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Veronika Rajek

On February 20, 1996, Slovakian fashion icon Veronika Rajek was born. She is 25 and from Bratislava, Slovakia, where she is a fashion model, influencer, and Instagram star. Her content creation and entrepreneurship are also notable.

Her striking appearance and stunning modeling shots have garnered her immense popularity within her home country. With a professional modeling background, Rajek has been the face of numerous renowned bikini and swimwear brands. Her resume also boasts collaborations with prestigious names like Dolce and Gabbana, Vera Wang, Moschino, Philip Plain, Hide & Jack, and Blumarine, as detailed on her website.

Beyond her modeling career, Veronika has made waves in beauty pageants. She clinched titles like Miss Summer 2015 and Miss Slovakia 2016. Through her various social media platforms, she’s amassed a substantial and devoted following.

In November of 2021, Veronika attracted significant attention from the media. This was due to her candid statement in an interview, where she expressed that life can be challenging even for those considered conventionally beautiful. To learn more about Veronika Rajek, including details about her age, background, family, parents, career, net worth, and other intriguing facts, we invite you to delve into the accompanying article.

Veronika Rajek’s Biography

Veronika, the stunning model and influential figure on social media, entered the world on Tuesday, February 20, 1996, in Bratislava, Slovakia. She was given the name Veronika Maťašová at birth. Based on her birthdate, Veronika is approximately 25 years old as of 2021.

Each year on the 20th of February, she joyfully celebrates her birthday. It’s been noted from various sources that Veronika harbored a deep love for modeling from a very young age. She embarked on her modeling journey at the tender age of 14. According to information available on her Facebook profile, Veronika Maťašová completed her early education at VŠBM Košice and Športové gymnázium Košice.

Early Life (College / Education)

Following her early education, she pursued higher studies at the Inštitút vzdelávania, poradenstva a informatizácie. Upon receiving her graduation degree, she commemorated the moment by sharing a photo on her Instagram profile, accompanied by a meaningful caption:

“Physical beauty is not everything, thus it is important to have knowledge of beauty and study academically as well. I was able to combine my workload and school tasks thanks to”

With her studies completed, Veronika shifted her focus towards her burgeoning modeling career. It’s worth noting that she kickstarted her journey in modeling while still in college. Today, she stands as a renowned figure, excelling both as a model and a significant influencer in the realm of social media.

Veronika Rajek Experienced Bullying

When you look at Veronika Rajek today, it’s hard to believe that she endured bullying. Despite her current image as a beautiful and confident blonde model, her early years were marked by challenges, especially in school. Veronika’s upbringing wasn’t affluent; she spent her formative years in a relatively small town in Slovakia.

During her school days, she faced taunts from many, targeted for her slender frame and towering height. The model recalls being the tallest student in her class. It wasn’t considered an advantage at the time, but her height helped her modelling career.

In addition to her successful Instagram career and modelling career, Veronika credits bullying with creating her resilience, especially when dealing with online hostility. Having overcome such challenges in her past, hurtful comments no longer hold sway over her.

Veronika Rajek on Her ‘Dangerous Body’ and Being Beautiful

Veronika Rajek openly discussed the realities of being considered beautiful. While her striking looks have garnered her a large following, she doesn’t view her beauty solely as an advantage.

In her perspective, Veronika believes that her appearance has actually made certain aspects of her life more challenging. She’s encountered unkindness from others, with some even doubting the authenticity of her online presence, questioning whether she might be a catfish or even an AI creation.

Contrary to the common notion that beauty makes life easier, Veronika asserts, “People say beautiful people have it easy but I have it worse as people make it harder for me because I’m beautiful.” This candid statement reflects her unique experience and challenges in navigating the world through the lens of her own beauty.

Veronika Rajek Disputes Haters

Like anyone in the public eye, Veronika Rajek has her share of detractors. She’s been candid about how her appearance has sometimes complicated her life, expressing frustration at the double standard that applies to her compared to other women in similar situations.

Due to skepticism about the authenticity of her looks, Veronika has playfully referred to herself as an “alien.” There have even been unfounded rumors suggesting she underwent breast augmentation. In response, she took a proactive step to dispel these speculations. She obtained a sonogram and shared it along with a statement from her doctor, effectively putting those rumors to rest. This move reflects her determination to confront misconceptions and set the record straight about her own authenticity.

Veronika Rajek’s Family (Nationality & Ethnicity)

It’s clear from Veronika Rajek’s Facebook posts that her family is close. She is Christian and multiethnic. According to her birthday, Veronika is a Pisces.

Veronika keeps her parents and siblings’ identities confidential despite her prominent prominence. According to our study, her father (unnamed) is a businessman and her mother is a homemaker.

Veronika’s upbringing was filled with the joy of playing alongside her siblings and cousins in Slovakia. She holds a deep affection for her family and frequently shares moments captured with them. These glimpses into her family life offer a more personal understanding of Veronika beyond her public persona.

Veronika Rajek Age, Height & More

As of 2023, Veronika Rajek is 27 years old. She stands tall at 5 feet 11 inches (181 cm) and maintains a weight of approximately 57 kg (125 lbs). With her blonde locks and captivating hazel eyes, Veronika possesses striking features. Her body measurements are recorded as 36-24-36 (90-60-90), and she wears a size 12 (US) shoe.

Veronika takes pride in her physique and confidently asserts that it’s naturally perfect. Remarkably, she has not undergone any surgical procedures, emphasizing her commitment to staying true to her natural self. This authenticity is an integral part of Veronika’s identity.


Veronika Rajek started modelling in her teens, determined to follow this job. She started modelling at 16.

Veronika entered several prominent beauty pageants, including Miss Slovakia 2016 and Miss Summer Slovakia 2015, where she placed second.

These pageants provided Veronika with valuable exposure, opening doors for collaborations with renowned fashion brands like Hide & Jack, Philip Plain, Vera Wang, Blumarine, and many others.

Simultaneously, she ventured into the realm of social media, particularly on Instagram. Although she created her account in July 2015, it wasn’t until September 2019 that she began actively sharing content. Remarkably, her following experienced exponential growth within a year.

Veronika reached 700,000 followers by 2020. She became one of the few Slovakian models with one million Instagram followers the following year. Presently, her follower count stands at over 3.9 million, while she herself follows around 1.3k individuals. This demonstrates the considerable impact and influence she holds in the realm of social media.

Veronika Rajek’s Husband, Boyfriend & Relationships

Turning to her romantic life, Veronika Rajek is happily married and resides with her husband in Slovakia. As per her social media updates, she tied the knot with Viktor Rajek in the year 2019.

A glimpse into her Instagram account reveals that Veronika and Viktor have shared a long and cherished history together. Their mutual passion for exploring new destinations is evident, as they often embark on journeys to various places.

Veronika openly expresses her love for her husband through numerous photos shared on her social media platforms. However, when it comes to her past relationship status as Veronika Maťašová, specific information remains unavailable. This chapter of her life remains private, allowing her to focus on the happiness and fulfillment she currently finds in her marriage.

Veronika Rajek Net Worth

Veronika Rajek’s estimated net worth stands at $900,000. The primary sources of her income stem from her flourishing career in modeling and various sponsorship deals. Working as a full-time model, Veronika collaborates with prominent fashion and swimwear brands, earning a substantial income for her contributions. Notably, she has been a notable presence at various prestigious fashion events, including Miami Swim Week 2022.

Additionally, Veronika leverages her Instagram platform to endorse products from a range of brands. Her collaborations extend to esteemed companies like Be Ocean and FashionNova. With an average engagement rate of 3%, it’s estimated that she garners around $4,200 for each promotional post.

Furthermore, Veronika operates an OnlyFans account where she shares exclusive premium content. While she offers free subscriptions, it’s believed that she generates income through features like pay-per-view content and tips from her dedicated audience. This diversified approach to her income streams reflects Veronika’s entrepreneurial spirit and savvy in maximizing her earning potential.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q1: Who is Veronika Rajek?
Fashion model, influencer, and Instagram celebrity Veronika Rajek is from Slovakia. She garnered fame for her breathtaking modelling images and has worked with Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, Moschino, and others.

Q2: How old is Veronika Rajek?
As of 2023, Veronika Rajek is 27 years old. She was born on February 20, 1996.

Q3: What are Veronika Rajek’s career achievements?
Veronika Rajek began modelling at 16 and has represented several bikini and swimwear brands. Miss Summer 2015 and Miss Slovakia 2016 are among her beauty pageant titles.

Q4: Has Veronika Rajek experienced challenges in her life?
Yes, Veronika Rajek faced bullying during her school years due to her height and slender frame. However, she has overcome these challenges and has spoken openly about the difficulties she has faced, even as someone considered conventionally beautiful.

Q5: What is Veronika Rajek’s net worth?
Veronika Rajek’s estimated net worth is $900,000. Her income primarily comes from her successful modeling career, sponsorship deals, and collaborations with various fashion and swimwear brands.

Q6: Is Veronika Rajek married?
Yes, Veronika Rajek is happily married to Viktor Rajek. They tied the knot in the year 2019, and they often share their adventures together on social media.

Q7: How did Veronika Rajek overcome online skepticism about her appearance?
Veronika Rajek addressed skepticism about her appearance by taking proactive steps. For instance, when rumors circulated about breast augmentation, she obtained a sonogram and shared it along with a statement from her doctor to dispel the speculations.

Q8: Does Veronika Rajek have any siblings?
While Veronika Rajek is close with her family, specific details about her siblings remain confidential.

Final Words

Veronika Rajek’s path from a small Slovakian hamlet to becoming a well-known fashion star is evidence of her tenacity and willpower. She has overcome obstacles to succeed in the modelling industry while also using her platform to speak out on crucial subjects such as self-acceptance and beauty standards.

Many people find encouragement in her candour regarding the difficulties she has encountered and the complexity of beauty. Veronika’s dedication to upholding her genuine self in both looks and outlook on life is evident in her commitment to honesty.

Veronika Rajek has a thriving profession, a happy marriage, and a passionate fan base. She is still making waves in the fashion world and beyond. Her experience serves as a reminder that inner strength and the capacity to overcome hardships are just as important as physical beauty in defining true beauty.

Veronika Rajek’s influence on the fashion industry and social media will undoubtedly have a lasting effect as her star continues to soar. Her experience serves as a source of inspiration for people attempting to appreciate both their inner and outer beauty.