Jonathan Marty Family, Career, Wife, History, and Biography

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American lawyer Jeffrey Marty practices in Trinity, Florida. He is famous for marrying Stacey Dash. He became famous for mimicking Georgia’s 15th congressional district’s “Rep. Steve Smith” on Twitter.

The account went viral for being the first politician to support Donald Trump in his presidential campaign, even though it was a fake.

Quick Facts 

Full NameJeffrey Marty
Born Date05 Jun 1979
Age42 years
ProfessionLawyer, Journalist
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Marital Statusdivorce
X Wife name Stacey Dash
Hair Colorbrown
Eye Colorblue

Jeffrey Marty Age & Early Life

Jeffrey Marty was born in New Port Richey, Florida, on June 5, 1979. Current age: 44. Jeffery is American and Gemini.

Marty’s family was Christian. He’s never named his parents. No information regarding Marty’s siblings is there either. Marty’s family members’ names and identities are unknown. The journalist is Caucasian.

Jeffrey Marty: Height & Weight

Jeffrey Marty is average-sized and in his early 40s. The lawyer weighs 78 kg and is 5’9″. Marty, though, has brown hair and blue eyes.


After that, Jeffrey Marty attended a nearby high school. He immediately enrolled at the University of Wisconsin after high school. Marty graduated with honors in 2000 from the institution with a Bachelor of Science.

Similarly, he attended Marquette University’s Law School. Marty earned his JD in 2005.

Jeffrey Marty Career and Professional Life

After graduating from law school, Jeffery began practicing law. He is his YouTube channel. Trinity, Florida-based lawyer, read bible passages. He became famous for creating a bogus Twitter account for Georgia 15th District Rep. Steve Smith.

Even after the account was proved to be fake, it went viral.

His prominence came from becoming the first congressman to endorse Donald Trump for president. Lawyers also have YouTube channels.

However, his YouTube videos are rarely updated.

Who is Jeffrey Marty’s Wife?

American actress Stacey Lauretta Dash married Jeffrey Marty. On April 6, 2018, they married. However, things quickly soured, and they separated in 2020.

The lawyer has never been in trouble, but his ex-wife, Stacey, was charged with domestic assault. She was charged with domestic violence.

Stacey Dash’s career

American actress and TV personality Stacey. View from the Top featured her. Her low-budget films include Gang of Roses (2003) and Getting Played (2005).

On Eve and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, the actress has made brief guest appearances.

She also played Vanessa Weir in The Strip. Dash appeared in Carl Thomas’ 2001 “Emotional” music video.

Dash appeared in a 2004 Kanye West music video.

Instagram photo of Jeffrey Marty’s ex-wife Stacey during a movie premiere.

The actress also appeared as a recurring role on The Game in early 2009.

Dash played Valerie “Val” Stokes in VH1’s first scripted series, Single Ladies, in 2011. Her role is a “‘good girl’ looking for a good man”.

Her departure from the series to focus on family was revealed in August 2011. Dash played Lisa in Dysfunctional Friends in 2012.

The actress appeared in Funny or Die and YouTube promos and shorts for Stacey Dash Is Normal in 2012.

Jeffrey Marty: Wealth and Social Media

The renowned husband is worth $100,000. Law is his principal source of income. He’s also on YouTube as Jeffrey Marty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jeffrey Marty:

Q. Jeffrey Marty—who? 

A lawyer and journalist from the US, Jeffrey Marty married actress Stacey Dash and created a fake congressional Twitter account.

Q. Jeffrey Marty’s age? 

Jeffrey Marty is 44 in 2023, born June 5, 1979.

Q. Jeffrey Marty’s height and weight? 

He is 5’9″ (1.75m) tall and weighs 78 kg. The guy has blue eyes and brown hair.

Q. Jeffrey Marty’s education? 

In 2000, Jeffrey Marty earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin. He received his JD from Marquette University Law School in 2005.

Q. How did Jeffrey Marty get famous on Twitter? 

Jeffrey Marty became famous by mimicking Georgia’s 15th congressional district’s “Rep. Steve Smith” on Twitter. This account got viral because it was the first to endorse Trump for president.

Q. Jeffrey Marty married whom? 

American actress Stacey Dash married Jeffrey Marty. The couple married on April 6, 2018, but divorced in 2020.

Q. Career highlights of Stacey Dash? 

American actress and TV personality Stacey Dash appeared in “Clueless” and “Single Ladies” and “The Game.”

Q. How much is Jeffrey Marty worth? 

Legal work has made Jeffrey Marty worth $100,000.

Q. Does Jeffrey Marty use social media? 

Jeffrey Marty has a YouTube channel but rarely posts. The article does not mention his other social media accounts.


The famous fake Twitter account supporting Donald Trump during the presidential campaign was run by Florida lawyer and journalist Jeffrey Marty. He divorced actress Stacey Dash in 2020. Legal work has made Marty wealthy $100,000. His social media engagement beyond YouTube is not covered in the article.