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Jeffrey Marty
Jeffrey Marty

Jeffrey Marty is an American lawyer based in Trinity, Florida, and he’s perhaps best known as the spouse of Stacey Dash. However, he gained significant attention for a rather unconventional reason. He became widely recognized for his Twitter persona where he impersonated “Rep. Steve Smith” from Georgia’s 15th congressional district.

The fact that this Twitter account managed to get widespread despite it being exposed that it was wholly fake is what’s truly amazing. Why, you inquire? Well, this fictional figure was presented as the first lawmaker to endorse Donald Trump during his campaign for president. In the social media realm, it was an odd and interesting moment.

Who is Jeffrey Marty?

In the realm of public scrutiny, Jeffrey Marty, renowned as the former spouse of the American actress and erstwhile talk show luminary, Stacey Dash, found himself entangled in a web of familial discord that ensnared his ex-wife. The incident transpired within the confines of Florida on the evening of Sunday, September 29, unfurling into a crescendo where Stacey Dash became ensnared in the clutches of legal ramifications, precisely for charges of domestic battery.

The altercation unfurled its dramatic tableau at her abode in New Port Richey, with Marty and Stacey embroiled in a tempestuous exchange of words. Amidst the tumultuous fray, Stacey was purportedly compelled to resort to physicality, propelling her hand towards Marty with a resounding slap. It was a forceful interaction that left Marty with telltale red abrasions etched upon his left upper arm, as corroborated by the vigilant officers of the law.

Subsequently, Stacey Dash found herself released from custody upon posting a $500 bail. According to informants from TMZ, it was asserted that Stacey’s actions were cast in the light of self-defense, a reaction borne from the precipitating actions of Marty, who had allegedly initiated contact by attempting to constrict Stacey’s airways, thus prompting her to retaliate with vigor, leaving her with marked contusions upon her limbs.

Curiously, it was Stacey who had placed the call to 911, yet the tide of events led to her apprehension, as her physicality bore no overt signs of distress, while her counterpart exhibited conspicuous injuries. This undoubtedly cast a veil of intricacy and misfortune over the tapestry of their erstwhile conjugal relations.


In the annals of history, on the 5th of June, 1979, Jeffrey Marty made his debut on this earthly realm, gracing the picturesque locale of New Port Richey, Florida. Presently, he stands as a 42-year-old gentleman, adorned with the astrological mantle of Gemini, imparting a touch of celestial mystique to his narrative.

Delving into his lineage, Jeffrey Marty traces his roots to a devout Christian family, although he has remained reticent, guarding the enigma surrounding his parents’ identities with a resolute silence. Remarkably, the internet’s vast expanse offers no whispers of his siblings either, casting an impenetrable veil over the shrouded dimensions of the Marty family.

In the realm of ethnicity, Jeffrey Marty is identified as a member of the White Caucasian cohort. The intriguing aspect lies in the selective revelation of his life’s facets, with certain elements bared to the public eye, while the veil of secrecy cloaks the details of his familial lineage.


Jeffrey Marty, a lawyer hailing from Trinity, Florida, made quite a name for himself with a rather unconventional online stunt. He’s most famously known for crafting a fictional Twitter persona, “Rep. Steve Smith” from Georgia’s 15th district, which, as it turns out, doesn’t even exist. What’s even more astonishing is that this made-up character gained massive popularity for being the first supposed congressman to throw his support behind Donald Trump during his presidential campaign. Marty, posing as Smith, tweeted Trump’s familiar rhetoric, rallying against the supposed rigged system and advocating for draining the swamp. His efforts even earned a retweet from Eric Trump.

In an ironic twist, while Jeffrey Marty was making waves on Twitter, his wife Stacey Dash found herself in a rather unfortunate situation. She was arrested in Florida for domestic battery one Sunday night. The Clueless actress was arrested during a violent argument with her husband, Jeffrey Marty, at around 7:45 p.m., according to the Pasco Sheriff’s Office. At their New Port Richey flat, where the incident took place, Stacey is thought to have shoved and smacked him in the face.

The police report noted that Marty had “sustained red scratch marks to his left upper arm from being pushed,” leading to Stacey Dash’s detention on $500 bail. It’s a stark contrast between Jeffrey’s social media antics and the real-life events that unfolded within his own family.

Full NameJeffrey Marty
Born Date05 Jun 1979
Age42 years
Lucky Number10
Lucky StoneAgate
Lucky ColorYellow
Best Match for MarriageLeo, Aquarius, Libra
ProfessionLawyer, Journalist
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Marital StatusDivorce
DivorceStacey Dash
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
EducationMarquette University
TwitterJeffrey Marty Twitter

Jeffrey Marty Education

In the realm of his scholastic pursuits, Jeffrey Marty traversed a conventional course. Upon the culmination of his secondary educational voyage at a local establishment, he embarked upon an intellectual odyssey at the esteemed University of Wisconsin. In this bastion of erudition, he ardently delved into his studies, reaping the fruits of his labor with the conferral of a Bachelor of Science degree in the annum 2000.

Nevertheless, Jeffrey’s quest for knowledge did not reach its terminus; instead, it set its compass towards the realm of jurisprudence. He persisted in his educational pilgrimage at Marquette University’s School of Law, where he assiduously dedicated himself to the acquisition of legal acumen. His unwavering determination bore fruit, and in the year 2005, he exultantly received his Juris Doctorate, marking the genesis of his vocation within the legal domain.

Jeffrey Marty Age 

On the auspicious date of June 5th, 1979, Jeffrey Marty made his grand entrance into this world, gracing the picturesque enclave of New Port Richey, Florida with his presence. In the tapestry of time, he has since journeyed 44 years, marking his earthly existence. His roots firmly embedded in the fertile soil of American heritage, the celestial alignment bestowed upon him the zodiac mantle of Gemini.

Turning our inquisitive gaze to his familial bonds, it is known that Jeffrey Marty was nurtured within the nurturing embrace of a Christian household. Yet, the enigma shrouds the specifics of his parents’ identities, concealing them from our eager inquiry. Furthermore, the vast expanse of the internet shrouds any mention of his siblings, leaving their identities and narratives obscured in the veils of obscurity.

In terms of ethnic lineage, Jeffrey Marty proudly aligns himself with the rich tapestry of White Caucasian heritage. It is a captivating dichotomy where some facets of his life lay bare for the public eye, while the intricacies of his familial tapestry remain meticulously shielded from the prying gaze of curiosity.

What is Jeffrey Marty’s height?

Jeffrey is quite the dapper fellow, exuding charm with his good looks. Sporting a slender physique, he stands tall at 5 feet and 9 inches. His weight clocks in at around 78 kilograms, giving him a well-balanced presence.

One of his standout features is a pair of striking blue eyes that draw you in, while his brown hair frames his face with a touch of rugged appeal. Jeffrey’s appearance seems to match his intriguing persona.

Personal Life 

In a clandestine ceremony held beneath the Florida sun on April 6, 2018, Marty and Stacey Dash embarked on the journey of matrimony. Notably, this matrimonial union transpired a mere ten days subsequent to Dash’s decisive resolution to forgo a political vocation, thereby withdrawing her bid for California’s 44th congressional district. Her aspiration had been to emancipate individuals from what she eloquently labeled as a “plantation mentality.”

The enigmatic shroud enveloping their nuptial proceedings was somewhat unveiled by Kerry Jones, a former actress who had transitioned into the realm of political management with aspirations of her own. Jones elucidated that the couple consciously opted to shroud their wedding in secrecy, conceivably to safeguard a modicum of seclusion amid the ever-watchful public eye. This was an intriguing choice, one that contributed to the aura of intrigue enshrouding their relationship.

However, life, as is its wont, proceeded along unforeseen trajectories, leading the couple down divergent paths subsequent to a tumultuous altercation. It is noteworthy that throughout the duration of their togetherness, the couple did not beget any offspring. Their narrative serves as a poignant reminder that even in the glaring spotlight, personal relationships can navigate unforeseen and intricate twists and turns.

Jeffrey Marty’s Engagement, Family Life, and Daughter

On that momentous day, September 29, 2019, Jeffrey Marty and his spouse, Stacey Dash, found themselves entangled in a fervent and physical altercation. The genesis of this strife commenced with Stacey’s summoning of 911, triggering a swift response from law enforcement to their abode in New Port Richey. The clock had just struck 8 p.m., and the atmosphere was fraught with tension.

Stacey’s initial assertion levied accusations against Jeffrey, alleging that he had ensnared her in a stranglehold and inflicted physical harm upon her person. Nevertheless, the situation assumed an unforeseen twist when the authorities discerned abrasions and lacerations adorning Jeffrey’s corporeal form. Consequently, the scales of justice weighed heavily upon Stacey, resulting in her conviction and subsequent facing of charges pertaining to domestic battery. Swiftly, she was detained and compelled to post a $500 bail for the procurement of her liberty.

In the aftermath of these tumultuous events, Jeffrey elected to waive numerous allegations against his betrothed. Conversely, Stacey offered her perspective on the entire fracas, characterizing it as a “conjugal discord that spiraled out of control.” Undoubtedly, it constituted a regrettable and grievous turn of events for a couple who had, until that juncture, seemingly reveled in a charmed existence together.

The inception of their narrative unfolded in the waning days of March 2018, when Jeffrey’s path serendipitously intersected with that of Stacey Dash, the luminary renowned for her role in “Clueless.” An instantaneous confluence of chemistry transpired between them, and they wasted no time in formalizing their commitment through a discreet nuptial ceremony. Kerry Jones, Stacey’s manager, heralded this union, divulging the details of their whirlwind courtship to Page Six.

For Stacey, this marked her fourth foray into the quest for “the one” subsequent to previous marital unions with Brian Lovell (1999-2005), James Maby (2005-2006), and Emmanuel Xuereb (2007-2011). She had three offspring stemming from these matrimony bonds, comprising two daughters and one son. Conversely, Jeffrey shared joint custody of three progeny from his inaugural marital alliance. Their amorous chronicle, while imbued with fervor, bore witness to its fair share of tempestuous episodes.

Jeffrey Marty Career

Jeffrey wasted no time in launching his legal career right after he graduated from law school. His professional journey has been rooted in Trinity, Florida, where he practices as an attorney.

However, he truly made a name for himself in a rather unconventional way by creating a fictitious Twitter account for “Rep. Steve Smith” of Georgia’s 15th congressional district. What’s remarkable is that this account managed to achieve viral fame even after it was revealed to be the creation of a fictional persona.

The account gained notoriety as the very first congressman to throw their support behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. It was a peculiar twist of online influence.

Apart from his legal pursuits, Jeffrey also dabbles in the world of YouTube. Although he hasn’t consistently posted videos on his channel, when he does, they often involve him reading quotations and sections from the Bible. It’s a unique blend of interests and activities for this attorney.

Net Worth

Jeffrey Marty, the attorney from Trinity, Florida, has managed to keep his net worth under wraps, with no public disclosures in that regard. On the other hand, his estranged wife, Stacey Dash, stands out with an impressive net worth of $8 million. It’s quite a contrast in their financial profiles.

Estimated Net Worth in 2021$8 million
Previous Year’s Net Worth (2020)$7 million
Annual SalaryUnder Review
Income SourceYouTube Star
Net Worth Verification StatusNot Verified

Jeffrey Marty Wife & Marriage

Jeffrey Marty’s wife is none other than Stacey Lauretta Dash, a well-known American actress. Their journey together led them down the aisle on April 6, 2018. However, as swiftly as they united, their relationship faced challenges, ultimately culminating in their divorce in 2020.

It’s worth noting that while Jeffrey has managed to stay out of the spotlight when it comes to controversies and issues, Stacey, his ex-wife, has had her share of legal troubles, including charges of domestic battery and domestic violence. Their paths have certainly taken different turns since their time together.

Stacey Dash Divorce, Jeffrey Marty Divorce

Jeffrey Marty made a formal return to the dating scene on June 15, 2020, following his wife’s divorce filing in Florida. As per the documents submitted by Stacey Dash, their divorce was officially granted on September 1st, 2019.

In response to the divorce proceedings, Jeffrey took to social media to share his perspective. He expressed regret in announcing that Stacey Dash had filed for divorce. He clarified that they had already parted ways nine months prior and hadn’t made any attempts at reconciliation.

He argued against the idea that “prayer” caused divorce in his message, highlighting his faith in a kind, benevolent, and healing God. It was an open discussion of a part of their lives that was coming to an end.

Jeffrey Marty – Social media

When it comes to his social media presence, Jeffrey Marty has staked his claim on Twitter. There, he’s managed to gather a following of over six thousand eager followers who keep up with his tweets and updates.


Florida lawyer Jeffrey Marty became famous for tweeting as “Rep. Steve Smith,” the first presidential endorser of Donald Trump. The account was well publicised despite being phoney. Marty’s short marriage to Stacey Dash and public domestic fight were unexpected. Jeffrey Marty’s life, work, personal characteristics, and intriguing occurrences are included in this article.


  • Jeffrey Marty was born in New Port Richey, Florida, on June 5, 1979.
  • He is 42 and Gemini.
  • Marty earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin (2000) and a Juris Doctorate from Marquette University (2005).
  • He is 5’9″ with beautiful blue eyes and brown hair.
  • Jeffrey Marty practises law in Trinity, Florida.
  • He invented “Rep. Steve Smith” from Georgia’s 15th congressional district on Twitter.
  • First congressman to endorse Donald Trump during his presidential campaign, “Rep. Steve Smith” became famous.
  • Eric Trump retweeted Marty’s funny tweets.
  • Unlike his Twitter persona, Jeffrey Marty’s personal life deteriorated.
  • He secretly married actress Stacey Dash on April 6, 2018.
  • Stacey Dash, from “Clueless,” was arrested for domestic violence in New Port Richey after a fight with Jeffrey Marty.
  • Dash posted $500 bail, claiming self-defense.
  • Jeffrey Marty dropped several Stacey Dash claims, revealing their complicated connection.
  • Both couples have children from previous marriages but no children together.
  • The divorce was finalised in September 2019.


What is Jeffrey Marty’s net worth?

Jeffrey Marty’s net worth is unknown, but Stacey Dash’s is estimated at $8 million.

What is Jeffrey Marty’s Twitter?

Jeffrey Marty has almost 6,000 followers on Twitter.

Stacey Dash’s legal history?

Domestic battery and domestic violence allegations have plagued Stacey Dash.

Why did Jeffrey Marty establish “Rep. Steve Smith” on Twitter?

Marty created the Twitter character as a unique internet experiment that famously supported Donald Trump.

How ended Jeffrey Marty and Stacey Dash’s marriage?

After a brief marriage with personal and legal troubles, Jeffrey Marty and Stacey Dash split in 2019.