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Tinglan Hong

Tinglan Hong gained public attention primarily for being the former partner of English actor Hugh Grant. By 2018, Grant’s movies had collectively earned approximately $3 billion worldwide. Over the course of his extensive acting career, Hugh received numerous accolades, including the British Academy Film Award, Volpi Cup, an Honorary César, and a Golden Globe Award.

Delving into their brief romance, Tinglan was in a relationship with Grant for a period of time. However, they eventually parted ways after a relatively short time together. It’s worth noting that Hong also shares children with her former partner. Additionally, prior to her involvement with Hugh, Tinglan was romantically involved with the owner of the restaurant where she used to work.

Who is Tinglan Hong

April 1980 saw Tinglan born in Lishui, Zhejiang, China. Her birth year and month are unclear, however her family has a significant business history. Although their identities are unknown, her mother and father are successful businesswomen and her father is a sole proprietor.

Hong showed scholastic prowess above the norm while she was a high school student, despite the fact that the names of the educational institutions she attended are still kept secret. She sought and successfully completed a degree in hotel management at the University of Surrey in the UK after completing her high school education.

Rumors suggest Tinglan was an actress. However, there is no proof of this yet. She is a successful businesswoman and director of Bamboo Icon Ltd., which she created in 2015.

Her Education And Ethnic Details

In terms of her education, Hugh Grant’s former girlfriend attended a local high school in her hometown. Afterwards, she pursued studies in hotel management at the University of Surrey. Subsequently, Hong decided to delve into Travel and Tourism, ultimately earning a master’s degree in the field.

Moreover, Tinglan comes from an Asian background and holds dual nationality. Initially, she obtained Chinese citizenship in her hometown, but after a few years of residing in London, Hong went through the formal process of becoming a British citizen.

Tinglan Hong Height

Tinglan Hong, the renowned former girlfriend of actor Hugh Grant, has a height of around 5 feet and 7 inches, which is approximately 170cm or 1.70m. She is also documented to weigh about 127 lbs, equivalent to 58kg. However, specific details about her body measurements and other relevant information are currently unavailable.

How Tinglan Hong and Hugh Grant Met

Tinglan and Hugh’s story began at a Chinese restaurant where she held a receptionist position. Their connection gradually grew from there. Hugh started frequenting the restaurant more often, but they both aimed to keep their relationship low-key, away from the prying eyes of the media. During this time, Tinglan was aware that Hugh was involved with another woman, yet this didn’t seem to bother her. It’s believed that they officially started dating sometime around 2010.

Initially, their relationship was perceived as a passing romance. However, things took a serious turn when Tinglan became pregnant with their first child, Tabitha Xaioxi Grant, who came into the world on September 26, 2011.

Their Relationship Soon Turned Complicated

Roughly a year following the birth of their daughter, the couple went their separate ways. Hugh was reported to be engaged to Anna Eberstein, his future wife. Curiously, Anna welcomed the actor’s second child, John Mungo, in September 2012.

Just a few months later, Hugh’s first child’s mother, Tinglan, gave birth to their second child together, and it marked the actor’s third. This meant he was involved with both women simultaneously. Their second child, Felix Chang, arrived in December 2012.

This rather intriguing series of events drew considerable attention from the media and public. Hugh Grant faced criticism for his perceived recklessness and womanizing ways, given his involvement with multiple women. However, with time, the tabloids shifted their focus, praising him for his evident dedication and love as a father to his children.

All About Hugh Grant’s Career, Tinglan Hong’s Partner

Hugh Grant, a well-known actor with an amazing resume that includes more than 70 performing parts, was Tinglan’s former partner. The 1982 movie “Privileged” served as the beginning of his career. The Detective, Jenny’s War, Honour, Profit & Pleasure, and The Last Place on Earth were just a few of the television productions in 1985 in which Grant made an appearance. He had cameos in TV shows the following year, including “A Very Peculiar Practice,” “Ladies in Charge,” and “Shades of Darkness.”

Hugh has been a part of a huge number of films and TV shows during the course of his career. But he’s best known for his work on costume dramas, including well-known works like “Maurice,” “Remains of the Day,” “Sense and Sensibility,” and “Restoration.”

In addition, the actor attracted much recognition for his performance in the 1994 romantic comedy “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”

Hugh Grant’s two children are raised by Hong, her ex-boyfriend

In the same year that Hugh and his ex-girlfriend began their relationship, they celebrated the arrival of their first daughter, Tabitha Grant, in October 2011. They also bestowed upon her the Chinese name Jing Xi (驚喜), which translates to “happy surprise”.

However, their paths diverged in 2012. Tinglan and Hugh went their separate ways, and the actor entered a short-lived romance with Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein. Notably, in September of that year, he welcomed a son with Anna.

Following Hugh’s separation from Anna, the acclaimed actor rekindled his connection with Tinglan in late 2012. Once again, they embraced the joy of parenthood with the birth of their second child, Felix Chang Hong Grant.

Yet, as mentioned earlier, their relationship followed an on-and-off pattern. After Felix’s arrival, the former couple ultimately decided to bring their romantic involvement to a permanent close.

Who gained custody of Tinglan’s children?

No public records indicate Tinglan and her ex-boyfriend have had child custody battles. Their kids are probably co-parented since their split. Hong is known for being private, hence her parenting style is unknown.

Meanwhile, Hugh is putting in his utmost effort to shower his kids with paternal love and care. The actor has figured out how to ensure his children have a great time with him, and he makes sure of it.

What Has Tinglan Hong Been Up To Since Her Split From Hugh Grant?

Currently, Tinglan, a mother of two, has chosen to lead a quiet life, distancing herself from the media spotlight since her separation from ex-boyfriend Hugh. She keeps both her romantic and professional life private. As a result, details about what Tinglan is up to these days or whether she is dating anyone are not commonly discussed.

One interesting aspect known about her life is that Tinglan reportedly resides in a £1.2 million house in Fulham, West London. This property was purchased by the Love Actually star himself.

On the flip side, after various relationships, Hugh eventually tied the knot for the first time with his partner and mother of his three children, Anna Eberstein. They exchanged vows on May 25, 2018, in a low-key civil ceremony at the Chelsea Register Office in London, as reported by People magazine.

In An Interview With Former Partner

The host delved into Hugh Grant’s career, highlighting the success of the movie ‘Nine Months’ and the unfortunate incident when he was apprehended for soliciting an unknown prostitute in Los Angeles. What stood out was how Grant took responsibility for his actions without offering any excuses to mitigate the situation.

Fortunately, this didn’t derail his career; in fact, it continued to flourish with numerous roles pouring in. During this challenging period, actress Elizabeth stood by his side, and they became an exceptional couple.

However, their relationship has evolved into a deep friendship over time. When asked about their current dynamic, the actor revealed that they’re akin to siblings, exchanging playful and silly messages to this day. He went on to share that the hardships they faced and the tough situations they weathered together on their journey from nothing to something forged an unbreakable bond between them. He held Elizabeth in high regard and sincerely wished for her happiness.

She was given a court order to stop any news coverage

Tinglan Hong found herself in an incredibly difficult situation, where her life became almost unbearable, prompting her to seek help. Despite her earnest efforts to maintain privacy in her relationship with Grant, it eventually came to light in an article titled “Hugh’s Secret Girl,” which also speculated about her pregnancy.

Tinglan was persistently chased by paparazzi after this discovery, often being shot without her agreement. When she was seven months pregnant with her first child, Tabitha, she started receiving unidentified calls on her mobile and landlines.

She had to change her phone number to avoid journalist calls and messages. Even after giving birth to Tabitha, paparazzi followed her every move, causing Tinglan distress and difficulty.

Is Hong Available On Instagram?

The ex-girlfriend of Hugh Grant, Tinglan Hong, is not frequently seen on Instagram. This applies to her other social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter as well. Similar to this, Grant seems to be live a low-key life away from the media’s relentless scrutiny. Although he has a number of accounts, none of them have been formally validated.

Final Words

Tinglan Hong, a woman of both Chinese and British heritage, gained public attention due to her relationship with the renowned English actor, Hugh Grant. Despite their relatively brief romance, they share the joys and responsibilities of parenting two children. Since their separation, Tinglan has chosen a private life, away from the media’s gaze. Her successful career as a businesswoman and director of Bamboo Icon Ltd. is a testament to her capabilities. Tinglan’s dedication to maintaining her privacy amidst media scrutiny highlights her strength and resilience. Her story is one of navigating fame while prioritizing personal boundaries.