game against Nebraska.


Indeed, here are additional thorough FAQs based on the article:

1. What’s Storm Reid’s family history?

Storm Reid was born July 1, 2003, in Atlanta. Joshua, Iman, and Paris are her siblings, and she is the youngest. Rodney Reid and Robyn Simpson Reid are her parents.

2. Storm Reid’s parents’ occupation and career support

Executive producer Robyn Simpson Reid has film industry ties. She produced a short film. Personal trainer Rodney Reid. Storm’s parents moved from Georgia to Los Angeles when she was nine to pursue her acting career. They encouraged her acting career without pressing her.

3. What are Storm Reid’s career highlights?

Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and TIME’s most influential teens include Storm Reid. She won the Rising Star Award at the Napa Valley Film Festival and was nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture and BET Award for Young Stars.

4. Can you describe Storm Reid’s connection with Shedeur Sanders?

Storm Reid is dating famous quarterback Shedeur Sanders. Storm has publicly supported Shedeur’s sporting career. Their romance was announced at Storm’s “Missing.” premiere.

5. How has Storm Reid promoted social justice?

Storm Reid has advocated for social justice and racism and inequality concerns, according to the article. Her motivations and actions in this regard would be intriguing.

6. Can you describe Robyn Simpson Reid’s film career and executive producer work?

The article covers Robyn Simpson Reid’s film business ties and executive producer work. Her work and industry contributions would be interesting to read about.


In conclusion, Storm Reid’s success in Hollywood is a credit to her skill, perseverance, and her parents’ constant support and encouragement, Rodney and Robyn Simpson Reid. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Storm has three brothers and parents who saw her acting potential early on.

Robyn’s experiences as an executive producer and relationships in movies definitely shaped Storm’s career. However, Storm’s parents never forced her to behave and let her choose.

Storm Reid’s TIME and Forbes awards demonstrate her talent and dedication. Her determination to use her position to address social justice issues shows her desire to make a difference beyond acting.

Storm’s relationship with standout quarterback Shedeur Sanders shows mutual support for each other’s goals.

Storm Reid’s climb in Hollywood is a monument to family support, hard effort, and a profound dedication to change. Her story inspires young actors and anyone who wants to make a difference.