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tudor dixon husband
tudor dixon husband

Tudor Dixon is quite the multi-talented individual! She is a media star, businesswoman, and American politician. As a news anchor for America’s Voice News since 2019, you may remember her.

Tudor is unique because of her broad experience in the business sector. She is incredibly knowledgeable in that field. However, her vocal support of working-class families and her observations on the economic effects of the 2020 pandemic were what really grabbed people’s attention.

In essence, Tudor Dixon is a versatile professional who’s made her mark in politics, business, and the media, all while championing the cause of everyday folks during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Tudor Dixon Husband – Who Is Aaron William Dixon?

Meet Aaron William Dixon, the man behind the scenes and the husband of the accomplished American businesswoman Tudor Dixon. Aaron wears many hats in his professional life; he’s not just any CEO, but a money manager, too.

What makes their partnership even more inspiring is how he’s been a rock-solid support for Tudor in her political journey. In 2023, he’ll be turning 51, and their love story traces back to their college days at Kentucky University.

But Aaron isn’t just a business whiz; he’s also a savvy investor. He’s poured his resources into various sectors, from energy to transportation and agriculture. Their marital journey spans over a decade, which speaks volumes about their strong bond.

Aaron is certainly involved, even though he may not always be in the spotlight. The man who works tirelessly in the background to support his wife both financially and emotionally is him.

Privacy is a scarce commodity in the realm of politics. Politicians in this field are always subject to media attention and public criticism. That’s why many people, like Aaron, prefer to stay out of the limelight and instead choose to stand by their loved ones, offering unwavering support from the shadows.

Who is Tudor Dixon?

Celebrated for her varied upbringing and her foray into politics, Tudor Dixon is a well-known personality in American politics and the media. Her career started when she became well-known as a former conservative news host and used her position to share her thoughts and engage with a diverse range of viewers.

What truly distinguishes Tudor Dixon is her remarkable journey as a survivor of breast cancer. Her battle against this life-threatening illness not only showcased her incredible strength but also enabled her to form deep connections with countless individuals who were going through similar challenges. Her personal encounter with cancer undeniably played a pivotal role in shaping her views on healthcare and her commitment to advocacy in this field.

In 2022, Tudor Dixon made headlines by securing the Republican nomination for the Michigan governorship. Her candidacy was a fusion of her extensive media background and her newfound political aspirations, drawing significant attention and support from conservatives across the state. Tudor Dixon’s story is a testament to her unwavering determination and her dedication to making a meaningful impact in the worlds of politics and healthcare.

Tudor Dixon’s Biography

As of 2023, Tudor Dixon, who was born on May 5, 1977, is 46 years old. Her American birthplace and upbringing, Naperville, Illinois, is where her roots are rooted. She currently resides in Muskegon City, Michigan.

Her academic path culminated in her 1998 bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Kentucky. She attended Naperville Central High School for her high school education, where she perhaps started laying the groundwork for her future pursuits.


Tudor Dixon, a true American, hails from Muskegon, Michigan, USA. Her special day falls on the 5th of May, and she goes by the affectionate nickname Tudor. With the zodiac sign Taurus, she carries the traits of determination and resilience that come with it.

Her educational journey began at a local institute in her hometown, where she completed her high school education. Afterward, she set her sights on higher learning and embarked on a journey to the University of Kentucky. There, she pursued a BA in Psychology, a four-year course that saw her proudly graduate in 1998.

Tudor Dixon’s career path has been nothing short of diverse. Her professional experiences range from managing sales to tackling news anchoring, and currently, she’s considering a candidacy for governor. One thing has remained constant throughout her life’s numerous turns and turns: her unyielding focus and desire to face every challenge that comes her way.

Full Real NameTudor Makary Dixon
NameTudor Dixon
Age (as of 2023)46 years old
Popular forCompeting in the elections of Governor of Michigan
Date of BirthMay 5, 1977
EducationGraduate in Psychology
SchoolNaperville Central High School
UniversityUniversity of Kentucky
Current ResidenceNorton Shores, Michigan
Place of BirthNaperville, Illinois
Net worth$650k USD (approx.)
Zodiac SignTaurus
PartyRepublican Party
Height (approx.)In Feet Inches: 5′ 5″
Weight (approx.)In Kilograms: 56 kg

Tudor Dixon’s Educational Background

Tudor Dixon’s educational journey took her through the halls of Naperville Central High School for her schooling. Once she crossed that milestone, in the year 1998, she proudly achieved her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Kentucky.

Tudor Dixon: Age

In the bustling metropolis of London, England, Tudor Dixon, graced the world with his presence on the 29th of August, 1988. He emerged into existence, a scion of thespian lineage, inheriting the dramatic legacy of his family. His formative years unfolded amidst the opulence and allure of the showbiz realm, effectively steering the course of his fate from a tender age.

Fast-forward to today, Tudor Dixon, now standing at the ripe age of 32, has blossomed into an authentic luminary within the domain of acting. His odyssey has been nothing short of extraordinary, elevating him to the status of one of the most sought-after thespians in the nation. His prodigious talent, meticulously cultivated over the passage of time, has not only secured him a revered niche in the entertainment milieu but has also captured the hearts of discerning critics and ardent admirers alike.

Tudor’s portfolio is replete with an array of cinematic and televisual productions, each portrayal leaving an enduring imprint on the souls of spectators. His unwavering commitment and consummate artistry have not only etched his name indelibly in the annals of dramaturgy but have also conferred upon him a venerated stature in the esteem of his contemporaries and a devoted following among the masses.

Tudor Dixon: Height

Loftily towering at an impressive stature of 6 feet 4 inches, Tudor Dixon possesses not only a formidable height but also a svelte, athletically sculpted physique that he has assiduously nurtured throughout the years. His arresting visage undeniably constitutes a contributing factor to his triumphs within the realm of thespian artistry.

Tudor’s odyssey in the domain of acting is not a mere product of serendipity; it stands as an unequivocal testament to his innate talent and unwavering devotion. He has succeeded in etching his name indelibly into the annals of entertainment, securing reverence and adulation from every quarter.

His track record serves as a tangible demonstration of his acumen as an thespian. Tudor has graced the silver screen in a plethora of cinematic productions and television ventures, consistently delivering portrayals that have elicited accolades from both discerning critics and captivated audiences alike. His journey stands as a manifestation of his extraordinary aptitude and unswerving dedication to his artistic craft.

Personal Life 

In the realm of her personal life, Tudor Dixon wears the badge of a contented wife and a loving mother. As she proudly states on her website, she’s not just a woman of many talents but also a devoted spouse and a mom to four wonderful children.

Tudor’s heart belongs to Aaron Dixon, her partner in life for well over a decade. It’s a touching story of love that supposedly began when they were students at the University of Kentucky together, pursuing their academic goals. The length of their love story is evidence of how strong their relationship is.

Tudor Dixon Family, Siblings (Nationality & Ethnicity)

While the world may be aware of Tudor’s spirited campaign for the Governor of Michigan election on August 2, 2022, few know of the sorrow that has been weighing on her heart. Amidst the whirlwind of her election schedule, Tudor has been grappling with a profound loss, as her father, Vaughn William Makary, passed away on June 22, 2022, at the age of 73.

Vaughn Makary led a life in the world of business, leaving a legacy of his own. Tudor’s family also faced the grim impact of the pandemic, as her grandmother fell victim to Covid-19 in 2020.

As for the rest of Tudor’s family, much remains shrouded in privacy. However, we do have some names that have surfaced – Cathy William Makary and Aaron William Dixon. In the midst of personal and public challenges, Tudor continues to press forward with determination.

BrotherNot Known
SisterNot Known
Father’s NameVaughn William Makary
Mother’s NameNot Known


The question often arises regarding Tudor Dixon’s religious beliefs, and the answer is quite clear. Tudor practices Christianity, and her faith in it is an integral part of her life.

Although she was born in the United States and holds American nationality, her roots trace back to Lebanon, giving her a mixed ethnicity. This blend of backgrounds enriches her cultural heritage. And in the realm of astrology, Tudor falls under the sign of Taurus, embodying the traits associated with this zodiac sign.

Tudor Dixon Nationality

Tudor Dixon’s nationality is conspicuously American, an undeniable fact. Conceived and nurtured within the boundaries of the United States, she has unfailingly borne the banner of American identity with profound fervor throughout the entirety of her existence. Her profound patriotism and unswerving commitment to her homeland manifest resoundingly in her unrelenting dedication to making her most substantial contributions to her cherished nation.

Tudor Dixon’s Career

Tudor Dixon’s nationality is conspicuously American, an undeniable fact. Conceived and nurtured within the boundaries of the United States, she has unfailingly borne the banner of American identity with profound fervor throughout the entirety of her existence. Her profound patriotism and unswerving commitment to her homeland manifest resoundingly in her unrelenting dedication to making her most substantial contributions to her cherished nation.Tudor Dixon is a well-known conservative political commentator and a successful American businesswoman. Even though she ultimately lost to the incumbent Democrat, Gretchen Whitmer, her Republican candidacy for governor of Michigan in the 2022 election attracted a lot of attention.

Tudor, who was born in Naperville, Illinois, in 1977, attended the University of Kentucky and graduated in 1998 with a degree in psychology. She entered the corporate world after graduating and took a job as an executive at her father’s steel foundry. Notably, she also dabbled in acting, appearing in the vampire web series “Transitions: The Serial” and the low-budget horror movie “Buddy BeBop vs. the Living Dead” in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

In 2017, Tudor co-founded Lumen Student News, an educational outlet focused on creating courses with a conservative perspective for elementary school children. However, the venture eventually shuttered. Her career took a political turn in 2018 when she became a conservative commentator, hosting the weekly news and opinion show “America’s Voice Live” on Real America’s Voice.

In 2021, Tudor announced her intent to run for the governor’s office in Michigan. Her campaign revolved around a staunchly conservative platform, advocating against abortion, gun control, and critical race theory, and pledging to “fix the damn roads” in the state. She secured the Republican nomination in August 2022 but faced a tough battle in the general election against Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who ultimately won with a 10.6 percent margin.

Tudor Dixon’s outspoken views, past acting roles, and comments on various issues, including Iranians and Muslims, have often stirred controversy. Nevertheless, she commands a significant following among conservative voters in Michigan, suggesting that she will continue to be a notable political figure in the state for years to come.

Here is a summary of Tudor Dixon’s career:

  • An executive at her father’s steel foundry (2002-2009)
  • Actress (2008-2011)
  • Co-founder of Lumen Student News (2017)
  • Conservative commentator (2018-present)
  • Republican nominee for Governor of Michigan (2022)

Tudor Dixon’s Net Worth

In the realm of entertainment, Tudor Dixon unquestionably stands as a prominent luminary, and his remarkable accomplishments have not evaded recognition. Boasting an estimated fortune of $2 million, he has meticulously etched a distinguished niche for himself within the sphere of thespian artistry.

At the age of 32, Tudor towers impressively at a lofty stature of 6 feet and 4 inches, casting an imposing shadow with his formidable presence. His voyage through the annals of acting has seen him grace the silver screen in a plethora of cinematic productions and television presentations, where his thespian exhibitions have invariably elicited plaudits from both discerning critics and appreciative audiences alike.

The odyssey of Tudor Dixon in the domain of entertainment serves as an irrefutable testament to his innate talent and unwavering commitment. He is not merely an actor; he is a figure held in high esteem, his legacy indelibly woven into the tapestry of the entertainment realm.

Tudor Dixon Children 

Tudor Dixon, born on May 5, 1977, is set to turn 45 in 2023. Her roots trace back to Naperville, Illinois, where she spent her formative years. Today, she calls Muskegon City, Michigan, her home in the United States.

Her family includes her father, Vaughn Makary, who held a director’s role in a steel foundry, and her mother, Catherine Makary, who dedicated her time to being a housewife. It’s a family that saw Tudor once serving as an executive in the same business.

However, the family faced a profound loss in June 2022 when Vaughn Makary passed away at the age of 73.

In 2018, Tudor Dixon transitioned into the role of a conservative commentator, making waves with her weekly show, “America’s Voice Live” on Real America’s Voice. Her viewpoints have touched on issues like restrictive hijabs and contentious topics like Iranian parental practices.

Her political journey led her to declare her candidacy for the Republican Party’s nomination in the 2022 Michigan governor’s election, seeking to succeed Gretchen Whitmer. With a firm allegiance to former President Trump and the backing of fellow party members, she embarked on this ambitious path.

Although Tudor Dixon faced a setback in the general election, where she garnered fewer votes than the base Republican vote, she did secure victory in the Republican primary in August 2022.

A significant part of Tudor’s life revolves around her role as a mother. She has four daughters, although their names remain undisclosed to the public. One of her daughters is named Elin. Tudor occasionally shares glimpses of her family on social media, proudly describing herself as the “mom of four lovely little women” on her Instagram page.

Her decision to shield her daughters from the media’s prying eyes is a wise one. The digital world can be harsh, especially for young minds. It’s a conscious choice to protect their innocence and mental well-being from the pressures that fame and scrutiny can bring.

Social Media

Tudor Dixon is well-known for her social media presence, where she shares her thoughts and experiences to engage with a growing audience. She has almost 8,000 followers on Instagram under the username @tudordixon, which is really impressive.

She uses Twitter as well, and her account has about 56,100 followers. She participates in conversations and offers her opinions on a range of subjects here.

On Facebook, you’ll discover her official page, simply under her name. It’s gained a significant following of approximately 14,000 people, who stay connected with her updates and insights.

If you’d like to learn more about other individuals like Kate Bedingfield, Trevor Mahlon Eason, or Eric Greitens, feel free to ask, and I’ll be happy to provide you with information about them as well.


  • Aaron William Dixon is the husband of Tudor Dixon, a well-known American politician and media personality.
  • He is a successful businessman and money manager, involved in various sectors including energy, transportation, and agriculture.
  • Aaron has been a strong support for Tudor throughout her political journey.
  • The couple met during their college days at the University of Kentucky.
  • Aaron Dixon is turning 51 in 2023, indicating a long-standing relationship with Tudor.
  • He prefers to stay out of the public eye, focusing on supporting his wife both financially and emotionally.
  • Aaron is known for his expertise in business, which complements Tudor’s diverse career.
  • Their partnership showcases a strong bond that has lasted for over a decade.
  • Aaron’s investment portfolio spans across different industries, highlighting his financial acumen.
  • Privacy is a cherished commodity in the world of politics, and Aaron’s choice to remain in the shadows exemplifies his dedication to supporting Tudor.

Final Words:

Aaron William Dixon may prefer to stay out of the limelight, but his unwavering support for his wife, Tudor Dixon, has played a crucial role in her multifaceted career. Their enduring partnership and his contributions behind the scenes reflect a strong and supportive relationship.

In the world of politics and media, the importance of a supportive partner like Aaron should not be underestimated. While Tudor Dixon continues to make her mark in various fields, she does so with the knowledge that she has a dedicated and supportive husband by her side.


Q1: When did Tudor Dixon and Aaron William Dixon meet?

A1: Tudor Dixon and Aaron William Dixon met during their college days at the University of Kentucky.

Q2: What is Aaron William Dixon’s profession?

A2: Aaron William Dixon is a successful businessman and money manager who has invested in various sectors, including energy, transportation, and agriculture.

Q3: How long have Tudor Dixon and Aaron William Dixon been married?

A3: Tudor Dixon and Aaron William Dixon have been married for over a decade.

Q4: What businesses has Aaron Dixon invested in?

A4: Aaron Dixon has invested in diverse sectors, ranging from energy to transportation and agriculture. His investment portfolio spans multiple industries.

Q5: What are Tudor Dixon’s political views and achievements?

A5: Tudor Dixon is known for her conservative political views and made headlines by securing the Republican nomination for the Michigan governorship in 2022.

Q6: How many children do Tudor and Aaron Dixon have?

A6: Tudor and Aaron Dixon have four daughters, although their names remain undisclosed to the public.

Q7: How did Tudor Dixon’s battle with breast cancer influence her career?

A7: Tudor Dixon’s battle with breast cancer played a pivotal role in shaping her views on healthcare and her commitment to advocacy in this field.

Q8: What is the current status of Tudor Dixon’s political career?

A8: Tudor Dixon faced a setback in the 2022 Michigan governor’s election but secured the Republican nomination. Her political career continues to evolve.

Q9: How did Aaron Dixon support Tudor during her political campaign?

A9: Aaron Dixon provided unwavering financial and emotional support to Tudor during her political campaign, demonstrating his commitment to her endeavors.

Q10: Where can I follow Tudor Dixon and Aaron William Dixon on social media?

A10: You can follow Tudor Dixon on Instagram (@tudordixon), Twitter, and Facebook for updates on her career and family. However, Aaron William Dixon prefers to maintain a low profile and may not have a public presence on social media.