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Teri DeBarge has one of the most grounded and private lives despite being Bobby’s widow. Bobby, the lead singer of Switch, was recognized for his falsetto singing. AIDS killed the singer six years after their wedding, leaving two sons. In the 1990s, Teri became a famous American producer because she married a superstar. Although her life is unknown, her biography reveals unknown information.

Quick Facts 

Full nameTeri DeBarge 
Place of birth USA 
Age 60 years old (2022)
Ethnicity White 
Religion Christianity 
Height 5 feet 8 inches 
Weight 60kg 
Eye colour Black
Hair colour Blonde 
Sexuality Straight R
Marital status Widow 
Late spouseBobby DeBarge
Children Christian and Bobby DeBarge Jr.
Famous for Being the wife of lead singer Bobby DeBarge
Net worth $5 million 


Teri DeBarge, born Teri Lee Gayle, became famous after marrying Bobby DeBarge. Six years before Bobby died of AIDS in 1995, she was with him. After a brief courtship, they married on December 10, 1990. In the mid-1980s, they met.

Bobby was in his early 30s and Teri DeBarge was 15. Monique, El DeBarge’s ex-wife, reportedly helped Teri and Bobby get together.

Who was Bobby DeBarge married to? 

Teri met Bob at 15 and he was in his early 30s. On December 10, 1990, they married. The couple lived well and enjoyed each other. Bobby died of HIV on August 16, 1995, ending their six-year marriage. He was interred in Grand Rapids’ Garfield Park Cemetery. 

He was condemned to five years for narcotics trafficking before his death. Bob disclosed he had HIV in prison.

Teri Debarge Husband Bobby Debarge Information 

Bobby DeBarge leads Motown R&B/soul trio Switch. He was famous for his falsetto. He is the oldest of Robert and Etterlene DeBarge’s 10 children. On March 5, 1956, Detroit, Michigan, held Robert Louis DeBarge Jr.

Siblings include Etterlene, Thomas, William, Mark, Eldra, James, Jonathan, Darrel, and Carol. He also has five half-siblings from his father’s extramarital affairs.

Bobby was sentenced to five years for cocaine trafficking at 22. He started using drugs young.

He revealed his HIV in prison. Death by AIDS occurred on August 16, 1995. He was 38. Garfield Park Cemetery holds him.

Teri DeBarge, Bobby’s wife, where is she?

Marriage to American singer Bobby DeBarge garnered media attention for Teri. After Bobby died in 1995, she kept a quiet profile. She met Bobby at 15 and had her children in her late teens.

Teri has created several TV shows and movies on her late spouse. She produced the 2008 TV show ‘Unsung’ about famous R&B and Soul Gospel musicians.

Bobby’s life was told in her 2019 film Bobby DeBarge Story. She and Eric Tomosunas executive produced. On June 29, 2019, the film premiered. The film depicts Bobby DeBarge’s molestation, scandal, and other family issues.

Bobby DeBarge’s Gay Rumors and Relationship with Teri

Allegedly bisexual Bobby DeBarge. He dated gay Tony. They resided in a California condo for three years. Tony also died of AIDS.

Bobby DeBarge also dated Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya. She inspired “I Call Your Name”.

Teri reportedly had an affair with Randy before marrying Bobby then with El after Bobby’s death. We don’t know if this rumor is accurate.

Bobby Debarge Cause Of Death

Bobby gotten H.I.V. in prison. He grew gravely unwell. His relatives placed him in Grand Rapids hospice. His AIDS-related death occurred on August 16, 1995, at 39. He was interred in Grand Rapids’ Garfield Park Cemetery.

Christian and Bobby Debarge Jr. are Terri’s juniors

Teri DeBarge has two children, Christian and Bobby Jr. Christian DeBarge, her oldest son, married an Asian woman and had a daughter. Christian makes anime cartoons.

Her younger son Bobby DeBarge Jr. is involved in the family’s music. He sings falsetto like his father Bobby. He plays many kinds of music with his family, Eldra DeBarge Jr., Kristina, and Andrew. Eldra Jr., Andrew, and Kristinia are the children of El, Tommy, and James. They are DeBarge’s successors.

Fun Facts

  • Teri, unfortunately, stayed in marital bliss for six years with her husband before he died due to AIDS.
  • She is famous as the widow of the late singer Bobby Debarge and did not get into any relationship.
  • She does not have any social media handle

Teri Debarge Net Worth 

Usually, most of the general public, as well as the audience, are very eager to know about the celebrities’ fitness freaks, their dieting style, lifestyles, and net worth. Teri Debarge’s net worth is estimated at around $ 10 million and the source of her income is her profession. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Teri Lee Gayle?

Teri Lee Gayle is known as the wife of the late Bobby DeBarge, the lead singer of the Motown group Switch and a member of the DeBarge family.

Q. How old is Teri Debarge?

Teri Debarge is 60 years old as of 2023.

Q. Did Teri Lee Gayle and Bobby DeBarge have children?

They had a son together named Christian DeBarge.

Q. Did Teri Debarge remarry?

No, she did not get into any relationship after the death of her husband on 16 August 1995.

Q. Who are the children of Teri Debarge?

Teri is blessed with two sons, Christian Debarge and Bobby Debarge Jr.

Q. Is Teri DeBarge still alive?

Yes, Teri DeBarge is alive.

Q. How did Bobby DeBarge pass away?

Bobby DeBarge died of AIDS in 1995.


Despite her music industry stardom, Teri DeBarge, Bobby DeBarge’s wife, has kept a low profile. She married Bobby Young and worked on Bobby’s life-related projects as a producer following his AIDS death in 1995. Christian and Bobby DeBarge Jr., Teri’s sons, are musicians.

Teri has avoided the spotlight and social media despite Bobby DeBarge’s personal life accusations. Given her successful production career, her estimated net worth is $10 million. Teri’s perseverance and privacy have let her live a grounded life away from the public eye.