Amy Carter: Unveiling the Enigma of Her Second Husband

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Amy Carter
Amy Carter

Who is amy carter’s second husband?

Amy has two sons, and one of them is named Hugo James Wentzel. She’s had two marriages in her life. Her ex-husband, James Gregory Wentzel, is a computer consultant. She has been with John Joseph “Jay” Kelly since 2007, and they are currently married.

She struggled to make friends at school because even her bodyguards had to wait outside the offices while she attended her classes.

Despite the difficulties presented by her celebrity status among her classmates, Amy was able to maintain her academic progress She attended Rose Hardy Middle School, where she was cared for by her nanny, Mary Prince, who looked after her from the age of 4 until her father’s presidency ended.

Amy had a passion for the arts and pursued higher education at Brown University. Regretfully, her activism led to her expulsion from that place. She didn’t let that disappointment stop her, either, and continued on to Tulane University in New Orleans and Memphis College of Arts to get two arts degrees.

Who is Amy Carter?

In the annals of American history, Amy Carter, the offspring of the former Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Jimmy Carter, ascended to prominence, courtesy of her paternal connection to the highest echelons of political power. Her sojourn within the hallowed halls of the White House spanned a notable four-year tenure.

As the sands of time continued their relentless march forward, Amy underwent a profound metamorphosis, emerging as an impassioned political crusader. The crucible of the 1980s witnessed her fervent involvement in a mélange of protests, where her unwavering commitment to her causes was strikingly manifest. The zenith of her dedication materialized in the tumultuous year of 1986, when she found herself ensnared in the clutches of law enforcement during a spirited demonstration held at the venerable University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her fervor was stirred by the protest against the recruitment machinations of the Central Intelligence Agency on the hallowed grounds of academia.

Nevertheless, the tempestuous currents of life bore Amy Carter along a divergent course when she embarked upon matrimonial vows with James Gregory. It appeared that the tapestry of her destiny underwent a subtle alteration, and she elected to redirect her focus toward the sanctity of family life.

In the contemporary tapestry of existence, Amy Carter now resides in the vibrant cityscape of Atlanta, where her cohabitant is none other than James Gregory Wentzel. Their familial tableau is further enriched by the presence of their progeny, a scion who presently graces the hallowed halls of The Paideia School, thus perpetuating the legacy of this distinguished lineage.


On the 19th day of October in the year 1967, the world welcomed Amy Carter to its stage, hailing from the heart of Georgia, USA, as the offspring of none other than Jimmy Carter and Eleanor Rosalyn Smith. She emerged as one amongst the quartet constituting the Carter lineage. Yet, the tale of Amy’s existence took a riveting twist when her paternal figure, Jimmy Carter, ascended to the position of Georgia’s Governor, all while Amy was but a tender three-year-old. This newfound station in life propelled her abruptly into the realm of notoriety, and she found herself basking in the radiant limelight of the media.

In tandem with her father’s meteoric rise in the realm of politics, Amy bade adieu to her native abode as the family embarked on a journey to claim the Governor’s Mansion as their new domicile. Subsequently, in the annals of 1977, her father secured the prestigious mantle of President of the United States, thus beckoning the Carters to once again don their traveling attire and set course for the hallowed halls of Washington DC, where they would establish their habitation within the venerable White House.

However, it merits attention that Amy was yet a mere child at this juncture, and she commenced her educational journey at the esteemed Stevens Elementary School, nestled in the heart of Washington DC. Her presence there did not elude the discerning eyes of her peers and educators, as the undeniable truth of her lineage cast her into the pervasive shadow of Jimmy Carter’s progeny. The ceaseless scrutiny bestowed upon her by the voracious media began to grate upon her nerves. Given that the school played host to numerous scions of eminent American families, it became imperative to implement a set of stringent regulations, designed to safeguard the sanctity of the privacy afforded to celebrity offspring.


Born on the 19th day of October in the year 1967, in the quaint town of Plains, situated within the borders of the United States, Amy Carter is a name that resonates with distinction and opulence. As we step into the domain of June 1, 2023, the estimated valuation of her financial assets stands steadfast at a princely sum, nearing the vicinity of $5 million.

Venturing into the chapters of the 1980s and 1990s, we find Amy donning the mantle of a prominent figure in the realm of political activism, etching her name into the annals of history. Her journey into the spotlight was ignited by a fervent act of defiance, as she, in tandem with the iconic Abbie Hoffman, found herself detained in the year 1986. The cause of this upheaval was their resolute stance against the recruitment efforts of the Central Intelligence Agency, transpiring at the venerable University of Massachusetts Amherst.

There is no denying Amy’s special place in the vast fabric of history. Her birth was significant because she was the only child born to the distinguished former US President Jimmy Carter and the First Lady, Rosalynn Carter. As the first kid to walk the White House’s sacred halls since the days of John F. Kennedy, she was given great honours.

In the year 1995, Amy unveiled her artistic prowess by lending her skills to the illustration of a children’s fable, bearing the title “The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer,” a literary work crafted by none other than her own father.

During her sojourn within the confines of the White House, Amy found solace in the companionship of a cherished Siamese feline, affectionately named Misty Malarky Ying Yang. The year 1996 ushered in a new chapter in her life as she entered into wedded bliss with James Wentzel, culminating in the joyous arrival of their daughter, christened Hugo, who breathed new vitality into their shared existence.


Amy Lynn Carter was born October 19, 1967, in Plains, Georgia. Jimmy Carter’s daughter is famous. The biography, age, height, physical traits, relationships, family, job, and finances of Amy Carter will be explored.

Amy Carter, 55, has been widely monitored by the public due to her presidential heritage. As Jimmy Carter’s daughter, she was raised in the public glare. Because she has generally kept to herself, her height and appearance are unknown.

Personal facts concerning her dating and affairs are not public. Amy Carter has always protected her privacy.

Amy’s family history is fascinating. Jimmy Carter, the 39th US president, and Rosalynn Carter are her parents.  Amy’s childhood included both problems and privileges as a president’s child.

Amy Carter became a political activist in the 1980s. In 1986, she and Abbie Hoffman were detained at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for protesting CIA recruitment.

Amy Carter’s net worth is unknown, although her family background allows her to live well. Her family’s assets and investments certainly make up most of her wealth.

In conclusion, Amy Carter, 55, has been in the public glare due to her presidential ancestry. She may not be a public figure anymore, but her political activism and family legacy shape her life.

NameAmy Carter
Birth PlaceUSA
Date Of Birth1967
Age54 years (as in 2021)
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Net worth$7 million
HusbandJames Gregory

Life in the White House:

At the age of nine, Carter moved to the White House, where he lived for four to five years. At that time, she has become a major media attraction when she was a child to live in the White House, since 1960. Also, she has built a cat house for her Siamese cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang. The cat was said to be the last cat to occupy the White House until the cat owned by former President Bill Clinton, Socks.

At the White House, she used to skate through an east room to the tree house on the south lawn. Even though her father made sure to stay away from the media, controversies and rumours, she had to face several of them. Once a controversy arose while she offended the foreign guest during a state dinner, while she was reading a book.


During his four years in Washington, he attended majority black public schools. First, she studied at Stevens Elementary School, and then joined Rose Hardy High School. After she finished her father’s presidency, she joined her high school at Woodward Academy, College Park, after moving to Atlanta.

After finishing high school, he attended Brown University, but unfortunately laid off academically in 1987. He then moved on to join the Memphis College of Art, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Later, she earned her master’s degree in art history from Tulane University, New Orleans.


During her adulthood, Amy became known for political activism after getting involved in protests and sit-ins during the 1980s to the early 1990s. During the 1980 presidential debate, she mentioned that the most important issue in that election was the control of nuclear arms. Most of her activism was aimed directly at changing the US foreign policy towards Central America, and South African.

She was known to be an associate of activist Abbie Hoffman, and she along with 13 other activists were arrested during the University of Massachusetts, Amherst demonstration against the CIA recruitment in colleges, but was later acquitted of all charges during a highly publicized trial that took place in Massachusetts.

They were defended by an attorney named Leonard Weinglass who was well-known to have defended Hoffman during the Chicago Seven trial in the 60s. According to his defense, the CIA had involvements in criminal activity in Central America, stating that recruiting on-campus was, therefore, the equivalent to trespassing in a building burning. This event occurred while she was at Brown University which subsequently led to her dismissal. However, controversially, the notes on her dismissal stated that she was dismissed for being unable to keep up with her course work, not because of her activism.

Personal Life 

At the age of 52, Amy Carter finds herself in a contented marriage. Her journey to this point has seen her through two marriages and one divorce. Her first marriage was to James Gregory Wentzel, a computer consultant whom she met at Tulane University. Their chance encounters blossomed into a beautiful romance, leading to their wedding in September 1996. Hugo, a son, was the couple’s first child and was born in 1999. Regretfully, as the years went by, their romance grew stale and finally ended in divorce.

Amy has made the decision to live a comparatively private life and keep her personal affairs hidden from the public since the 1990s. Although her second marriage and child are confirmed to have occurred, information regarding her second husband and their boy is still unknown.

Amy Carter is an activist who has remarkably avoided controversy and rumours by concentrating on her work. Her commitment to her causes has kept her out of the tabloids and in the realm of making positive change.

What’s Amy Carter’s Age?

Amy Carter came into this world on October 19, 1967, making her 54 years old today. She was born right here in the United States. Her proud parents are none other than the esteemed Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter.

Height & Weight

Amy Carter’s height and weight are unknown. She’s famous for her blonde hair and stunning blue eyes, but her physical measurements are unknown. Amy’s personal life is well guarded.


Amy Carter led a relatively private life before her marriage. She found love in James Gregory Wentzel, a computer consultant, while both were attending Tulane University. A few years later, in 1996, they made the decision to get married in a modest, personal ceremony held at their house. Remarkably, Amy decided against adopting the Wentzel last name, claiming to be independent and to have “belonged to no one.”

Their love story blossomed even further when, on July 29, 1999, Amy became a mother, giving birth to their son, Hugo James Wentzel. Following this joyful addition to their family, they made a move to the Atlanta area, focusing on providing the best upbringing for their child.

Hugo currently attends a private school on Atlanta’s Ponce de Leon Avenue. With motherhood taking center stage, Amy reduced her involvement in public protests and political activities. She did, however, continue to be involved with her family’s public service legacy by sitting on the Carter Center’s board of counsellors.

After a brief divorce, Amy and James reconciled and got married again. They also welcomed a second child, a son, although specific details about their second child remain undisclosed.

Today, Amy and her loving husband James Wentzel have been happily married for a decade. Amy continues her dedication to important causes by working with the Carter Center, an organization that advocates for human rights and diplomacy, upholding the legacy of her family’s commitment to public service.


Amy Carter found herself in a bit of a stir when she was spotted engrossed in a book during a formal state dinner at the White House. Her choice to read during such an event raised eyebrows and was considered somewhat disrespectful to the foreign guests in attendance.

Her name hasn’t been linked to any significant scandals other than this one. During and during her tenure in the White House, Amy mostly avoided the spotlight and any important public matters.


Many people are curious about Amy Carter’s ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, and race. According to available public resources like IMDb and Wikipedia, Amy Carter’s ethnicity is categorized as Caucasian.

As for her religion and political views, it seems there might be updates or changes in the future. It’s always interesting to learn more about these aspects of a person’s identity, so checking the article again in a few days might provide more insight into Amy Carter’s beliefs and political stance.


When Amy was just a young girl, she made her way inside the White House and lived there for an amazing four years. The significance of this occasion stemmed mainly from the fact that it was a significant deviation from the usual, as it had been many years since the White House had accommodated such young residents—a practise that had faded into obscurity since the early 1960s.

As the sands of time continued their relentless advance, Amy Carter’s fervor for catalyzing change propelled her towards the sphere of political activism. She fervently immersed herself in a plethora of sit-ins and protests, particularly during the tumultuous epochs of the 1980s and the nascent years of the 1990s. Her activism bore a focused intent, aiming to challenge the edifice of U.S. foreign policy, with a particular spotlight cast upon the matters pertaining to South African apartheid and the complex geopolitical landscape of Central America.

A pinnacle moment in her journey of activism manifested during the tumultuous annum of 1986, where Amy found herself enmeshed in the throes of a spirited demonstration held at the venerable University of Massachusetts Amherst. In this formidable display of collective dissent, she stood shoulder to shoulder with a cohort of fourteen kindred spirits, their voices rising as a harmonious symphony of protest.

Amy’s unwavering commitment to perpetuate her father’s legacy and her unswerving allegiance to pivotal causes found a vibrant manifestation in her capacity as a valued member of the board of counselors at the illustrious Carter Center. This esteemed institution stands as an unyielding advocate for the sacred tenets of human rights and diplomacy, principles that were indelibly etched into the annals of history during her father’s tenure at the helm of the nation.

In a touching showcase of her artistic prowess and the profound familial connection that coursed through her veins, Amy lent her creative genius to the illustrious pages of her father’s cherished children’s opus, titled “The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleeger.” Through her artistic contributions, she unveiled yet another facet of her kaleidoscopic and multifaceted existence, an embodiment of her creative virtuosity that transcended the confines of ordinary perception.

Awards, Nominations

Amy has not yet received any honours, nor has her name been put forward for any nominations. Since her activism and personal obligations have always come first in her life, it has been the main focus. Although winning accolades or recognition isn’t her major goal, her commitment to causes she supports will always be what motivates her.

Amy Carter’s net worth?

Amy Carter has been quite private about her income and wealth, keeping her financial details under wraps. She currently resides on Page Avenue in Atlanta.

Jimmy Carter, her father, had a distinguished career as a president and governor, both of which presumably generated substantial income while he was in government. Amy’s estimated net worth is $7 million, which she has amassed via her own endeavours and the inheritance of her family.

Amy is actively involved in the counselling board of the “Carter Centre,” a social welfare organisation that her parents established in 1982. This non-profit, non-governmental organisation has made a big difference over the years by helping individuals in 75 different countries. Her commitment to upholding her family’s tradition of public service is demonstrated by her involvement in such important endeavours.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

In the realm of online social engagement, Amy Carter opts for conspicuous absence. Her online persona remains nonexistent, with neither a Facebook, Instagram, nor Twitter presence to her name. This deliberate choice emanates from her inclination towards a life steeped in privacy and a penchant for keeping things low-key.

Should you harbor curiosity about her academic pursuits, formative years, professional trajectory, interpersonal relationships, physical attributes, or her conspicuous digital void, you may consider delving into the profiles of other notable figures such as Candace Owens, Danny Glover, or Fausto Gallardo. Exploring these alternative perspectives can furnish you with a broader understanding of varied personalities and their consequential decisions.


This article delves into the life of Amy Carter, the daughter of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. It explores her childhood in the White House, her academic pursuits, her activism, and her personal life, including her two marriages and her elusive second husband. Despite her upbringing in the public eye, Amy Carter has maintained a private and enigmatic personal life.


  • Amy Carter was born on October 19, 1967, in Plains, Georgia.
  • She spent four to five years of her childhood living in the White House during her father’s presidency.
  • Amy had a Siamese cat named Misty Malarky Ying Yang during her time in the White House.
  • She attended public schools in Washington, D.C., including Stevens Elementary School and Rose Hardy High School.
  • After leaving the White House, she attended Woodward Academy in College Park.
  • Amy pursued higher education at Brown University but faced academic challenges.
  • She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Memphis College of Art.
  • Amy also obtained a master’s degree in art history from Tulane University in New Orleans.
  • Her activism in the 1980s and early 1990s was focused on changing U.S. foreign policy, particularly in Central America and South Africa.
  • In 1986, she was arrested, along with activist Abbie Hoffman, during a protest against CIA recruitment at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • Amy is a member of the board of counselors at the Carter Center, a human rights and diplomacy advocacy organization. 12. She illustrated her father’s children’s book, “The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleeger.”
  • Amy’s first marriage was to James Gregory Wentzel, a computer consultant, in 1996.
  • They have a son named Hugo James Wentzel, born in 1999.
  • Amy and James Wentzel divorced but later reconciled and got married again.
  • The details of Amy’s second marriage and her second child are not publicly known.
  • She values her privacy and keeps her personal affairs hidden from the public.
  • Amy has avoided significant scandals in her life, apart from a minor controversy when she was seen reading a book during a state dinner at the White House.
  • Her estimated net worth is around $7 million, largely from her family’s assets and inheritance.
  • Amy does not have an active presence on social media, preferring a private and low-key lifestyle.


Who is Amy Carter?

Amy Carter is the daughter of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter. She was born on October 19, 1967, in Plains, Georgia.

Where was Amy Carter born?

Amy Carter was born in Plains, Georgia, USA.

How long did Amy Carter live in the White House?

Amy Carter lived in the White House for approximately four to five years during her father’s presidency.

What schools did Amy Carter attend during her childhood?

During her childhood, Amy Carter attended public schools in Washington, D.C., including Stevens Elementary School and Rose Hardy High School.

What did Amy study in college?

Amy pursued higher education at Brown University and later earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Memphis College of Art. She also obtained a master’s degree in art history from Tulane University in New Orleans.

Why was Amy Carter arrested in 1986?

Amy Carter was arrested in 1986 during a protest against CIA recruitment at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She and activist Abbie Hoffman were among those arrested.

Who is Amy Carter’s first husband?

Amy Carter’s first husband is James Gregory Wentzel, a computer consultant. They married in 1996.

How many children does Amy Carter have?

Amy Carter has at least one child, a son named Hugo James Wentzel, born in 1999. Information about her second child is not publicly known.

What is Amy Carter’s net worth?

Amy Carter’s estimated net worth is around $7 million, primarily from her family’s assets and inheritance.

Does Amy Carter have social media accounts?

No, Amy Carter does not have an active presence on social media. She values her privacy and maintains a low-key lifestyle.