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Yasmin Abdallah
Yasmin Abdallah

Who is Yasmin Abdallah?

Yasmin Abdallah is a well-known Australian fashion designer and successful businesswoman. She gained fame not just for her professional accomplishments but also for her marriage to Rufus Frederick Sewell, the renowned English cinema and theater actor. Yasmin’s reputation in the fashion industry is truly impressive.

As the owner of Etre Cecile and the fashion director at Style.com, Yasmin Abdallah has established herself as a significant figure in the fashion world. She collaborates with prestigious brands like Maje, Hermes, Mulberry, and Westfield, which speaks to her influence in the industry.

Even The New York Times has praised her store, listing it as one of the most well-liked in the entire world. Yasmin is without a doubt an expert in the fashion industry with almost two decades of experience.

Yasmin is admired for both her designs and her immaculate sense of style, which extends to her hair and wardrobe choices. She is a great icon of fashion.

Yasmin is an active presence on the social media platform Instagram, where she enjoys a dedicated following of over 100,000 fans who eagerly await her fashion insights and updates.


Hailing from the picturesque city of Sydney, Australia, Yasmin Abdallah’s birthdate gracefully places her within the forties bracket today. Though the specifics concerning her familial background, including her parents, siblings, and early upbringing, remain shrouded in a veil of obscurity, Yasmin did, in an interview, unveil a rather intriguing detail—her mother’s profession as a stylist in a salon, perhaps sowing the seeds of her enduring fascination with the realm of fashion.

With an unwavering embrace of her Lebanese-Australian heritage and an Australian citizenship, Yasmin embarked on her scholastic journey within her hometown. Her career, however, was anything but typical because at the early age of 16, she made the bold decision to stop her formal education. Her unwavering drive to pursue her goals, especially those entwined in the complex web of the fashion industry, was evidenced by this unwavering choice.

What truly set Yasmin apart was her remarkable self-assurance in her own capabilities and an unyielding commitment to triumph. Her unwavering conviction lay in the belief that her innate passion and exceptional talents would inexorably steer her towards a profoundly gratifying and prosperous career within the alluring domain of fashion.

Yasmin Abdallah Bio

Yasmin Abdallah’s origins are firmly rooted in Sydney, Australia, her place of birth and upbringing. Though the precise date of her birth remains a enigma, it’s evident that she now traverses her forties. She consciously maintains a discreet presence concerning her familial connections and siblings, opting to veil this facet of her existence. During an interview, Yasmin did disclose that her mother previously plied her trade as a coiffeur, an occurrence which potentially ignited her nascent fascination with the realms of aesthetics and haute couture.

Despite her Australian citizenship, Yasmin confidently aligns herself with her Lebanese-Australian heritage. The domain of vogue has consistently extended its allure towards her, prompting her to take a audacious step at the age of sixteen, forsaking her scholastic pursuits in pursuit of her aspiration to metamorphose into a venerated fashion auteur.

Yasmin’s approach to existence and judicious choices are deeply intertwined with her reliance on intuition and the unerring credence in her instincts. In regard to precise specifications regarding her stature and bodily dimensions, we must await supplementary data to embellish this dossier. However, it is within our grasp to assert that she possesses a resplendent, ebony complexion and a glossy, obsidian mane. Yasmin exhibits no reticence in displaying her diminutive and modish physique, effectively fashioning a proclamation through her singular selections in couture.


Full NameYasmin Abdallah
ProfessionFashion designer, entrepreneur
Popular ForRufus Sewell’s ex-wife
Age47 years old
Date of Birth1975
Zodiac signN/A
Birth PlaceSydney, Australia
Height5 feet 7 inches
Eye ColorBrown
Weight55 Kg
Body MeasurementN/A
Estimated Net WorthN/A
HusbandRufus Frederick Sewell (Ex-Husband), Kyle Robinson


Yasmin attended a local school near her home in Sydney. However, at the young age of 15, she made the bold decision to drop out of school.

Personal Life

Yasmin’s romantic life has taken some unexpected turns. Not once, but twice, she made her way down the aisle. Her first romantic chapter unfolded with the popular English actor Rufus Frederick Sewell. They decided to take the plunge and be married in March 1999 after dating for a year. However, their relationship encountered some unspoken difficulties, and after just nine months, they made the decision to split up in 2000.

However, the narrative didn’t finish there. Yasmin found love again, this time with film actor Kyle Robinson. Together, they welcomed two lovely children into their lives, named Renzo and Knox. Yasmin has since found happiness in her family life, residing in London, where she enjoys precious moments with her loved ones.

Real Name

Yasmin’s true appellation, unequivocally, stands as Yasmin Abdallah. What distinguishes her is her unwavering adherence to this name, a designation that she proudly upholds in both her vocational and personal realms. It reverberates resoundingly within the echelons of the fashion domain and her innermost social circles.

Yasmin regards her nomenclature with utmost reverence, a sentiment well-deserved given the extraordinary feats and accolades that have found their zenith under this aegis. While certain individuals may opt for nomenclatural differentiation in various spheres of existence, Yasmin Abdallah stands resolute in her dedication to her authentic moniker, one that has become indelibly entwined with her persona and triumphs.


Yasmin’s love of fashion has been a constant in her life since she was a young child. When she was only sixteen years old, she jumped headfirst into the fashion industry and has been on an unbelievable adventure ever since. She has graced the runway with her presence throughout her career, working with some of the most well-known companies in the business.

Yasmin is a fashion icon in her own right, and every item she touches is unique thanks to her individual sense of style.  Her impressive list of collaborations includes big names like Hermes, Maje, Westfield, and Mulberry. Not to forget, she’s also the proud owner of Etre Cecile, a sports luxe label.

Currently, Yasmin holds the prestigious position of fashion director at Style.com, showcasing her extensive influence in the fashion realm. On top of her already thriving career, she also manages her husband Kyle’s venture, Paper Tiger Mache.

The New York Times, a reputable source, recognizes Yasmin’s boutique as one of the most renowned in the world. Her collaborations with notable fashion luminaries like Rick Owens and Gaspard Yurkievich only solidify her standing in the industry.

Yasmin is living her dream, dedicating herself fully to her fashion business, a testament to her adoration for the craft as evident in her incredible designs. Her more than a hundred thousand Instagram followers get a glimpse of both her personal and professional life, where her style and passion resonate deeply with her audience.

Before Fame

Yasmin Abdallah’s journey to becoming a famous fashion designer had quite a humble beginning. Like any other kid growing up in Australia, she was just a young dreamer with a deep passion for fashion. Even at a tender age, she found joy in designing clothes for her dolls, a clear sign of her early calling in the fashion world.

Determined to turn her dreams into reality, Yasmin put in the hard work and dedication. She embarked on her fashion education at a prestigious fashion school, where her love for the art of fashion was further nurtured. During this period of education, she met Rufus Frederick Sewell, the man who would become her husband.

A key connection that bound them together was their common appreciation of the arts. Yasmin formerly had lofty dreams before becoming famous and well-known. Thanks to her extraordinary talent and unyielding resolve, she has since transformed into a successful fashion designer who acts as an inspiration to others.


Yasmin’s exclusive boutique earned a prestigious accolade when it garnered recognition from The New York Times as one of the foremost emporiums on a global scale, an unequivocal testament to her unparalleled prowess in the realm of fashion.

Her illustrious vocation encompasses more than two decades of dedicated immersion in the fashion domain. During this extensive period, she was privileged to forge collaborations with several venerable international labels. Her unique panache and visionary creations unequivocally distinguish her from her peers, cementing her status as a genuine vanguard in the field.

On her Instagram platform, Yasmin has meticulously cultivated an impressive following of over 200,000 ardent fashion aficionados who eagerly anticipate her regular updates and avant-garde creations, further solidifying her paramount influence within the fashion cosmos.

Yasmin Abdallah Net worth

It’s evident that Yasmin has built a substantial wealth from her thriving career in Hollywood. Her talent for creating stunning outfits and managing extensive clothing lines has solidified her brand as a heavyweight in the fashion industry. In addition to her fashion endeavors, she also serves as the director at Kyle’s Paper Mache Tiger, further contributing to her financial success.

While the specifics of her accumulated riches remain undisclosed, Yasmin prefers to keep her earnings under wraps. Nevertheless, it’s widely believed that she comfortably resides in the six-figure income range, which is no small feat.

Living in the vibrant city of London, Yasmin enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. Her social media is adorned with photos showcasing her in designer attire and adorned with exquisite jewelry. She frequently indulges in high-end vacations, which adds another layer to her lavish lifestyle. Yasmin’s fashion choices often align with her ever-changing haircut, reflecting her versatility and creativity in her personal style.

Yasmin Abdallah- Relationship, Married Life

When it comes to her marital life, Yasmin Abdallah has been married twice in her life. First, Yasmin has experienced both highs and lows in her romantic life. She was married for the first time on March 24, 1999, to actor Rufus Frederik Sewell after a year of dating.

Their happiness as a married couple, however, was quite brief since they split nine months later in 2000. Their split’s secretive, enigmatic causes are still a mystery.

Yasmin’s love story took another turn when she found happiness in the arms of her second husband, Kyle Robinson, who is also a film actor. While the exact wedding date remains a private affair, it’s evident that the couple shares a blissful and contented married life. They are also proud parents to two wonderful children named Knox and Renzo.

In the world of gossip and rumor, Yasmin seems to steer clear of any scandals or controversies. Instead, she is currently savoring a beautiful life with her loving husband and their cherished children, relishing the joys of family life.

Yasmin Abdallah fashion empire

Stepping into Yasmin Abdallah’s fashion empire is like entering a realm of style and elegance that feels almost magical. Her brand is a true masterpiece, renowned for its beautiful and on-trend designs that cater to a wide range of tastes and occasions.

Yasmin’s fashion empire genuinely has something for everyone, from magnificent red carpet gowns that ooze beauty to elegant and fashionable everyday clothing that fits easily into anyone’s collection.

Celebrities and fashion devotees from all over the world are enthralled by her creations. Yasmin has built a fashion business that stands out as an industry beacon of creativity and innovation thanks to her immaculate sense of style and amazing attention to detail.

Yasmin Abdallah is undoubtedly a fashion queen, and her empire only continues to flourish and inspire. If you ever step into the world of her fashion empire, get ready to be absolutely dazzled by the sheer beauty and artistry that surrounds you.


Yasmin Abdallah is an Australian fashion designer and entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the fashion industry. She is known for her impeccable sense of style, successful career, and her previous marriage to English actor Rufus Sewell. This article provides insights into her bio, career, personal life, and more, shedding light on the fascinating journey of Yasmin Abdallah.


  • Yasmin Abdallah is an Australian fashion designer and entrepreneur based in Sydney, Australia.
  • She was born in 1975, making her 47 years old.
  • Yasmin comes from a Lebanese-Australian heritage and holds Australian citizenship.
  • Her mother worked as a stylist in a salon, possibly influencing her interest in fashion from a young age.
  • Yasmin stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.
  • She has brown eyes and a striking ebony complexion.
  • Yasmin is known for her distinctive fashion sense and style, which is reflected in her personal wardrobe choices.
  • She has a successful career as a fashion designer and is also the owner of Etre Cecile, a sports luxe label.
  • Yasmin has collaborated with prestigious brands in the fashion industry, including Maje, Hermes, Mulberry, and Westfield.
  • She currently serves as the fashion director at Style.com, showcasing her influence in the fashion world.
  • The New York Times has recognized her store as one of the most popular in the world.
  • Yasmin Abdallah has over 100,000 dedicated followers on her Instagram, where she shares fashion insights and updates.
  • She dropped out of formal education at the age of 16 to pursue her career in fashion.
  • Yasmin Abdallah was previously married to English actor Rufus Sewell in 1999, but they separated after nine months.
  • She found love again and is currently married to film actor Kyle Robinson.
  • Yasmin and Kyle have two children together, named Renzo and Knox.
  • Yasmin’s journey in the fashion industry began with her passion for designing clothes, which she expressed by making outfits for her dolls as a child.
  • She attended a prestigious fashion school where her love for fashion was further nurtured.
  • Yasmin is known for her impeccable sense of style, both in her clothing and her ever-changing hairstyles.
  • Her fashion empire is celebrated for its on-trend designs and exquisite attention to detail, appealing to a wide range of fashion enthusiasts.


What is Yasmin Abdallah’s profession?

Yasmin Abdallah is a fashion designer and entrepreneur.

How old is Yasmin Abdallah?

Yasmin Abdallah was born in 1975, making her 47 years old.

Where is Yasmin Abdallah from?

She hails from Sydney, Australia.

What is Yasmin Abdallah’s ethnic background?

Yasmin is of Lebanese-Australian heritage.

Has Yasmin Abdallah won any awards?

Her boutique was recognized by The New York Times as one of the foremost fashion emporiums globally.

How many Instagram followers does Yasmin Abdallah have?

She has over 100,000 Instagram followers.

Who is Yasmin Abdallah’s ex-husband?

Yasmin Abdallah was previously married to English actor Rufus Sewell.

How many children does Yasmin Abdallah have?

She has two children, Renzo and Knox, with her current husband, Kyle Robinson.

What is the name of Yasmin Abdallah’s fashion label?

Yasmin is the owner of Etre Cecile, a sports luxe label.

What is Yasmin Abdallah’s role at Style.com?

She serves as the fashion director at Style.com, showcasing her influence in the fashion industry.